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  1. My wife says not to disclose the ingredient. I however, wish to know what it is that I'm putting in my mouth. Do you go to a restaurant and tell the chef to cook whatever and then happily eat it without any sort of menu?
  2. Brush the inside with melted/tempered couverture to act as an insulator...
  3. Ever tried powdered cocoa butter to replace the gelatin in your mousse recipes? It's a bit more expensive but has a much cleaner taste and nicer mouth feel.
  4. Since it's YOUR bon bons, why don't you decorate the "clay" as per your liking? Since she uses lots of color ask her not to-to keep the natural color of her material as she wishes you to keep concerning the chocolates. How absurd is this woman anyway. Does she were nothing but monochrome clothing too?
  5. Emeril should be taken off the prime spot..period. Bobby Flay should not be on tv either. He should solely be in his kitchens since his food needs help!
  6. DON'T use Hero pistachio paste! I use Albert Uster's pistachio paste. It's perfect! They grind Sicilian pistachios which are a bright green (natural) and the flavor is true. Ambassador Fine Foods, Inc. also introduced a pure pistachio paste for a fraction of AUI's price...
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