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    L’Ambroisie is really my favourite gastronomic temple in Paris, for the time being, out of the four I’ve experienced so far. I intend to visit here again. February 2019 The bar/bass dish is a classic so I had to try it, interesting contrast of the globe artichoke. The ris de veau, how can a chef prepare sweetbread to be delectable, and it was with its sweet sour sauce, as it also was for me in 2018 at Gordon Ramsay RHR. The vacherin was a recent creation, it was a good concoction but I did find it a bit heavy, probably a fruity base would have been better than the cake layer, as at Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester.
  2. December 2018 i was pleasantly surprised by my meal at Epicure. The lièvre/hare was so rich. The agneau/lamb was well prepared. But I was not so enamoured by the citron/lemon which I found too sweet as it was more a sweet confectionary instead of fruity. I probably would go elsewhere in future.
  3. February 2018. My meal here was surprisingly memorable as I had had incorrect expectations of bland cuisine but not so. I especially savoured the superb Bouillabaisse and the Tarte a l'Orange.
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    Guy Savoy

    February 2018. Whilst my meal here was extremely enjoyable I did not find the experience as memorable as L'Ambroisie or L'Arpege. Consistances d'Oursins was my best dish.
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    February 2018. The cuisine here was so memorable and the venue and service so self-indulgent that henceforth each time I visit Paris I hope to eat here. My best dish was the Fricassee de Homard.
  6. I wanted my 7 year old daughter to eat a snail so I told her it was chicken. I told her the truth the next day, so she knows she's eaten snail, but blindly. Similarly, in Italy back in 1994, friends served me some minced meat, then told me the next day that it had been horse, so I've eaten horse, but blindly.
  7. From what I've read, these crayfish were introduced into the UK from North America in the 1970's for farming but they escaped into the waterways as an invasive species. I think they were supposed to replace the native Euroipean crayfish which were depleted by the crayfish plague caused by a water mould. Are they caught and eaten? Are they on sale or on menus? If not, is it because they can themselves be a carrier of the crayfish plague? Maybe that's the answer.
  8. St John - unfortunately the Chinatown location closed earlier this year due to finances, it's part of another hotel group now, roast bone marrow no longer available...
  9. One way to keep the meal price lower in general is to spend less on the alcohol. My recommendation of a place is Yauatcha for excellent dim sum, you can order the cheaper dishes and 3 / 4 dishes per person is sufficient, with some tea, followed by a desert.
  10. Yauatcha - if you just have some dim sum and a pot of tea then the cost could be more reasonable, although yesterday I walked past and noticed that the prices have been increased. Another lovely food place is Princi, during quieter periods.
  11. liuzhou, thanks for the clarification !
  12. Last Wednesday in the Metro, Marina O'Loughlin did her last review for that paper. Anyone know why and where next for her ?
  13. I ignore Fay as I find she is not critical enough, I find Marina the most interesting and trustworthy.
  14. Crumpets were made for butter and marmite, but there's one thing better than marmite, and that's vegemite, as I have it now and as I used to have it back in the 70's at boarding school in Sydney Australia....
  15. Yes indeed, we are happy to pay £35 - £85 for French / European food because that is the norm but for other cuisines, such as Chinese or Indian, we are used to lower prices so it is a mind shift to go to the pricier establishments. I found it a 'big' decision as well. But... For dim sum, you will find that each person can only eat 4-6 dim sum dishes, so that even reaching £35 at Yauatcha or Hakkasan would be a challenge.
  16. I went in 2005 and the only dishes I recognise are the snail porridge and the salmon in liquorice gel.............and the price was almost half the current 180.
  17. Lee Ho Fook lasted a year so maybe Michelin decided they'd been too generous. For Chinese, there have also been Poons Covent Garden 1979-1980, Tiger Lee 1980-1986, Oriental Dorchester Hotel 1993-2000.
  18. In London, there is Tetote Factory in South Ealing, just transferred from Colindale.
  19. Is Copper River Salmon imported to Europe ?
  20. That's not fair !!! I dined alone there in January last year and did not get any extras or freebies !!! Just luck of the draw I suppose...
  21. This is the published application :- http://eur-lex.europa.eu/LexUriServ/LexUriServ.do?uri=OJ:C:2010:208:0008:0011:EN:PDF It does appear that they went for the simpler definition of specifying modern-day Cumbria This is the announcement of the registration :- http://eur-lex.europa.eu/LexUriServ/LexUriServ.do?uri=OJ:L:2011:076:0038:0039:EN:PDF
  22. A casual place in central London is PRINCI at 135 Wardour Street in Soho, simple Italian food, but specialises in baked food, savoury and sweet, a branch of a Milano establishment, open all day, just walk in.
  23. This reply might be too late for your trip. There's a pizza restaurant called Pepperoncino.
  24. Anyone heard of Four Seasons Oolong Spring ?
  25. Thanks for your opinion. Unfortunately Sea Grill was full. About CCS I have to agree with you, I was under-whelmed. I had the ham mousse, sole with reisling mousseline, and the lime souffle, all good but definitely not 2 *, nothing extraordinary.
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