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  1. Thread drift! Thread drift!!! You're usurping your own thread with kitty pictures!

    Tsk, tsk. :ashamed:

    Suck on this Klink! And then suck on it some more!


    Vinnie gets some pudding action (no actual pudding was ingested in the making of this photo)


    Sophie wants a lick too! (no actual pudding was ingested in the making of this photo)


    The cats are now interested in the project!!! A momentous occasion!


  2. The completed "P" pop had some airholes and should have been filled better by myself.

    You may want to pick up some cheap ketchup and mustard dispensers and use them as pastry tubes to better fill the cups. Of course all of this is done before smoking them.

    I do need to get some pastry bags anyway so I may just bite the bullet and go for those.

    Klink, you better watch it, I am seriously considering making a smoked pudding sausage pop! :laugh: Of which you will have to eat half while we take pictures.


  3. We make these all the time in the summer.  I use jello instant pudding, and yes, I do put it in the Donvier until it is very cold and thickened before packing it into the nifty tupperware popsicle things I found in my grandmother's basement when we were cleaning out her house.  They are nice because the top of each popsicle holder has a tight seal.  I also wack them on the counter several times before putting them in the freezer to get out any air bubbles.  And, the narrow shape (compared to using dixie cups) is easier for kids to get their mouths around.

    You will have less muddying of the two kinds of pudding if you get them nice and cold and close to frozen before you pack them in the popsicle containers.

    Only whole milk.  It makes a difference.  I don't mess around with cooked pudding because they are faster with instant, and somehow, that taste that is present in instant pudding just seems more authentic.

    And, I put them in our deep freezer, not the fridge freezer.  It is colder, and doesn't get opened nearly as often.

    Thanks for your thoughts on the pudding pops! I do need to get some popcicle molds for a more manageable shape. I think my mom might have some.

    Also, whole milk is a must next time. The package did not specify so I went middle of the road with 2%.


  4. Triple Chocolate Pudding 

    Recipe courtesy of Gale Gand


    2 1/4 cups sugar

    1 1/8 cups cocoa powder

    1 1/4 cups cornstarch

    1/4 teaspoon salt

    4 1/2 cups 2 percent milk

    4 1/2 cups half and half

    4 1/2 ounces bittersweet chocolate (D811 Callebaut)

    3 tablespoons vanilla extract

    4 1/2 ounces shaved white chocolate

    Whisk sugar, cocoa, cornstarch and salt together. Gradually whisk in milk, until batter is smooth. Whisk in half and half then pass through chinois into a heavy stainless steel sauce pan. Cook over medium heat whisking constantly. Bring to a boil, boil 1 minute. Remove from heat and stir in bittersweet chocolate and vanilla. Stir over ice bath to cool. Fold in white chocolate and pour into coffee cups.

    Yield: 9 servings

    Prep Time: 30 minutes

    Difficulty: Easy


    Thanks for the recipe! Ill have to think about how I want to convert that to pudding pop greatness! I may strip it down a little for the first attempt and then get fancy later on when I perfect the technique.



  5. Lovely.

    I concur with the advice to freeze with a machine (or at least the freeze in a bowl stirring every 1/2 hour method) until at least softly frozen and then pack into molds. However, I have a feeling that by the time you finish all the pudding pops currently in your freezer you'll be over the craving.. Also, with regard to the premade pudding: you could have just stuck a spoon in their already existing cup! :wink:


    Thanks for the tips with the icecream machine. I just might need to pick one up. I plan on feeding alot of them to friends so I wont grow tired of them. Also, I am relentless in my search for pudding pop greatness! Huzzuah!!! I did think about sticking the spoon in the premade cups, but I wanted to be consistent and also have the ability to peel away the cup.

    Thanks again!


  6. Thanks for all the suggestions everybody! Keep em coming, I could especially use a homeade pudding recipe.

    Tonight I got started with a bang and made two seperate batches. I did this before reading what anybody said so I didnt manage to pick up sausage casings or use an Ice cream machine. :biggrin:

    I picked up two boxes of instant pudding (cook top stuff next time nightscotsman), one chocolate fudge and one vanilla. I grabbed some 2% milk as well. I think I may try whole next time too. I also got some premade pudding snacks to see how they would work too. All of these would go into paper cups with spoons inserted as handles.


