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  1. All of those suggestions sound great! Once we have a few more people chime in I can contact William to talk about details and such. Naturally a truffle or foie gras class might cost a little more, so take that into account too. Although I might be partial to a truffle class since I have never had the chance to eat them before.

    If we do do a knife skills class, does everybody have sharp knives they can bring in? I know that there are a limited number of chefs knives available in the Mistral kitchen.

    I am also interested in learning more about sauteeing. I have yet to be able to come close to replicating william's perfectly crusted scallops or halibut in my own kitchen and believe it would be interesting to get right up there and try one myself with some guidence.

    Another possibility would to do a mixed menu kind of thing that highlights different dishes and techniques that we find interesting. Perhaps learning how to sautee a piece of fish or scallop then learning a foie gras technique for another dish and finally touching on something for dessert or the like.

    William, if you are reading this please let me know any thoughts you have on them if you have time.

    Thanks everybody! I cant wait until we get this hammered out!


  2. Oh man! I love sweet potatoes and yams!  I would greatly appreciate these recipies in email format if you can manage it!!!!!  

    Thanks a bunch!


    Do you really cook Ben? You look too clean cut too cook in those great pics..:rolleyes:

    Just kidding.. Being Tommy here.... Email me a note.. and I can attach the recipe and send it your way... :smile:

    Heh heh heh,

    Well when I cook I make a point not to bathe for a couple days before the process. I get pretty scruffy too. :raz:

    Thanks again! I need to get back into some more indian cooking!


  3. As for the PNW board, I've thought about posting something about pho in Portland, but nothing I can say is really up to the demanding standards here...

    Good heavens--every day I feel grateful that I'm on the PNW board and not one of those regional boards with demanding standards. Whenever I post on the NY board I feel like I'm walking on a swaying wooden bridge over a yawning canyon. And quicksand.

    I have met many PNW regulars and without exception they are charming, kind, and down to earth. Their only standards are regarding good-tasting food. In other areas, such as pants, they have no standards at all. I look forward to meeting everyone I haven't met yet. thelastsupper, when are we getting together for dinner on Capitol Hill? girlchow, hope you make it to Seattle soon so more people can enjoy the pleasure of your company. Regarding Portland, Matthew and I are both from Portland and love hearing about it. Human Bean, I think Jim Dixon's comment was in no way a slight, but rather an attempt to draw out more fine Portland-area members like you.

    We are working our way through a bottle of JDOO, the Bettini, and I highly recommend the Don Alfonso. Thanks, Jim! What other special foods will be found at the Portland Farmers Market?

    Hopefully on a future visit to Portland we can meet up with egulleters there. The new wine bar Jim recommended sounded great (if we can drag ourselves away from Pambiche. I have complete faith in Jim's restaurant recommendations thanks to Pambiche). It's a little tricky because my parents, siblings, and nieces live in Portland, so our visits are family time. But I'm sure it will work out at some point.

    Yeah, those NYC suckas need to relax.

    Hey, the reason we have the pants problem in the first place is because of my high standards about pants. I only wear the best or not at all!

    Also I would say the exception to the PNW rule of charming, kind and down to earth woudl be that bastard Klink. He is a hardass! :cool:

    Actually, I am all out of EVOO right now. JD what do ya have coming in the near future?


  4. Nightscotsman, it looks as if you modeling career has taken off! You can be a Model/Pastry Chef.


    oh, umm so who all will be attenting on sunday?

    This is what I have now:











    Maybe HumanBean

    Sig Others? Others?

    Edited to stay current

  5. I'm afraid that no matter how flexible you are Schielke that you won't be able to change the time the Packers play the Vikings and consequently the time my brother and I watch the game.

    I guess I'm not a party peeps.  :sad:

    You would be suprised how powerful I am!!!!

    By the power of greyskull!!!!!!



    Go check your local listings now Klink!


  6. I would be curious to see what would happen if you brought in some Top Pot doughnuts from down your street (you lucky bastard).

    Several people have brought in the Top Pot goodies, and they get eaten quickly, but not quite as fast as the crappy Safeway donuts. By the way, does anyone here consider maple bars to be a treat? :hmmm:

    It seems to be a comfort level thing then. Some people are more adventerous than others...despite the alluring nature of your treats.

    Another possibility is that your office is a big practical joke place and they fear laxitives in the Melody cake. :laugh::laugh::laugh: You prankster!


    p.s. maple bars are ok...I have yet to eat a really good one.

  7. Some very good observations here.
    That's the problem right there. You obviously work with a bunch of people who don't like to eat.

    I think that's hitting it right on the head (ow).

    There's probably a similar syndrome at work with the desserts: if I have to choose the portion myself, people will see how much I take and think I'm greedy, so I'd better take just a sliver.

    Very true. And nobody will ever touch the last piece. They'll take half of it, then half of the half. Sorta like puting the milk jug back in the fridge with a few tablespoons of milk in it.

    I think there's also this unspoken feeling that homemade stuff is richer and more fattening than store-bought. I'm sure that if I brought in fresh, homemade donuts they would sit for days. :wink:

    I would be curious to see what would happen if you brought in some Top Pot doughnuts from down your street (you lucky bastard). I have noticed that some people are adverse to eating food that is prepared at home. This, however, is hard for me to believe since I have seen and tasted your creations.




    A few years ago a friend and I decided we wanted to brew something and decided on Mead since at the time we were poor (college) and could not afford fancy equipment. We found a recipe on the internet and started right away.

    Frankly, we probably did everything wrong. The mead was overspiced, we used mediocre honey, and bread yeast. It still fermented and we had a hell of a time. The mead tasted fairly bad, mostly due to the overspicing. It was very cloudy at the end and we tried to filter it but had trouble doing so correctly.

    Even though we had a poor experience, I would love to try it again with better directions, equipment, and ingredients.

    I recently tasted some commercial mead at an Ethiopian restaurant and liked it. It was crisper than I thought and very fruity.

    Enjoy your project!


  8. fd0fee6d.jpg.orig.jpg

    Earlier today, I tried one of the Instant Pudding Pops. The layering effect was much more pronounced and seperate in these pops as you can see from the picture. I may try to do more with this effect in the future.

    The pops had very few air holes and were very solid. I do think that the size/shape issue is a detrement and I will need to rectify this before moving on with the experiment. I think I will also try wooden sticks as handles too. The spoons work fairly well, but the plastic bends too much at times.

    The taste of these pops was much better than the Premade ones, they seemed more authentic. The texture was better as well, but the ice crystals are still too big and I will have to either drop some chedda' on an ice cream machine or stir by hand during the freezing process.

    I will be out of town for most of this next week, but upon my return I shall continue with renewed vigor! Next on the list is Stovetop pudding and homeade pudding! Awww yeah!

    Also, smoked pudding should be in my future if Klink is down for it; Klink?

    Have a good week people!


  9. Dirty!  The above picture post was not intended to be dirty, but a way of incorporating the kitties into the thread in a kosher manner.

    So... you consulted a Rabbi? I don't see any yarmulkes on those kitties. :hmmm:

    I think that this should take care of things.



    p.s. more pudding results to follow later on.

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