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  1. Someone tell him that he wrote for Thomas Keller, not cooked for him. What a discredit to real chefs who have put in time behind the stove.
  2. This book is a dud. To talk about ratio cooking is fine, it exists. But there is not enough supporting documentation to make this book worth a read. And corrections? Don't sell me your product that works part of the time. I guess when you are working on many different books at once, the ratio of time developing recipes is sacrificed. Same goes for the Alinea book, come on, a section on your web page for corrections??????? Any chef not testing their own recipes for an expensive book is beat, as well as writers, who hang out with very talented chefs, then think they are chefs and write cookbooks. Stick to boat building books.
  3. Any word on a new book from Rene Redzepi?
  4. The book is solid and NOTHING AGAINST GRANT OR ANY OF THEIR STAFF. Those guys are all bad asses, but my personal stye is going more towards someone like NOMA's Rene Redzepi or Bras say. I like their connection to nature and surroundings. The book is technically perfect, I appreciate their incredible talent, but just not my style.
  5. That is right, they just send it. It took a couple of days (maybe 4) for it to show on my credit card. Once it's sent, it doesn't take long My favorite books this fall have been Under Pressure (can't go wrong with TK) ,Fat Duck, not for food or recipes, but Heston's dialog of coming up with dishes and total freedom to do anything with food. Also the CIA Frozen Desserts book is an EXCELLENT reference (by former French Laundry pastry chef). Alinea, was most anticipated, but still not sure if I like it. Olivier Roellinger has a new book out in French, very good. A day in el bulli is pretty cool, Crillion, also pretty cool. Natura is still maybe the coolest (I'm not even a pastry chef). I have a few more new books but lost track of what they are...
  6. I've ordered the limited edition package, anyone heard when the release is?
  7. I did get it from el bulli. I've never had a problem getting books from them. Took about nine days and well worth it. Got into it a little more, to me these are much more "complete" dishes. CD-ROM works well for recipes, photos are great as usual, small bit of Alberts thoughts in the book that are very insightful. Great book all around.
  8. Just got Natura in the mail, first glance... unreal! Haven't looked at CD-ROM yet, but incredible techniques, presentations, and concepts.
  9. Anyone having trouble finding this book? Is it out?
  10. Look dead center of book, there is a fold out of recipes, etc. Massive book and info!
  11. Gabe, I have the book and it is really cool. Lots of info on day to day running of the el bulli "business". Lots of blurbs and captions, so not a lot to translate. Do you have any info on el bulli 2005 in english? I heard there is a hold up in production. Also, what is the hot topic in the trenches of el bulli? Must be insane to work there with so many talented people. Best of luck, JamesB
  12. Chef, can you describe what the vibe was in the kitchen of Pierre Gagnaire? How was the mind set, organization, etc.
  13. Chef, I think your food really speaks to a lot of people. The Guilt menu was right on, in my opinion. Balancing avant guard and classic dishes, it really shows the depth of cooking you can produce. I was checking the pictures out from the Star Chefs conference and was wondering if you would share your "crouquant" recipe. I really dig the look that the crouquant gives as a garnish/textural element. Also, what is your favorite piece of kitchen equipment right now?
  14. I think Doc is getting the point. How well is "avant garde" cuisine really doing? Are the Moto's, etc. doing tons of volume? Is that even "doing well"? If you look at Ferran, he is keeping the dream alive (el Bulli) by doing other projects to make him money. Does avant guard cuisine have to be supported by more user friendy menus/themes within the operator/chef? Probably. I think Paul was on the right track with the Classic/Modern menu split, maybe the place wasn't right, and of course if I read another thing about how he put Jello on a naked woman(his PR and media presence wasn't good at all) that would even scare me off. As for the NY Times review, of course it was a 3 star restaurant. Money isn't everything, but if you don't run a viable business, it is hard to be a starving artist forever. I am a huge fan of this movement, balanced with some restraint. So where do we go from here?
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