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  1. ron, aka papa bear ,aka santy klaus, thanks for talking me down from that tree outside of soldier field at that dead show. you were right. 10 hits of liquid was a little too much. thanks for pulling 'the other place' from the pits of a personal hell. thanks for always being there. ronnie, you're one in ten million. sorry we lost touch as of late. -m happy trails, inc.
  2. I thought Balut was bad. halfway down the page: YUM YUM it may be in fact sea cucumber crap. but crap is crap, innit?
  3. Does anyone in the DC area remember 'Red Barn'? you can still see the shells of this defunct chain housing businesses in that distinct barn shilouette. i think Red Barn was an east coast deal. i'm pretty sure they sold 'Pappy Parker's Freid Chicken'. i was just a kid, so memory may not serve me correctly. ETA: All things Red Barn
  4. 30 minute meals indeed... and you know that notion just crossed my mind... no meals on spec. all meals served on mirrors. yes those are just bread crumbs on the floor, please have a seat. Grandma Gravis would be proud.
  5. i figured if you had not seen it kris, not many have. thanks for the translation too. -m BTW what kind of fish is that?
  6. this sushi chef better hope karma is just a concept. anyone ever see this method of sushi prep? the money shot comes @ the 1:30 mark. This fish laughs at foie gras geese. somewhere, PETA weeps.
  7. The names of dishes on that site sound like every dish cooked up on 'Top Chef'. just sayin...
  8. if you all will forgive me for bringing Paris Hilton to EG... and i will understand if you don't: Do you think she asked for A1? ignore the part about the cocaine, who pays $1050 for a Kobe steak? would it not be more cost effective to fly to Japan, and eat the GD steak in Kobe? $1050... oh yeah , well white truffles were involved. now i get it. seriously maybe if the steak was dredged in peruvian pink flake, and came with a base torch and pipe and garnished with an 8-ball, i could see paying $1050.00... this is earth we are on, right? or did i miss a f'ing meeting again. -m pocket lint, inc.
  9. here is a recent mea culpa... i blame this on Ambien CR which i had to stop taking, because i was waking up with dirty dishes next to the bed, and my wife would walk into the kitchen and wonder what the hell i did the night before. apparently i was eating in complete blackout. i found this combination on a plate last week... slices of LES TROIS PETITS COCHONS™ foie gras terrine on top of pumpkin pie topped with fresh whipped cream... i can't tell you if i actually like it because i do not remember eating it.
  10. my first experience with alcoholic beverages was: johnnie walker red and hires rootbeer... at 12, i was no 'issac' from love boat
  11. akebono


    alton brown. i've said it before, i'll say it again: you should not need a wetsuit and flowcharts to make toast.
  12. Any suggestions for a nice place to eat Thanksgiving dinner in the metro area? Has anyone tried Maestro @ the Ritz in Tyson's? thanks for reading my 'lil posting -m
  13. concerning beef and 'doneness'... here in the d.c. area, i have had a consistent problem in quite a few places where the cooks have a problem with rare. more often than not, when i order rare, i usually get something that qualifies as medium rare in my book. it is as if the person firing my steak is thinking i could not possibly want my cut really 'rare'. if i send it back i usually clarify my order by telling them to cook it 'rare, with a cold center'. anyone else?
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