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  1. And don't discount The Dining Room at the Ritz-Carlton Buckhead---very posh, and the food is great. The chef there at the moment is a bit quiet, so it's not so much on people's radar as it's been when some other chefs have run the show, but it it's still excellent. Also lots of local product featured.

    Amen. I love the place.

  2. Hey, did anyone hear about Mario leaving the Food Channel. I don't think he's the one they are doing the "New Iron Chef" - I thought that was Maramoto.

    Yes, he's gone; check the Paltrow/Batali thread on this same subfolder for the details. That makes this episode all the more bittersweet. It was a great one and brought to mind memories of the IC Japan shows. I came to the realization that it's rather disturbing what I'd be willing to do to have been on that tasting panel.

    Mario says he is NOT leaving the Food Network. Stop believing the fish wrapper known as the NY Post.

  3. My favorite server story was when my wife and I were returning from a weekend at the beach.  We stopped at a fast food joint because that was all there was on route 50 back to Virginia at that time, and we were extremely tired.

    It was a "Sambo's", (I believe they changed the name as being grossly un-PC) which had an open kitchen.  We ordered sandwiches from the slick plastic laminated menu with pictures of each of the offerings.

    When it was prepared it was passed to a kid who was obviously brand new to this establishment.  I heard him questioning another staff member how the plate should look and they replied, "Just look at the picture!"

    He studied the menu then moved thing around on the plates and as a final touch, BIT OFF  :shock: a couple of pieces of parsley from a large bunch and proudly garnished the sandwiches!

    I loved the Sambos in Panama City Fl when I was a kid. The place is now a Howard Johnsons and just not the same.

  4. From Roccos website.

    Calling all "Good Lifers"! Are you planning an event or party? Do you need

    some culinary counseling with food or wine? Want to revamp your life Rocco

    style? Well if you live in the NY area, a major cable TV network would

    like to hook you up with Rocco and his Team so they can get you on the road to

    the Good Life! Please E-mail Mikefigs@roccodispirito.com with your problem

    and we will contact you!

    Grab The Good Life!


  5. They were good pictures, not crappy. I agree, a good beef hot dog needs nothing but mustard. That's how I have them almost all of the time. Exceptions: an occasional chili dog from a cart (Tony's Truck in Newark) and of course, an Italian Hot Dog. Toppings such as Texas Weiner chili and Rutt's Hut's delicious relish go better with a pork based dog.

    Speaking of Italian Hot Dogs, Jimmy Buff's was mentioned in the Chicago Tribune recently.


    From the posted article...

    Imagine cooking a hot dog, green peppers, red peppers, onions and potato wedges in a vat of hot oil. Then gutting out half a loaf of "pizza bread"--which I can only describe as a pita made from pizza dough--coating the shell's inside with mustard and filling it with (in this order) the hot dog, the onions and peppers and the potatoes.

    Good Lord! :blink:

    I would love to try one, just to say I did!

  6. Mine would be cleaning the livers up and then wrapping it up with bacon strips. Pop into the oven and bake for 15-20 minutes or until the bacon is done and crispy. Delicious!

    I would do the same thing, except I would throw them on the grill.

  7. (Yes, I also thought about rolling the skin around some type of dowel, deep frying it like a pasta tube and piping the potato inside.  I quickly dismissed that idea as lunacy.  I'm not even trying to get this woman into bed.)

    Next time I roast a chicken, I am doing this. :blink:

  8. Ok, I got carried away and, at the advice of my favorite wine merchant, I bought some smoked cheese and a hunk of Hugarian smoked pork loin to go with this juicy French Columbelle, to serve as snacks with 2 friends.  That was all well and good, but now I'm left with big leftover hunks of smoked cheese and smoked pork loin---I mean, seriously smoked, like the meat was air-dried (still has the string attached.)  I'm having some friends over Friday evening and would like to incorporate the dried smoked meat into some sort of hors d'oeuvres, but not being a big meat eater, I'm sort of clueless.  :wacko:  Unless sliced very thinly, the meat is quite tough, but sliced thinly and allowed to come to room temp, it has a great flavor.  Any suggestions????

    Yeah! Cuban sammies. What time do we eat?

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