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  1. I was really hoping for some kinda Nigella/ Victoria's Secret sort of thing. Oh well. . .
  2. Jerry Springer in a kitchen.
  3. Just returned from Alaska . . . I never saw this advertisement until today. I watched that video - multiple times. Padma is so wicked hot. I want to eat that burger. I want to be Padma's ankle. No complaints whatsoever.
  4. Food Network is airing them again at 7:30AM Pacific. Today was the barbecue episode, with the antique key-wound rotisserie. Good to see these again.
  5. I guess I'm the only one here that really enjoys the Hippy Gourmet. It's a nice little segment, and everything he prepares looks tasty, well-seasoned and simple.
  6. D. B. Brown

    Top Chef Season 5

    She spit it out because she is an ditz. She could've done it with a bit more subtlety, but that is not her style. ← Yeah, as mentioned above, I find it a little odd that there would be such a gulf between the three judges finding it one of the best three items prepared and it being so unpalatable to everyone else that it had to be spat out. Completely classless. ← Totally, unimaginably classless. Especially when you consider that this is may have been the highlight of an aspiring young chef's career. . . and she chooses to SPIT OUT his carefully prepared offering on national television.
  7. I really hope she hasn't dumbed-down her TV cooking. Internet blurb on 'Viva Daisy!' . . . "Daisy Martinez shares her tips and tricks from creating quick, simple home cooked meals". There was nothing quick and simple about 'Daisy Cooks'. Semi-exotic ingredients and techniques is what made the show so compelling.
  8. ANY - and I mean ANY and EVERY - commercial that has food smeared across the actor's, or the kid's, - face/ mouth/ clothing. God it is so disgusting. Especially with the kids commercials. I guess it's supposed to be cute or whatever. . . . < OK I own a little OCD as to cleanliness, clutter, etc.,>. It actually REALLY pisses me off . . . .
  9. Man it's my favorite - in a LONG time. He seems genuinely inspired/ motivated by his garden, and his wood stove, and the incredible meats and such to which he seems to have ready local access. His enthusiasm is contagious, in that I now covet a working, productive kitchen garden (albeit on a smaller scale) - and a wood-fired outdoor brick oven. . . . and, of course, a full-time professional gardener from UC Davis.
  10. HEY!!!!. . . WHERE'S JAMIE?? ?!!! It's 9:30 Saturday morning, . . . I'M here, where the HELL is Jamie ?? ?
  11. D. B. Brown

    Top Chef Season 4

    This show, or ANY show. On ANY network. A side-by-side with ilan (I cannot bear even to capitalize his name) made even Marcel (fer chrissakes) look like Mother Teresa. Made Rocco DeSpirito look like Julia Child. The guy was (probably still is) a piece of human excrement.
  12. I forgot a couple. "New Scandinavian Cooking" with Claus Meyer is excellent. Beautiful locations, beautifully filmed, with glorious fresh ingredients. Plus the passion (bordering on nationalism) for Scandinavia that C.M. brings to the table. And Pierre Franey. I forget the name of his shows, but I have one of his cookbooks "Cooking in France" (maybe that was the show). I miss Pierre.
  13. Not stepping on Food Network or anything . . . My programming would include: GREAT CHEFS of . . . (NO, SF, NY, etc. ) . . . Some form of Julia Some form of Jacques Justin Wilson (guaronteeed) TOP CHEF Some form of Iron Chef Daisy Rick Bayless Giada (AS OPPOSED to RR) America's Test Kitchen Mario Alton Brown (although he is becoming irritating and condescending). Some form of Anthony Bourdain Something devoted to outdoor grilling and/or BBQ * a SERIOUS critic tour of American cities * a SERIOUS critic tour of Europe/Asia/South America/Australia I would also like to see a show that demonstrates the virtuosity of a great pastry chef, without the 'obstacle course' thing. Maybe this is covered in "Great Chefs"?
  14. D. B. Brown

    BBQ covers are they necessary?

    I would guess that a cover is good for keeping your grill clean, free from dust, leaves, bird-droppings, etc. But then again, you may have to clean the cover, if the 'appearance' of your grilling area is important to you. As far as corrosion, I have my doubts. I have a SS Weber grill, and almost wish I had gone with Weber's outstanding porcelain coating instead. I purchased a Weber Genesis for my mother when they FIRST came out ( must be 15-20 years ago. She lived on an island in New England. Her grill was never covered, and that porcelain cover ( when cleaned ) is still like new. However, the 'frame' is rusted away to dust.
  15. D. B. Brown

    The Taco Bell "Crunchwrap"

    Slightly off topic . . . Several years ago, Road&Track magazine published a short article on the Top Ten best things to eat while driving. The winners were ALL chocolate chip cookies, but from different vendors. I don't remember the exact order, but it was something like : 1. Famous Amos 2. Pepperidge Farms 3. Mrs. Fields 4. etc., etc. . . The Top Ten worst things to eat while driving : 1. New England Lobster 2. Steamed Clams 3. Fondue 4. Corn on the cob, I think 5. etc., etc. . . . I kinda like beef jerky for driving myself.