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  1. Jaz, yes please I would love your carrot recipe, thanks
  2. Suvir can you tell me more about using chickpeas in raita? Do you leave them whole or crush them first.......? Helen
  3. Thanks for the links to previous threads. I had done a search to look to see if it had been discussed before but obviously did something wrong and didn't find it. I need recipes that are savoury as opposed to sweet. Love the sound of raitas with eggplant etc... Okra is a bit of an unknown here in NZ and is not available in quantity and treated with some scepticism but any other ideas would be welcome. thanks in anticipation, Helen
  4. Me too and mine is always perfect. Why the oil is it more pilaf in style?
  5. At the risk of offending purists I am going to say go nuts!!
  6. I have been asked by a company to come up with some yoghurt based dips that once sealed and refrigerated can have a 2 week shelf life. I immediately thought of raita. Does anyone have any interesting twists on raita that I could try out? thanks Helen
  7. Would you share your roasted garlic soup recipe. I have never been able to make one as good as I have had at restaurants. My impress the guests is duck marylands with roasted beetroot, kumara (sweet potato), crispy potato and sauteed spinach with a verjuice, ginger and garlic reduction dessert has to be quince tart - the whole house smells fragrant......... Helen
  8. helen jackson


    As different countries have different varieties I hesitate to mention types. Potatoes are either waxy, floury or all purpose. Waxy describes the texture of the potato. New potatoes are waxy because their sugar has not yet converted to starch, as it will with age. Waxy potatoes tend to be really good for boiling, salads and adding to casseroles and soups as they tend to hold their shape and won't fall apart. Because waxy potatoes have a higher sugar content they are not suitable for chipping, roasting or wedges - their sugar content means they will burn easier. Floury potatoes are fabulous for mash, they are generally the large potatoes that last for ages when stored correctly. I will let someone else fill in variety names. Here in NZ the all purpose potatoes are generally have pink/red coloured skin.
  9. Excuse my ignorance but can I find the Cooks illustrated recipe on line?
  10. I have used if to saute shallots with red cabbage, walnuts and spinach and then top it with a seared duck breast. It was heavenly - oil is just no comparison. Yes roast potatoes in duck fat are divine.
  11. Elizabeth thanks for your recipe - they truly look good and I will give them a go.
  12. oops when I say biscuits I do mean cookies.
  13. Thanks I will check out the Hershey recipe. As we have a limited range of Hershey chocolate in NZ I am unfamiliar with that recipe. As for brown sugar versus white - I and many friends have memories of creamy white biscuits with chips of chocolate and and almost melt in the mouth texture. I am trying to recreate that memory. My mothers generation tended put sweetened condensed milk in their recipes but I don't want that flavour either so yes I guess just a sweet short style cookie with chocolate in it.
  14. I am searching for a fabulous chocolate chip cookie recipe. I want a cookie made with white sugar and one that has a crisp outer but a more fudgy centre. I don't want a recipe with oats, nuts or coconut in it just a pure chocolate chip cookie. Helen
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