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  1. There have been several other threads about this issue and the answer is simply yes. You're allowed to cook whatever you can cook, you're allowed to make as much money as you can from what you cook, and no credit is due to the person who originally cooked it. (Because let's face it - a cookbook author didn't necessarily "invent" the recipe, either.) There are no legal ramifications to using someone else's recipe, published or otherwise. The only place legality has any issue is with the copyrighting of the actual printed word (or in this case, the text following an ingredient list which is in the actual words of the author, and is the property of the book publisher and/or author. You can still use the recipe without giving credit. In fact, you could republish the entire recipe with instructions in your own words without legal recourse either. The only way copyright can come into play is if you republished an entire work, such as someone else's cookbook, but the instructions were in your own words. That'd be an issue, obviously, because all you did was copy someone else's book and paraphrase. But that's semantics and irrelevant in terms of this particular discussion......
  2. Let's not be hasty, here. I really doubt this would or could ever go to court, and I don't think that's where Anne is worried, anyways. No need to make a mountain out of a molehill. I still say take your stuff..... they had ther own recipes before you came along. If they specifically ask for one or two of yours in particular, graciously leave it in the form of an ingredient list only, just like it's probably written in the recipe book now. Now, what's this I hear about fabulous macaroons???
  3. This is an opinion coming from someone who is not a lawyer.... but.... unless you signed some contract originally with them stating anything you contribute shall remain their property, then I see no reason you should leave them with your repertoire. They were a bakery long before you came along and would've had their own recipes they were already using.... no reason they can't fall back on using those same recipes again. But for what it's worth, the non-bakers who will remain won't have the ability to replicate your quality of work anyways, regardless of whether you leave your recipe cards or not. I'm so happy for you and I think this is great news. I think you've been wasting your talents putting so much time and effort into this place, as I'm sure others will agree. Yes, you'll be losing a (scrimpy but needed) paycheck and a legal workspace for your own pursuits, but both of those things are replacable. I see you creating things more on the artistic side instead of doing production work. I know the client population in the area is limited, but then, that's what the internet and online shopping carts are for. Best of luck to you......
  4. Absolutely not! The front window of a restaurant is in essence the same as the display window for a store..... people outside look at it to decide whether or not to go in so it's just good business sense to make it as attractive as possible. You'll never see people in grubby clothes in that front window, or grumpy people arguing with one another, or people NOT talking to each other and just staring off into space. You'll also never see a herd of frat boys banging their fists on the table or a bunch of screaming kids running around it either. Everything you can see of a restaurant from outside is an ad for the restaurant, good or bad. .... Had no idea waiters made so much, though. Edited to add: Dammit!! ....shoulda been a waiter.
  5. Choose an affordable cab sauvignon, cook some cherries down and make some kickass mascarpone cheesecakes?
  6. I can't believe the snobbery from some of you people! You really think a waiter is looking down on you becasue you're not wearing $800 shoes!? They can't afford $800 shoes themselves so they certainly wouldn't look down on anyone else who can't either. This isn't about what you can afford or how rich you appear to be. It's about how you're behaving. You don't show up to a fancy place in the same clothes you'd wear to the laundromat, for pete's sake, it's a blatant act of disrespect to the restauranteur and his/her staff who are puttng the effort into maintaining the place as classy. Your waiter should never be dressed better than you. Even if the waiter has to wear a tux, your clothing should at least be as tidy and clean pressed as theirs is, even if what you're wearing is less formal. By walking into a fancy place wearing jeans where you are clearly underdressed, you're simply stating, "I control this atmosphere despite what the staff or other patrons want, because the whole world revolves around me." It's that attitude from the get-go that has everyone else copping attitude in response. Next time, lose the attitude, wearing something dress casual, and try not to fart at the table.
