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  1. Sorry, Miners is a burger joint that is virtually an institution in Yakima. The burgers are ginormous and quite good. They also make good milkshakes and fries (with awesome fry sauce). The place is almost always packed with locals, travelers, and high school sports teams.


  2. I'm not sure I've ever tried Fran's chocolates, but I did have some of Essential's recently and thought they were excellent.  Anyone tried both and care to comment on how they compare?

    I can't say that I've ever tried Essential's chocolates, but I can't imagine they'd be anywhere near Fran's quality. I HAVE had Essential's breads & they're creditable breads, but not nearly of the quality of Dahlia Bakery's ficelle or Tallgrass's hominy. I view Essential as a B+ on the food scale, while I view Fran's as an A+.

    That seems a bit unfair...

  3. I think the flavor profile from chunk charcoal is much more pure and you have less ash which is nice. The big but though is that chunk charcoal burns much hotter and is more prone to temperature fluctuation so it is a bit tricky to use for a water based smoker such as a Weber Bullet.

    Also, you can certainly put wood chunks on top of your briquets for smoking.


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