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  1. Awesome... This is great -- spread the word, and get some more vindaloo out there. I thought the picture looked really good -- only maybe a little dry. In fact, it looks a lot like one of my own attempts. When I did the "bhuna" process where you cook it until the liquid is evaporated, and then dry stir-fry it -- the last step, I was supposed to add enough water until it covered everything (and let a lot of it evaporate, but not as much as in the previous processes -- you let it thicken, so it becomes the gravy in the stew, yeah?)... But I messed it up and didn't add enough water, so it was r
  2. I don't think there's anything patronizing about this at all. Or perhaps, if there is -- long live it. If you can't express an unfavorable opinion of an establishment, merely because it might insult those who like it -- well, then there's really no point in having a forum in which to debate these things at all, is there? Last few times I came through England, I arranged to go out for curries with some old college friends, but when I asked what our destination was the last time, I was told "The Stepping Stone..." Sounded like a damn strange name for a curry house, said I... It wasn't, said the
  3. Try The Lord Edward Pub. Their sole is fantastic. It's a three-floor pub (pub on ground floor, informal dining on 1st, and formal dining on 2nd floor). I ate there four times, and forced myself to order a different sole dish each time, which was incredibly hard to do, since the last I tried was so damn fantastic. But it was worth it -- every single one was amazing. It wasn't a cheap place, but an amazing bang for my buck, certainly.
  4. Grub


    That is a very good way -- a sensible and reasonable way -- to view that, uh dictum. He already "confessed" that his maxim of "no uni-tasker but the fire extinguisher" just might have been incorrect, so I think -- no biggie.
  5. The stress is getting to them -- you can tell who's got character, and who doesn't. Mia -- gimme a break... The judges explicitly asked Cliff who he thought should go home, and he gave them a straight answer -- and a perfectly valid one too: pissing, moaning and having a shitty attitude can ruin any work environment. She already said she was tired and homesick, and then when she lost it in front of the judges, she probably realized she'd burned any chances of success, and tried to make a glorious exit by offering to leave, to save Elia... If that had been it, I would have been torn between ad
  6. Christ, the Rusholme restaurants can't be all THAT bad. I mean, I'm sure there might be other areas that are better -- or worse -- but to dismiss the entire region isn't reasonable.
  7. Where does The Cliff House fit into this? Just a tourist trap?
  8. In my experience (if I exclude my "foodie" friends) women are more appreciative of good food and good service -- as well as being more critical of it. With "foodies," I find no difference between genders. The whole salad vs. steak business is (in my opinion) just entirely incidental, and a result of the fact that women have tended to be more concerned about their figure than men. To attribute any male or female aspects to such meals is just a -- you know, logical fallacy; correlation/causation thingie. Cum hoc ergo propter hoc bicycle dynamo, as them Latinos say.
  9. Yeah, threatening another contestant with violence, that's totally out of line. Good riddance indeed. I didn't like this challenge at all. From my sofa, it seemed like it might be a ton of fun -- beach, open fire, sand, fun, the smell of the see. Provided I'd know about it beforehand, of course... But as a challenge for a "Top Chef," this made even less sense than the vending machine deal -- at least they had a freakin' kitchen in that one. I mean they were sitting on their knees in sand, prepping on top of coolers, while seagulls came swooping in, stealing stuff. Then, the judges complaine
  10. Those are very good points, but I can think of a couple of things that might affect those conclusions. For one, apart from the fact that a home kitchen generally provides better quality, more nutritional, and cheaper food than junkfood, it is also operated by someone who genuinely CARES about the people who will eat the food. That's a big one -- would you rather eat a meal prepared by someone you know, who hopes to impress you, maybe earn a compliment or two, and who would be utterly devestated if you fell ill from their cooking? Or would you prefer it prepared by an unmotivated teenager? Eas
  11. I'm no expert, but the little I've seen of old-fashioned, rural chickens, they behave as you describe -- even in cold climates. The "free range" label might be a perfectly sensible, and honest label -- but only when applied to such small-time operations. When it comes to the big factories, it really is a joke -- what Nathan describes is accurate: The chickens are hatched inside (of course), and spend their first few weeks inside. Then if a little door is opened, allowing the chickens to go outside -- voila, they're free-range all of a sudden. If they go outside, or stay inside, they're free r
  12. Grub

    Goose Liver

    I'm a little curious about these responses... Someone on this board posted a question about how to prepare foie gras, since he had a number of ducks/geese and wanted to utilize the liver. The guy said there was no need to force feed them, since they pretty much force fed themselves at that time of the year. In that thread, no one brought up the point you've all brought up here -- that non-force fed foi will be so different from "traditional" foi. What gives?
  13. Cheap and fast is what Taco Bell and every other fast food restaurant has been doing all along, and it's been working pretty good for them so far -- it'd take a helluva lot more than this recent outbreak to make them rethink their entire business model... I mean, Jack-in-the-Box killed a bunch of people, and they're cruising along just the same. I'm sympathetic towards those who eat that stuff due to financial, and time restraints (a close friend of mine happens pretty much to be the guy Carl's Jr talked about in their advertisements: "Without us, some people would starve) -- but hey, you get
  14. Some valid points, and some not-so valid ones... This seems to me to just be a rant, you know? I like a good rant. There's nothing quite like it -- from John Cleese's parodical ravings to the chunks of honest truths that Lewis Black delivers -- it's a great form of expression. There's nothing like a good rant. But this is just a bad one.
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