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  1. In case it helps - Almond, Cherry, Apricot, Apple all belong to the same plant Family 'Rosaceae' so some characteristics are shared. Apple is in the Genus 'Malus'. Almond, Cherry, Apricot, Peach, Plum are in the Genus 'Prunus' so their stones are similar in appearance and construction.
  2. Watching Marco cooks for Albert Roux Part 1, it's funny seeing Gordon Ramsay submissively playing second fiddle and being the goodie goodie pupil. Now we know how Gordon learnt his signature Raviolo of lobster langoustine and salmon including how to close up the raviolo !
  3. Oh, sorry, I missed the link, and do you know what happened at Tean in the Scilly Isles ?
  4. Just saw your post and no-one seems to have answered you after 3 months, the best way to find any Michelin list is to go to their national websites. Try this :- http://servicesv2.webmichelin.com/frontnew...ementCode=54841
  5. I was referring to The Goose and Tean, they gained a Star in 2008 and lost it in 2009, was this due to the chef leaving or to a re-assessment ?
  6. Hang on a minute food1. This is not a Stupid thread, this is a Discussion thread. If I am not happy about paying a price at a restaurant then I just don't go there, I have a choice, and I chose to pay 60 pounds at Hibiscus and it was a memorable experience and no regrets. Yes, most foods will be zero rated indeed but the menu price still contains a final VAT amount, so the amount a restaurant now receives has still gone up by about 2 percent if the menu price stays the same. That's the logic which you have missed. And the place was not full so I can see that restaurants will suffer business with the credit crunch. This 2 percent extra amount is not going to change the P/L of the restaurant and will not make up for the reduced business, I am happy for the restaurant to receive this extra amount, and I have still gone to restaurants that have not reduced their prices by 2 percent, otherwise I would vote with my feet. It's just a thought that has occurred to me and I've put it up for discussion.
  7. I had dinner at Hibiscus in mid-December and it was still 60 pounds ! Have some restaurants used the VAT reduction to increase their margins ? I also went to other restaurants and they had not decreased their prices by 2.1 % either.
  8. Scanning through the star deletions, at least two restaurants which gained one star in 2008 have now lost it. I know one of them previously did have a star but the chef moved on. This seems to suggest that the stars are not that 'sticky', as they will be removed if later deemed unfit. I also find it surprising that Michelin are prepared to award a star for one year only, as this is a bit of 'losing face' or 'losing credibility', because it might appear that the star had been awarded recklessly or too hastily or 'in hope', and that it had been a big mistake. The same happened to another restaurant in Twickenham 4 years ago. Maybe a first star should be considered 'deserved' only when it has passed into its second year ?
  9. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life_and_...icle5489650.ece
  10. The wide and execrable choice was probably down to the usage of the mass central suppliers such as 3663 ?
  11. Assuming these friends were Korean, this looks like their attempt to cook non-Korean food and they were totally unfamiliar with European food, both as consumers and producers. Always a bad idea, stick to what you know best ! Maybe next time they invite you, try dropping hints that you would like Korean food.
  12. No doubt the recent French arrivals will get their 'starter' star - Alain Ducasse, Helene Darroze, Jean-Christophe Ansanay-Alex.
  13. Four weeks to copy the film 'Supersize Me' ?
  14. If these statements are true, then the list is completely invalid because the voters did not follow the rules, and it explains why the list hardly changes.
  15. There are these downloads :- http://servicesv2.webmichelin.com/frontnew...ementCode=53091 http://servicesv2.webmichelin.com/frontnew...ementCode=53092
  16. No, never had one as far as I'm aware. ← This is the first Star for Trompette.
  17. http://servicesv2.webmichelin.com/frontnew...ementCode=53260
  18. Some London restaurants indicate that they are child-friendly by having a few high-chairs available. I appreciate your daughter is 7 but it is a 'signal' from the restaurant nevertheless. Locanda Locatelli and 'apparently' all the Gordon Ramsay restaurants declare their child-friendliness in this way. GR Claridges and Savoy (when open) and maze have high-chairs, as my younger daughter can testify. And one does see children of other people in most places. So, as your daughter is 7 and well-behaved, I would just go ahead and book wherever you choose without hesitation, just do tell them that one person is a child of 7.
  19. From my own experience (my daughter of similar age) and from observing others, most top restaurants have no trouble with children, although this probably means well-behaved children, i.e. your child isn't going to start screaming.
  20. I agree it's time for Mirabelle to lose its star.
  21. I went to Grand Vefour 3 weeks ago for lunch at 88 euro and the food and service were excellent. Place was full and the decor is historic.
  22. cachan


    LGV is now 88 for lunch, I booked weeks ago for tomorrow, now regretting I didn't go for Gagnaire instead.
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