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  1. rich


    Yes I did. Enjoy the rest of Paris time. Went to Vinnum last evening - another top notch meal. For those who don't know, Vinnum, IMO, is the best restaurant in Staten Island. And since I live there, that's a good thing.
  2. rich

    Wine pairing help

    Try a Bordeaux from the Pomerol region, which are predominately Merlot. Should be a great match with your lamb dish.
  3. rich


    Still as good as ever. Try the soft shells - tonight!!!
  4. Keep it simple is the best and let the cheese come to room temperature. Roast 1/4 inch slices of eggplant and tomatoes until the former is lightly browned and the latter is slightly shriveled. Stack with 1/4 inch slices of Mozzerella in alternate order. Top with a large basil leaf, drizzle with EVOO, salt and pepper - makes great spring/summer appetizer.
  5. rich

    Gelatin powder

    All types of aspics.
  6. rich

    Dinner 2019

    Used Vidalia onions in a Lyonnaise Onion Soup this past weekend. The result was extraordinary!!!
  7. Traveling to Anaheim next week for a meeting and will have time for one dinner with business associates. Can someone recommend an upscale spot? Price is not a concern, but it must have a good wine list and must be in Anaheim. Thanks.
  8. rich

    Le Bernardin

    Really like LB, but no one should feel honored to eat at any restaurant. As a paying customer, the honor is within the eye of the beholder.
  9. rich


    Went with Weinoo (and my wife and another couple) and thought there had their "A" game going last night. The soft shells were perfect and as I have said, the Chicken Provencal is the best chicken dish in captivity (IMO). We had the Two Angels Petite Sirah - at $42 a steal. All in all one of their top efforts and made better by the great company.
  10. Well, several years later this has changed. In my opinion, the best are now Wolfgang's and S&W. Sparks has fallen off the radar as far as I'm concerned. It appears to have lost ground after the expansion.
  11. rich


    Read this and the same is still true today. Nothing compares with Parkside. It's still the best of its type in the city. While others play with the Italian format, Parkside does the best Italian-American version. I realize now comparing it to Babbo was silly because it's an apple/orange thing. Babbo is an Italian-Batali restaurant and has no realtionship to the cooking of the Italian-American immigrant. It's only his version of what he thinks Italian food should be. So try Parkside, and take grandma, she'll love for it.
  12. Bringing back an oldie. This was a great dinner that was never replicated. The cost (even in 2003 dollars) was inexpensive. Thinking of calling both parties to suggest they bring back another version. I'm sure people here would be willing to pay $100 per for something similar. Yes?
  13. What does 2xinfinity equal?
  14. pork & beans grits cupcakes
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