  7. That was NOT my point. Women these days shouldn't still have to work twice as hard but we do. Incredulously, that's not all mens' fault. If those comments came from a man I'd expect it..... from a woman it's just pathetic. Pretty people get treated differently from day one so they respond differently from day one. They do better in general and that's a proven fact. That's all well and good and it's human nature, but beauty has NOTHING to do with capability for success. If she's good on the creative side, then go ahead and say she's good on the creative side and be done with it. Heather saying Virginia's success is based on ass shaking is just stupid. Gordon Ramsey is NOT going to give Virginia a restaurant because she has big tits. In fact, that's probably the only reason she's still on TV, from what I've seen. But I'll still give her the credit to say she is one damn creative chef when left to her own devices. I'd hire her. Not as exec chef, mind, but I'd hire her.
  8. You and me both. . . . Now I just want to beat Heather up. She tells Virginia to her face that she intimidates her with her creativity and great ideas with food, then behind her back tells everyone else she only does well because she shakes her ass. What the fuck!?! Which is it Heather? The girl can cook or she's pretty and you're jealous? Heather you dumb childish bitch, grow up. How fun it'll be for any female to work for Heather when she wins her restaurant (and she will win.... ) God help them if they do well. Who will Heather blame then, if she's the boss?
  9. I think chefpeon was right with regards to this thread bringing food snobbery to a whole new level. However. We cannot omit "frosting."
  10. An extra serving? Why, what was the usual serving?
  11. Nope.... not a coronary. Mild coniption, yes, Coronary, no.
  12. Now there's an idea whose time has come. ← Yes! You could also rework some of the eGCI classes and add some video to them. ← Oh HELL NO! Not me! I was talking about being glad of having previously had a (failed) film/TV career and that giving me the ideas about how to go about starting eGTV. I was NOT suggesting I be the one to actually do this. For two reasons.... 1) I have no money and can't make TV shows therefore..... and 2) I am not (other than posting here) affiliated with eG in the sense I could use their name and produce shows. I was merely suggesting someone else do it. Could I produce TV? Yes, actually. Would I want to? See the previous HELL NO in above paragraph. ... Actully I'm posting again because I forgot to include an amazing TV chef, in my opinion, the reverable Ming Tsai. Used to ADORE him when we had him up here on FTVC. Now there's a guy who can teach! He was totally amazing and it's too bad we don't see him anymore. Last I heard (about a year ago via a Mississippi newspaper) he was cooking school lunches on an ongoing basis for Katrina victims.... anybody know what he's doing now?? In the same vein, Martin Yan is awesome also, but unfortunately doesn't do as much as I would like in the way of explaining WHY....... Edit: silly typo
  13. Now there's an idea whose time has come. ← Yes! You could also rework some of the eGCI classes and add some video to them. I commented during the eGCI Knife Skills class that an animated GIF would have helped explain some of the chopping motions. But apparently some web surfers can't handle GIF animations. Nowadays, you could shoot a quick video and throw the video up onto YouTube and post it along with the class since they allow their videos to appear off-site (on sites other than their own). And you don't have to let the videos play if you don't have the bandwith to handle it so it's a win-win situation (the videos don't load/play unless you click on the "play" button). The possibilities are exciting and endless... ← I was actually thinking more along the lines of eG eventually using excess donations ( <--- HINT, everyone) to help the talent already here to produce actual TV series rather than internet video snippets..... then just sell them to PBS et al. I think several series produced under an eG umbrella would carry much more weight to the general public than an individual trying to get their own short series up and running. But you're right.... just like the eGCi series only on video, layed out as planned lessons in a series, even if by several talented people independent of one another. I knew I went to film school for a reason.......
  14. As much as I think Ina is a sweetie her teaching skills do kind of suck. Ever seen her bake anything? Egads! Measure something, lady! There's no way a home baker who is a newbie could possibly get good results from watching her. I've just discovered Jacques Pepin's (older?) shows on PBS up here..... they're great aren't they? Rachel Ray is someone I haven't watched much of so can't comment on. Giada DeLaurentis explains as she goes sometimes....Mario Batali of course was terrific for explaining just about everything. Emeril too. And those 5 chefs from Everyday food do a decent job explaining things. We don't get a lot of the same shows up here on FTVC.... we never did get the revered Sara Moulton. I know FTV in the US has commented on who their demographic is and they're striving to please them, but eventually little boys grow up and stop watching, and eventually their other audience, the ones actually trying to learn, will realize the recipes they try to recreate cannot be replicated based on the techniques the audience was shown on TV, and will move on. Yes, you're correct TV is the perfect medium.... too bad it isn't being utilized to its full potential, but alas, that complaint has nothing to do with food and cooking overall. I don't think TV will ever be used to its full potential. eGTV, anyone?
