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  1. Since you're already booked to visit GR@RHR, the simple answer is to go for the Prestige menu at ninety pounds. As others have said, the dishes are never less complex in any restaurant, they are simply more numerous and smaller in quantity. And it's more of an experience to be served more dishes, you get the feeling of being spoilt, and why not go the whole hog the first time, then go ALC or set lunch subsequently. You will find that a fair proportion of punters at GR@RHR have the Prestige menu even at lunch-time. And these tasting/gourmand/degustation/prestige/exceptionel menus are never set in stone, the piper payer can ask for alternatives for a dish, we were served a lovely risotto with girolles and cep instead of the standard fois gras.
  2. After eating MSG-laden food, I have a very dry mouth and extreme thirst and drink plenty of water. I think that this is the most common symptom for most people, but others might have their own MSG radars.
  3. It was our first time and this is partly why we went for the Tasting menu. I booked the previous week and was extremely lucky that someone had just cancelled. We reasoned that if you go to this place the first time then why not do it properly and go the whole hog ? The menu was almost as it is on the fatduck website except for the omission of the orange and beetroot jelly where the trick can now be revealed without destroying the surprise as being that the 'orange' jelly is actually 'orange beetroot' and the beetroot jelly is actually 'blood orange'. Of course we were not disappointed at all, we were impressed and entertained and it was worth the money. Every course had its own crockery and cutlery and drama and expectations, I would imagine that it might be similar to the El Bulli experience. I was just simply reasoning that the Tasting menu, as the most expensive meal option, must logically be the best meal in the world if it is at the best restaurant in the world and I am happy to believe this. It would be presumptuous of me to judge whether this is true or not as I have not the sufficient experience or education. So if others want to feel that they have had the best meal in the world during 2005 then go for the Tasting menu at this place. We also recently had the Prestige menu at GR RHR at lunch-time for 90 pounds and were surprised at how many others were having this option at lunch-time when there were two cheaper options for 40 pounds and 70 pounds. It just shows that many people are prepared to pay for the best cuisine. The place was full with some second sittings whilst the restaurant a few doors away was almost empty.
  4. Last week we had the tasting menu (97.50 pounds) for dinner in this permanently fully booked place of pilgrimage, all 20-odd courses. As this is the best restaurant in the world, according to Restaurant Magazine 2005, we must have experienced the best meal in the world, full stop.
  5. Lovely place and excellent and friendly service. Prices are so reasonable considering that I started to reel off ten dishes to the waitress and she stopped me and told me that they recommend three dishes per person which we later found to be a good recommendation as we were struggling by the end. Big disappointment is that I expected that MSG/flavour enhancer/monosodium glutamate/E621 would not rear its ugly head in a place of this class but it was very clear that they do use it. A Michelin starred restaurant should not have to resort to any chemicals to make its food superior to all other eating places. They should rely on superior ingredients and techniques and creativity. Are there any restaurants in London serving Chinese food which do not utilise MSG ?
  6. My own understanding is that egullet is a site where a person of any race or culture with a serious interest in food can discuss or comment on any cuisine from any culture. Just because one is from a certain culture does not make them the authority on the cuisine from that culture and make them a novice on the cuisine from any other culture. Saying ''but are you really going to argue with a chinaman about chinese food?'' sounds arrogant and seems unsiuted to these discussions. I have been to Ping Pong and considering the price we found the venue and service and staff and espacially the food to be quite excellent. It is aiming at a different market to Yauatcha. We had fifteen separate dishes and they were all good. I know that the food is prepared off-site in Woolwich and then frozen in order to reduce the costs, but there was no evidence of re-cooking.
  7. We had dinner there two days ago and we were very impressed but we did find some items a bit over-salted such as the scallops and the fois gras and the anjou pigeon. I have read other reviews in other forums which have made this comment for this restaurant.
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    I drink very little alcohol so when I go to the restaurant with my wife we do not have any wine at all, we just have still bottled water. I have observed that most fellow diners for lunch and dinner do drink wine and I am wondering why anyone should drink any liquid other than pure water with their gourmet food as we should not wish to detract or adulterate our experience of the food, especially when in any of the many top restaurants in the world, such as MENU and Grill at the Connaught. Additionally, I have heard that one should not drink too much liquid when eating otherwise the digestive juices are diluted and we feel uncomfortable. I drink only still bottled water so that I can truly taste and feel the ingredients without any other substance altering the experience and I can clear my palate in between experiencing different items. Many gourmets and many chefs and cooks refer to the complimentary effect that the appropriate wine can have on each food. I do not understand this. I wonder if most gourmets have tried to dine without wine and with just pure water. Any opinions ?
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