    The Equipment

    First, I directly transfered the premade pudding snacks to cups with spoons. I marked the bottom of them with a "P" for Premade and put them straight in to the freezer. Only 5/6 of the pudding snacks fulfilled their destiny as pops, a rouge party stole a cup in the construction process!


    Premade Jello Pudding Pops

    Next, I whipped up a batch of Chocolate Fudge pudding and Vanilla pudding. I am hoping to create the marbling effect that I remember in the pudding pops. I do think that the quality of these puddings will be greatly improved if I do the stovetop versions with whole milk as nightscotsman suggested. They tasted ok, but with a large artifical overtone.


    Chocolate Fudge and Vanilla

    With these two batches, I assembled the pops. I made two pure chocolate pops and the rest were marbled. I alternated the pudding as I filled the cups to hopefully create the marbled look.


    I think I am going to call the one in the middle row on the far left "stripey".


    I was also pretty happy with myself at this point.

    I covered the pops with plastic wrap so they wouldnt take on any rouge flavors in the freezer. I also covered the first batch when I remembered this. The second batch was labeled with an "I" for Instant and went into the freezer. I had to move some vodka to fit them. :angry::wacko:


    Nestled all cold in their beds!

    Once the pops were on their way to chill-land I hung around and took pictures of the cat. The cat did not care about the pudding pops.


    Sophie = not caring about pudding pop experiment.

    Later in the evening, the rouge party earlier mentioned in this piece declared that a pudding pop must be eaten before bedtime. We found that the first batch was nicely frozen (about 4-5 hrs) and ready to eat.


    The peeling of the pop!

    The completed "P" pop had some airholes and should have been filled better by myself. The marbling seemed a little muddled, but there were definite layers. The freezing process did definately create large ice crystals and I think this is going to be a key element to creating the correct texture. The taste was good and was a very nice snack. I look forward to trying an "I" pop tomorrow.


  7. I am planning on attempting to recreate the classic Jello pudding pop. I plan on trying this with regular Jello chocolate pudding mix and also some homeade puddings or other mixes.

    I would appreciate any suggestions for mixes, pudding recipes, or pudding pop recipes and resources.

    This will be an ongoing project and I hope to post pics of the completed pops. I want to try to get that wavey pattern that was on the old pudding pops.

    Also I would love to hear your thoughts on pudding pops.


    Man, I cant wait to make the first batch.


  8. I recently have acquired some really great vodka from a small producer in california called hangar one.  They make a straight vodka and four flavored ones that are made from real fruit and not artificial flavorings.  It really shows too.  I purchased a bottle of the straight and a bottle of the kaffir lime.  Both are really great and opened my eyes to the actual "taste" of vodka.  I would highly reccomend them to anyone.

    Another interesting vodka that I have only heard about is Ultimat vodka, they claim to be the best vodka in the world (like many others).  I would be interested in trying them out for kicks though.  Has anybody else tried this vodka?

    Here are some links to info on them:

    Ultimat Vodka

    Hangar One Vodka


    Ben Schielke

    I recently got the chance to try Ultimat vodka; it is quite expensive for vodka, but is really worth a try.

    The only way I could describe the flavor is "clear", it had a medium body without the viscousness of potato vodkas.

    All in all, it made a hell of a vodka martini. And it comes in a neat bottle to boot!


  9. Crispy fried coconut shrimp. Served  with improvised peanut dipping sauce (PB, mustard, peanut oil, hot sauce, lime juice).

    As a side I we had pan fried plantains.

    For dessert: homemade sour cream cheescake, from Alton Brown's recipe.


    I did an Alton Brown one last night too,

    Baked Mac and Cheese, I changed it up a bit by using half Sharp Cheddar and half Chipotle Cheddar. Tasty, tasty.

  10. I have heard that freezing is not an optimal way of storing coffee. It was explained that each time you take out the beans for use, they acquire little bits of condensation, which destroys the bean's integrety.

    It would be interesting to see if you notice it though.


  11. I too was skeptical (and was proven rightly so last night) about this practice. Does anybody know why this is a recommended practice? Charlie Trotter even endorses it.

    Agreed, I will now make my own damn pasta.


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