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  1. Mark, Now that would require reading the entire thread:). Coming from Atlanta and having attended many Southern BBQ contests, which could be every weekend if your cardiologist would sign off on this type of behavior, I might have been a bit spoiled. Having found it difficult to find solid Q up here in the North I barely made it past the heading of the article when I was ready to camp out to be first in line. I appreciate your heads up and next time I will take a moment and read the fine print. Cheers, JFK
  2. Mark, My wife and I went on Saturday and were dissappointed to find out that all of the Q'ers except two ( Jacks Down Home, and another) were cooking for the competition only. It was nice that a few of the groups offered samples but it would have been nice to know in advance that there would only be two vendors selling their goods. And Holly once again I credit you for consistently sticking by local legend Jack McDavid. He is certainly pleasant and a real character but I have yet to understand why James Beard let him cook in his kitchen. Against my better judgement we sampled his beef sandwic
  3. Macrosan, I regret that my resies at RHR will not be "EBAYED". It has been a year since my last visit and each visit has improved on the last. Although I may have overdone it this time with the quantity and quality of places, and fear I may in fact turn into a sweetbread or an entire lobe of foie gras after this trip. I look forward to returning and providing some insights into "Menu". I wouldn't normally jump head first into a new establishment so soon, but I just couldn't resist. Cheers, JFK
  4. Thanks Blind Lemon. I have resies at Menu, Ramseys (RHR), Locatelli, and Aubergine in two weeks. It just struck me that it appears I have a Gordon Ramsey issue to deal with! Cheers, JFK
  5. Nobody has visited Aubergine lately? Should I reconsider? Cheers, JFK
  6. I have reservations at Aubergine in a few weeks, was hopeing for Locatelli Locanda, but had to settle. I appreciate your comments in advance. Cheers, JFK
  7. Sorry, I am staying at the Lanesborough. Can't go to london without having Salvatore pour me few galsses of his collection!
  8. Haven't been to London in over a year and will be heading back in October. Having been to LTC, and Ramseys and various others over the years wanted to add a few new notches to my fork, so to speak. I want to return to Ramseys ( is RHR location preferred?) and to visit St. Johns for the 1st time, and need to know what we can't miss. We only have four (4) nights and want to hit as many of the "must go's" as possible. My wife and I both loved Ramseys and feel that St. John's is right up our alley. Where do we go from there? Appreciate your guidance in advance. Cheers, JFK
  9. It was expensive but my Kyocera ceramic bread knife is perfect for delicate to rough cuts. JFK
  10. I plan on making both beef (skirt) and chicken fajitas this weekend for @ 10 people. Any recommendations for great (homemade of course)marinades? I have tried quite a few over the years and am looking for something new. Apperciate your suggestions in advance. Cheers, JFK
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