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  1. Sounds Great, now if they could improve the coffee at The Coffee Cup!  :wub:

    NO problem. Just get your coffee at Java Passage in the design Center - in the outh End just a few minutes drive from the Coffee Cup. WE brought our to-go cups from Java Passage right in to our table and they didn't blink.

    Java Passage is making some seriously good coffee - it comes from Counter Culture up in Durham.

    Damn, now I need to get myself back to Charlotte.

  2. I recetly picked up some Black Cat blend for the first time while I was up in Vancouver recently.

    My wife and I totally love this coffee and see the supply dwindling. I know you can order it from Intelligentsia online, but would like to find something similar and local. We used to use Vivace beans exclusively, but the Black Cat is so much better suited to our Drip Machine.

    Any suggestions for Seattle?



  3. Kathleen Purvis had an article in today's Charlotte Observer announcing that the Specialty Coffee Assoc of America will be holding their 2006 conference in Charlotte!

    The Charlotte Observer  You must subscribe to see the article.

    Other exciting news for Charlotte - Counter Culture's regional sales manager David Haddock is opening a "coffee classroom" next month where they will give free coffee training and cuppings.

    Things are looking brighter in the Carolina's!

    Sounds Great, now if they could improve the coffee at The Coffee Cup! :wub:

  4. Hey all,

    I am having a serious case of restaurant picking block.

    I am trying to set up a nice b-day dinner for Katie and a bunch of friends. I am estimating we will end up with about 15 people depending on turnout.

    Can anybody think of a reasonably affordable (in case some people dont want to spend as much) place with good solid cooking that can handle a large group?

    I am sure I will slap my self when I hear the recs, but my brain isnt working today.


  5. If you dont mind the horrors of the eastside, you may want to check out downtown kirkland on the second thursday of each month (I think) for the Art Walk. Downtown Kirkland has a bunch of galleries that are all open houses that evening.

    You can grab dinner at Thin Pan for Thai or Third Floor Fish Cafe for a nice view and a bit more upscale dinner. Then take a walk along the water during the sunset. Ben and Jerry's is close by if you are hankering for a cone.

    It really is quite a nice little downtown.


  6. Had a great dinner at Woodfire Grill last night. That place just smells fantastic upon entry; the hardwood smoke gets your mouth watering.

    Amuse: Poached Quince- very nice and light. a good start.

    App: Assorted Crostini- I forget what was on them except for one with a very good goat cheese. I did manage to drop one on my lap though. yay!

    Main: Half Roasted Chicken- This was reccommended to me by the server and it was a very good pick. It is definitely near the top of my "roast chicken list". The smokiness from the oven is a big part of this. The smoke flavor was light enough to enhance the rest of the dish without being overwhelming. They serve the dish with some really great pan roasted greens that I loved. My mother would be proud of me eating my veggies! :smile:

    Dessert: Warm apple bengiet w/ caramel ice cream- a very nicely put together dish. the bengiet was a thick slice of apple inside the crisp fried bengiet shell. I did think the apple could have been cooked a little longer but it would be tough with the dough around it.

    All together the dinner was very good and I had a really nice time. The service was excellent esp compared to Joel the night before. While the food may not be as near to Joel (woodfire is trying to do something totally different though), the entire experience was better.

    I think I am going to play it inexpensive tonight. I might go to ricesticks but am not sure yet.


  7. I went to Joel tonight and had a very nice dinner.

    I had the chef's three course dinner which was a great deal for $29. My first was a roasted chestunt and tortelini dish that had a great rich flavor. Second was a braised veal cheek dish, which was fantastic since I am a sucker for a good braise. Desert was a well made chocolate terrine with grand manier ice cream. Overall the food was excellent and I enjoyed the atmosphere of the restaurant. The service, however was quite spotty. When the servers were present, they were quite nice. Upon arrival, I waited a bit before being given a menu and then waited some time until being checked on agian to order. Fourtanetly during that time I met some nice women who were in from out of town. They had the same service issues that I did.

    If Joel can tighten up their service issues they will be able to truly capitalize on their great cooking.

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