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  1. Genny

    Obscene Sandwich

    Great thread! Our latest-greatest is simplicity at its finest. Behold our new Ham & Cheese Sandwich Few ingredients: smoked ham hocks boiled for a couple hours, pull the meat off and let it cool. Fresh baked sourdough bread sliced about 1-inch thick. Guyere cheese. Coarse grain dijon mustard. Make a panini.
  2. I'm embarrassed to say this is a month late in being written up, apologies to Eliot and forgiveness is begged from all... August 22, 2008 My husband and I had a 6:00 reservation for dinner. We arrived 15 minutes early and were surprised to find only a couple tables occupied. No worries, the restaurant filled up very quickly, we must have just beat the crowd! NOCA has a very comfortable, modern and a little swanky feel to it. Not only is Eliot an amazing host, visiting each table and making recommendations, but his staff was friendly, attentive and on the ball the entire evening. The food:
  3. Genny

    M & M Premiums

    I found them in my local grocery store next to the EGGS and dairy case. Ummm, seemed an odd place to hide the display shipper in the back of the store. I bought the triple chocolate because that was the flavor I thought would appeal to most. They are actually quite pretty! The flavors are good on this but I can't really distinguish between the white, milk and dark chocolates. Its like a denser, richer milk chocolate to me. And the coating melts away and isn't the classic hard shell for the regular M&Ms. Thanks for the opinions on the other flavors though! I may try the mint if its
  4. Well Eliot... DO TELL! Can you give a report on how opening week is going? Thanks! Genny
  5. I backed up to make sure I saw that right on the sea bass! I think the pan was too hot initially- smoking! She still is missing some basic info for temps and timing of some stuff. How long was the tart in the oven? What temp? Did she leave it at the same temp as the shell that cooked? Perhaps they could pop up ancilarry information that she misses such as the temperature to cook at and the number of minutes for baking. Shelling favas is a 2-step process so I'm very curious why they didn't show at least one for an example. I love her menus though and the show is full of great informat
  6. Wonderful news Eliot! This has to have been such a frustrating past couple of weeks!!! See you soon!
  7. I've made a note to set the DVR. This will be fun to watch. Fingers crossed that you don't get bumped!
  8. I still enjoy Ann's personality and love her knowledge but the editing on this show bugs me. I would bet that she did talk thru peeling the beets for the salad and turning the chicken over and the timing but it was likely edited out. That said, she could certainly add a little more hard information about times, temps, amounts, etc. And she *is* talking the whole time so I'm not sure where she can fit in more info. I hate to say it but it does show how Rachel Ray has fit so well into the genre with her fast talk, giving great stories and loads of info about what she is doing all at the same
  9. So when your mom so proudly presents you with a gift that she had to stand in line for hours to get Rachel Ray to autograph a cookbook for you because she knows how much you love to cook, you take it gratefully and gracefully and thank her. This is why I know RR has a Stuffed Pepper Soup. Here is the recipe. Its a place to start anyway. I've not tried it so I cannot stand by its quality. Happy Cooking! YUMMO PEOPLES!!!
  10. Good luck with the inspections Eliot! Kathy, my adorable husband and I are excited to see you! Eliot's new place looks great!!
  11. Chad, I wanted to send you a BIG THANKS for all your work and contributions to eG. My husband is using that sharpener you recommend (the wierd manual one from Oregon) and my knives are AMAZING now. We have had Henkles for years now and he has previously used the electric Chef Choice sharpener. It didn't do near as much for the blade as the manual one does. He controls the angle of the cutting surface and has double beveled the edge on a couple for me to try out as well. He's also softened the (?) spine of the knife for me so the grip is more comfortable. What a difference! I compared cu
  12. Genny

    Summer Peach Salad

    This sounds interesting. I'm also one to not enjoy too sweet a dressing on my salad though so I also vote for a little more tart than sweet here. I was thinking a little jicama sounded good in this for a crisp crunch component in addition to the crunchy crunch (umm, does that make sense???). Its also such a neutral flavor and can balance stronger flavors. FWIW. edit: spelling
  13. Eliot, the menu looks fabulous! I love the 3-course meals, what a great option to include. And the crudo menu too, wowza! I see a foie gras piece on the menu and some duck, will you also be offering other offal? Sweetbreads, marrow bones, etc. Would you call noca a "new paradigm" type of restaurant? Upscale food, reasonable prices, casual and chic/hip? My husband and I are looking forward to checking it out. Do you have soft/hard opening dates set yet? Are you going to have a full bar? Will it be a mixologist sort of bar? Also, what can you tell us about the wine list, wines by the
  14. Great point jsmeeker. I can see that they may want to show how a restaurant chef does it at home, but showing a similar dish in the opening and showing how to translate it to your home kitchen would really "hit the spot" IMHO. The problem is with the half hour format it is tough enough to get everything in. One more reason to take this baby to a full hour??
  15. There were some hits and misses in this epi, but I still think Ann is great and will keep watching and recording the show. Positive: **By far the BEST show of how to tie up the meat. Great show of how to drape and loop the kitchen string over her hand. **Keeping and SHOWING the bones. I can't remember the last time I saw a raw bone with no meat on it on FN. This was great to show, hopefully people will start to appreciate they are not just for the garbage or the dogs. **Salt. Yes, the use of salt is great on this show. **Uses real vocabulary: aciduated water. its not that hard people!
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