  15. Ok, I thought this was serious for a minute. I'm sure there was an audible "ding!" when I realized it wasn't. I once did take a big flap of skin off the back of my knuckle, stuck it back down with Baciguent and gauze and it finally healed up. This was years ago, but every once in a while it still hurts like hell if I bang it. Wonder why that is? Scar tissue pushing against the knuckle bone?
  16. As much as I hate (love) Ramsey, I'm certain he's not a stupid man. I'm sure he would have loved to have taken a shot at her, but in the end all she did was destroy at best $100 worth of restaurant property. Smacking her would most likely result in criminal charges and several years in court trying to hold onto his fortune. I highly doubt it. Having worked all my life in one form of customer service or another, I can assure you there are people who walk through their lives acting like 2 year olds on a daily basis. In fact I think people like her actually do that sort of stuff on purpose just to get people to smack them. Some people make litigation their full time job. As for poor Garrett, well, looks like he's gone. Sad, really. But then again, he did say, "You bitches better have us men's dinner ready when we get home." I wondered what the hell he was doing trying to win a restaurant if he believed cooking was women's work. I'm only still watching because I want to see Sara get the axe. That'll be good TV.....
  17. Sugarella

    Baking 101

    Did you by any chance whip it by hand? Whipping in an oval motion they way you'd do egg whites and pulling the cream up out of the bowl towards you with each motion can cause that. Try whipping it by letting the whisk rest against the bottom of your bowl, and just use a side to side motion. 45% cream can be whipped, definitely.
  18. I agree with the choux..... add making pastry cream in there at the same time, started when the choux are baking or cooling. Learning the 2 at the same time will give you so much confidence to learn more....they really are easy once you've done them once.
  19. Remind me never to be friendly to female coworkers, for fear of everyone assuming I'm gay. I failed to see how that friendly exchange between the two could be taken as sexual. I'm bored with this show now. And I hate Gordon Ramsey now too. I'm sure there were plenty of qualified applicants who have the experience to do the job and who would have given anything just for the opportunity to win (pardon me, I meant to say EARN) their own restaurant. And I can already tell who the "winner" will be: Heather. Here's why..... she was deliberately moved to the men's team early so that she still has all of the opportunities to prove herself. The girl's team keeps winning every challenge so they get to go on yacht rides and to fancy dinners instead of hauling ass in the kitchen before a full shift. They can't prove they can lug supplies and clean the kitchen spotless and do all of the prep before putting in their full shift and if they can't prove that, they can't win. And out of the blue team I think Heather is still an idiot but Gordo made her the Captain of the Idiots early on by telling her she's in charge, so I'm pretty sure this is already decided.
  20. .... and the ashes from your grill too, for that matter. Burned organic material is highly acidic and roses love it. As for the grill cover I have no clue but I'd definitely cover it in winter at least, just to keep the ice from scraping the exterior.
  21. You acknowledged it was yours!?! When I was little I saw a lady walking down the sidewalk lose her panties that way.... she just stepped right out of them and continued along as if nothing had happened.
  22. *groan* Back to the question...... As in any job, if you have to travel far to retrieve a certain something from a back storeroom or a basement freezer, an "Anybody need anything from the ____?" before you trot off goes a long long way.....
  23. Crap. No wait, salty crap.
  24. All I can tell you is that the $6 Black and Decker hand mixer I bought a decade ago is still going strong. It sparks if I try to mix gingerbread with it, but it hasn't died yet.
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