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    Beer Cooler

    Which makes the huggie that much more appealing....if it actually works the way I hope. Only drawback that I can see -- no bottom.
  2. Chezkaren

    Beer Cooler

    I was just shopping in Tuesday Morning and ran across a "Beer Cooler". It is similar to a beer "huggie" except that it is filled with whatever the liquid that is in ice packs. You put it in the freezer and it keeps your beer cold. It also says that it will chill a beer in 5 minutes ... just in case you don't have any cold ones ... and that it lasts for hours. Has anyone ever seen these and, if so, how do they work? Of course, I bought 2 of them to try myself but, alas, I'm still at work.
  3. My danish dough recipe makes an insane amount -- 13 blocks -- so if you can find a good dough recipe and are just looking for filling ideas, here's what I do. I make both cinnamon rolls and cherry danish out of the danish dough. Both get rolled to the desired thickness (rolls = #8 on sheeter; cherry = #6 on sheeter). They get brushed with melted butter and sprinkled with a cinnamon mixture (12 pounds brown sugar, 6 pounds granulated sugar, and 1 pound cinnamon) rolled, cut (3 1/2 oz for rolls and 3 oz for cherry) and the ends tucked. They then get sprayed with an equal portion of eggs and half'nhalf. The rolls are proofed, baked and then hot from the oven glazed with an apricot glaze and drizzled with a powdered sugar fondant. The cherry danish are proofed, once proofed the center is spread apart and filled with a black scoop of cherry pie filling, and baked. These are also glazed with an apricot glaze but not drizzled with the ps fondant. I also use danish dough to make apricot pecan rings. These are rolled to about 18"H x 45"W rolled to #8 thickness on sheeter. Two-thirds (width wise) is spread with an apricot preserve and toasted chopped pecans, fold the 2/3 onto each other and follow with the un-spreaded portion. These are cut into approximately 3/4 to 1"strips, braided with 3 strips, and made into a ring. Proof and bake. Immediately out of oven, glaze with an apricot glaze and drizzle with ps fondant. You can also make these in smaller versions with using only one strip -- just roll the strip into a twist. Sorry if the above provides more confusion than it helps. Karen
  4. You might try Alpha Bakery on Highway 70 S near Old Hickory intersection and maybe even Provence (slim chance on this one). I work at Bread & Company and I know we don't carry them.
  5. Not sure if they carry this style or not, but have you checked out the Fresh Market that recently opened in Brentwood?
  6. Going shopping this weekend at a shop that has a large selection of wines. My first stop will be the Australian section! Thanks for the recommendation(s)...got the list in my purse. Karen
  7. Oh...if I had only read the magazine in it's entirety, the answer would have magically appeared! I just got to "Light my Fire" -- a "drinks" article -- and right before my eyes...."stickies". Live and learn.
  8. Thank you...I'll now be able to sleep tonight.
  9. I was at the bookstore a couple of weeks ago and picked up a copy of delicious -- very nice magazine by the way. Anyway, amongst the numerous questions that arose in the course of my reading, the one that stuck in my brain was this from an article on matching food with wine: "A sweet, rich creme brulee, however, is perfect with an Australian "sticky". Can someone please explain what exactly an Australian "sticky" is? I'm perplexed! Thanks. Karen
  10. Reynolds makes a 4-oz. aluminum cup that I use for creme brulee. You can also bake in it. It's not the most glamourous looking cup but... Don't know who your vendors are but I get mine from Sysco.
  11. Well...I tried searching this site but didn't have any luck and am hoping someone out there can help. I'm starting my holiday liquour making this weekend and one of the things I'd like to try this year is a raspberry dessert wine. Does anyone have any tried and true recipes/hints or resources of where to look? Thanks. Karen
  12. Has anyone tried Nature's Harvest (I think) "Sweet & Salty" granola-type bars -- peanut or almond? Just discovered them and when I eat one, my cravings go away...at least for a few hours.
  13. Try it! It is wonderful...you won't even taste the mayonnaise. In fact, whenever I make it -- usually for birthdays -- I don't even tell anyone it has mayonnaise in it until AFTER they rave! A good fluffy chocolate frosting works great with it, too. Three layers of good old-fashioned chocolate cake. yummy.
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