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  1. Keeping my fingers crossed that this is where Julie made our 'secret' reservation for Saturday night... =R=
  2. What a trove of great info this thread is...thanks everyone for sharing. I have a related question for which I could not find an answer when I searched the archives...does anyone here know of a tried and true source for mail order smoked brisket? A friend sent me one from Nueske's back at Christmas time, and it was pretty good (albeit a little dry) but they no longer carry them. I've seen them offered on a bunch of web sites but a recommendation or guidance from a credible source would be much appreciated. I plan on attempting to make a couple later on this summer, but in the interim laziness abounds (along with some genuine time constraints). Thanks, =R=
  3. Awesome information--thanks everyone for this great thread! I'm in the Chicago-area but I've never had Blind Faith's rendition. Maybe I'll give it a try, although my last few experiences there were also not so good. Probably my best bet is to make it myself which I think I can actually do after reading all these great posts. =R=
  4. Taylor Street--although I didn't see him there this last time... Would you like a little "hot lead" with that sandwich? =R=
  5. That reminds of me of one of my favorite aspects of Al's (though I agree that Mr. Beef is better)--the holstered sidearm worn openly by the owner (?) while he's working in the store and making sandwiches. Could anything be more "Chicago" than that? =R=
  6. I've been a little down on Al's (Taylor Street) lately because q.c. has been inconsistent and their prices seem to go up regularly, but I had it again last week and thought it was better than it had been in a long time. I had a "big" beef, dipped with hot and sweet peppers. The beef was flavorful, plentiful and lean; the sandwich wasn't overly-soggy. I was a bit underwhelmed by the sweet peppers which had too much crunch for my liking. The hot peppers were perfect in flavor and quantity. Still, it was a noticable improvement over the last time I had it (Aug 2001), when I was so disappointed I swore it would be a long time before I had it again. Perhaps they're still inconsistent, but at least I caught them on the right day this time around. =R=
  7. I believe they (dippin dots) are served "full-time" at a few kiosks at Miller Park in Milwaukee, WI--and I whole-heartedly agree with your choice! I first had them at Custer's Last Stand, a neighborhood street fair held annually in Evanston, IL where they were billed as "Ice Cream of the Future." Of course, the snickers ice cream bars (snack size) that we buy "for" my son often disappear before he gets home from school, so I have to put those on the list too =R=
  8. A few years back I saw an episode of David Rosengarten's Taste on FTV that was all about Reubens. He insisted that a proper Reuben was actually steamed and neither grilled nor toasted. He went on to make one using (among other devices) a bamboo steamer. Anyway, it was news to me since I don't think I've ever had one that was steamed--and I've eaten a LOT of Reubens. Anyone ever have a steamed Reuben? =R=
  9. Um....Billy Joel just entered a substance abuse program this morning (read it on the wires), so perhaps he isn't a lost cause after all. OTOH, the problem was undisclosed, so it could be Wine Coolers he's addicted to. =R=
  10. Hello Chef, I'm a big fan of your writing and the t.v. show and I'm wondering if and when the "yet-to-air" episodes of A Cook's Tour will be debuted on FTV. A few of your adventures that seem to be missing from the t.v. incarnation are Spain, Portugal and Scotland. Keep up the great work--can't wait for the next book. As you describe it, it should be a blast to read. Thanks again, =R=
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