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  1. I went here last week. Food was very good. Service was friendly but quite slow. Highlights were prah-hok kahteeh (caramelized ground pork with spices, coconut milk and prah-hok, which is fermented fish, with veggies,) fried calamari (super tender) and grilled, seasoned meatballs which were a steal at $1.50 for 4 decent-sized balls.
  2. The Lucky Old Souls breakfast burger was out of this world! On another note, do you know what happened to Pam and Russell, the flower people who used to set up in the front? They disappeared towards the end of last season and weren't there this Sunday. After being booted from RTM, I know they've had a tough time. I hope all is well with them.
  3. I'm pretty sure you can get them at Green Aisle Grocery on Passyunk as well.
  4. I've never topped my kugel with anything but latkes get apple sauce AND sour cream. Mmmm...
  5. I've done key lime (never again--it was a real bitch to peel) and blood orange. Both turned out just fine.
  6. Speaking of storage, how long will homemade 'cello last in the freezer? (I hope someone gives me the answer I want to hear )
  7. I don't think I would go to any of those places for RW. They're all pretty reasonably priced and you can have a better experience at any of them during a non-RW meal.
  8. I'm with you on this one...as I have a half pan of Christmas stuffed calamari sitting in my fridge...I think meal planning is the key to this. My problem is that I don't shop at the supermarket so I tend to buy what my butcher, produce guy, etc. has that week that looks good.
  9. Olive oil and restaurant gift cards, woo hoo! Can't beat that
  10. I've been to Stateside three times so far and just love it. It fills a niche in the East Passyunk neighborhood with their high-end small plates and thoughtful cocktail list. Their food and alcohol are all local (get it: Stateside?) and the bartenders are great about recommending a local version of your favorite booze. A few of my favorite dishes have been the braised beef cheeks, duck sausage and pork belly. I thought I had pictures to post but I'll have to upload them later. Bottom line, Executive Chef George Sabatino (formerly of Barbuzzo) is having tons of fun in the kitchen at Stateside and you can tell.
  11. What a loss! The Spice Terminal is great for picking up spices that I've run out of or, more often, grabbing something specific for a recipe. This really reduces the "one stop shoppingness" of the RTM for me. Not to mention the great snack mixes. Boo
  12. ...and from gfweb's list, R2L is a nice spot with a phenomenal view. Liberte is nice for a drink but I haven't had the food there lately (it's in the Sofitel hotel.) Square 1682 in the Hotel Palomar is a nice spot too.
  13. And here. These spots mentioned are more bar-like than those above.
  14. I agree about the cocktail pairing dinners. Beer, especially, has become huge lately. Foraging also seems to be creeping into favor.
  15. zeffer81


    I checked out Spread last week as well. Bagel was decent; definitely not as breathtaking as I was expecting. Prices, however, were pretty breathtaking. $5 for bagel w/smoked salmon cream cheese with no discernible salmon flavor. Pluses--coffee was delicious, friendly employees and the space is airy, sunny and comfortable.
  16. Sbraga is finally open. Any early word?
  17. Darn! I was in Norristown today and just KNEW there was a place that I wanted to check out. Guess it'll have to wait until next time I visit the grandparents.
  18. I love, love, love New Wave Cafe, a Polish spot on Allegheny Ave. Sorry for the Yelp link but they don't have a website. Oh, and they're cash only. A Polish feast could definitely be in order after your 3 days of camping.
  19. The Audubon House is really nice. They work (I think exclusively) with Jeffrey Miller which turns out some great food.
  20. Vetri, in Philadelphia, gives a coffee (espresso?) cupcake in a reusable bag with a copy of your menu and wine list. Talula's Table, in Kennet Square, PA, gives scones.
  21. Farewell to Harry Ochs: http://www.philly.com/philly/blogs/the-insider/Harry-Ochs-bolts-Reading-Terminal-Market-for-Manayunk.html
  22. You can get a deconstructed sandwich from DiNic's.
  23. I was actually gifted this wheely contraption. I thought it was ridiculous--I'm a knife purest--but it's actually kind of cool when I need larger amounts.
  24. I've been saying this for ages...
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