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  1. Up top on the Pastry Forum there is a section: Pastry & Baking Forum Demo. There is a demo in there on how to do sharp corners on cakes. It might be useful to you.
  2. I've made lots of gingerbread people this week. What I have been doing is rolling out and baking the cookies on parchment paper and letting them cool 10 minutes or so before removing them from cookie sheet. I haven't lost any arms or legs so far.
  3. Okay then: Equal amount of beet juice to sub for food coloring?
  4. Red Velvet cake is a holiday tradition in my husband's family. With my MIL passing away a decade ago the baking of the cake falls on me. Even if I use "no taste" red, I swear I can still taste something funny. I am very interested in using beet juice. So, I cook the beets, squeeze out beet juice and use 2 oz to sub for 2 oz food coloring?
  5. I have tried a few cookie presses after my son used my vintage Wear Ever cookie gun style one as a toy gun and lost parts. I never let him have toy guns and he always improvised. This is the aluminum style no longer made. It had a ratchet gun trigger and the cookie thickness dial I just stopped making spritz for the last few years. It was not really worth the hassle with the other cookie presses. This summer I was thrilled to find a Wear Ever cookie gun at the Goodwill for 2.99! So there are vintage ones to be had for cheap. Just looked on Ebay and there are quite a few
  6. I like surfasonline.com for my 11 lb bars and cocoa powder.
  7. I use Kahlua, rum, Grand Marnier, framboise, and cherry Kirch
  8. Diana, were you working with the dough at room temperature? I think it's one of the beauties of this melted-butter pastry: it does not require chilling and handles marvelously well at room temp, even in the summer months, when my kitchen is 78 to 80 degrees F. Once, I tried rolling it out a little chilled, and it was too crumbly. This crust also holds its shape well during baking, without the 30 minutes in the freezer that I give other crust-pastries just before baking. With this dough, the crimp I give the crust is in the same shape when the pie comes out of the oven. Having tried this crust for the first time just recently, I'm well and truly loving it by now. When pie-crust is this easy, it's so easy just to whip up a pie any time. Life can't get better than this. ← Yes, I was rolling out the pie crust at room temperature right after mixing. Pehaps the tablespoon of milk I left out because I was using melted butter should have been included. The weather is getting hot and my flour is probably drier. Browniebaker, I did notice that this crust didn't shrink while baking like my other crust sometimes does! I will work with this crust again soon because I am in a pie making mood.
  9. I made a rainier cherry pie using the melted butter crust yesterday. I used 10 tbles melted Challenge Eupropean style butter and 3 tbles milk. The flavor was wonderful but after transfering to pie plate, pieces of crust kept breaking off. I patched the crust together so not a beautiful pie but a delicious one. And the crust was flaky. I am a fan of butter too so thanks for the butter version.
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