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  1. That's also our goto red when we want a big reasonably priced red. Costco carries it for around $13 a bottle. Fantastic stuff. $13 a bottle....just bought it at the liquor store and it cost me $24.99. Oh to be able to buy wine at Costco, one of my favorite things about visiting the states!
  2. Fried clams....and not the clam strip kind! Living on the west coast of Canada, proper fried clams are not easy to find. Can't wait for my trip back east this summer, that will be one of the first meals I seek out as soon as I get off the plane. And I can't even make them here if I wanted to as I prefer the steamers/soft shelled clams. Luckily, I can access mussels, lobsters, fresh oysters, so I can fufill my love of seafood but so miss the clams. I'll sometimes cave and get myself the clam strips but immediately regret it. Only 3 more months......
  3. Tried my first zin on the weekend and loved it....Seven Deadly Zins from California. WOW! One of my new faves and am thinking I need to run out and try more of this grape. Being from northern BC, our selection is not the greatest, but I am going to see if I can find any of the recommended wines mentioned above.
  4. Thanks for this link! I've been meaning to dig out my slow cooker....especially with my kids' busy soccer schedules. I barely have time to get in the door, make dinner and feed the family before we've got to be out the door and off to soccer. I haven't been overly enthusiastic about any recipes I've found for the slow cooker though, but the Year of Slow Cooking blog link that was posted is great.
  5. I was at a wine and appy dinner on the weekend and brought Curry Marinated Mussels on the Half Shell. They were a hit and fit your criteria nicely.
  6. I did some surf and turf for Canada Day this year. Grilled up some steaks, boiled some lobsters and served it up with corn on the cob, potato salad, caesar salad and coleslaw. For dessert, it was strawberry shortcake made with angel food cake and various tarts that an aunt had picked up from Bearspaw Bakery in Jasper on their drive from Edmonton to Prince George. It was a great dinner and a wonderful way to celebrate our nation's birthday with family.
  7. Thanks for posting this. I made this the other night and the sauce was delicious. My husband is coming up with different ways to use the leftover sauce. ← I too made it and it was indeed tasty. Thanks for posting!
  8. We rented a house for an Orlando vacation a couple of years ago. I agree with the suggestion of doing up a spread for the lunches. I bought a variety of deli meats, cheeses, lettuce and tomatoes for making sandwiches to have with veggies and dip and some fruit. I think grilling up some meat one night, along with a tossed salad and making a large amount of pasta salad would be good for dinner one night. Then you could have the pasta salad availble for one of the lunches. When we came back from the parks around lunch time, the kids and hubby would go for a swim in the pool in the back of the house while I put together a quick lunch. As for breakfasts, our typical breakfast was cereal, toast or oatmeal with some juice or a glass of milk. Having yoghurt and fruit on hand was great for snacking on too. I picked one morning to make up a big breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon and toast and did it on an off day from the park when we werern't hurried to get anywhere. As for dinners, I did tacos one night, grilled some steak and potatoes on the BBQ another to have with salad and picked up one of the frozen lasagnas (big mistake, was awful). I agree, simple is best and think that doing up a list of menu ideas before you go is smart so that you are able to pack any spices that you may need in your suitcase in little baggies. I remember when I was researching vacation homes, most seemed to have a grill so I would definitely check to see if one is available. BBQ burgers, kebabs are all good options for a quick dinner. Corn on cob (depending on when you are going) and a salad and you are good to go. Pasta with garlic bread and a caesar salad is another idea for a dinner. We are looking at heading back next year so I'll be following this thread too for any other ideas. Have fun!
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    Food of the Maldives

    A quick search of the net brought up http://www.maldiviancuisine.com/recipes.html. And for an overview of their cuisine, check out http://recipes.wikia.com/wiki/Maldives.
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    Easy Tofu recipes

    I like to make breakfast smoothies using the dessert style tofus - my fave is the mango flavored one - and add some fruit, whatever I have on hand...usually a banana and some type of berry, some yoghurt, and some juice to thin it out (typically orange) and blend it all up.
  11. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions and information! I'm going to get busy with checking into the restaurants online that were recommended. I'm looking forward to coming to Toronto and trying out some of the great restaurants that your city has to offer. I come from a smaller city in Northern BC so our options for restaurant dining are very limited, mostly chain style restaurants, like Earl's, Moxie's, Keg and the like. I get down to Vancouver a couple of times per year and get to enjoy some great food. My husband would be just as happy hitting the Keg but when I am travelling, I hate to eat at any establishments that I can just as well eat at home. So my goal is always to find restaurants that will satisfy his more simpler approach to eating yet get him out of his comfort zone a bit. He is very much a meat and potatoes kind of guy but I have managed to expand his horizons over the years and he now eats some seafood. I'm definitely leaning towards JKWB for my solo dining destination. I'm not concerned about it not being adventurouos, just looking for a place that serves quality food in a comfortable setting for someone eating alone. Sitting at the bar sounds perfect to me! My trip isn't until March 23rd, any more recommendations and information would be welcome!
  12. I will be making my first trip to Toronto in March. I will be staying at the Suites at 1 King West. I have been searching on this forum, tripadvisor and Chowhound for information about dining in the downtown area. I am trying to get my head around the setup of the areas (King St. West, Entertainment District, Financial District, etc...) and am wondering how close these areas are all to one another and if they are all within wallkable distance. I've also done some reading up about the underground walkways and am wondering how this works into getting around in the downtown core. I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed with all the info... My husband will be joining me on this trip and is not a very adventurous eater so I am looking for restaurants serving solid food that are not too "foodie-centric". One night, I would like to go to a restaurant that would be nice for a romantic night out. I'm thinking either Italian or some place for steak and would prefer something in the moderate range but may consider a pricier restaurant. On Saturday night, we are going to see the Leafs play the Bruins so I am thinking that we would like to hit up come kind of pub for some grub and a few drinks nearby to the Air Canada Centre. I'm considering the Bottom Line Restaurant, P.J. O'Brien's, Irish Embassy Pub or Beerbistro. My first night there, I will be alone and am thinking of a wine bar, either Jamie Kennedy or Crush. Are those very far from the hotel? How safe is it to walk around downtown Toronto at night alone? What other restaurants are near the Suites at 1 King West that I should look into? How far to the St. Lawrence Market? Thanks for any insight you can give me! Shelley
  13. For a quick lunch, one of my favourites is a regular ol' grilled cheese sandwich that has nothing more than a couple of buttered slices of bread and a slice of cheddar. That ooey gooey cheese is the ultimate comfort food. If I am looking for something a bit more gourmet though, one of my favorites to date is the Prosciutto, Mozzarella, Tomato and Basil Panini from epicurious, which I grilled on the barbecue. It is D-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s!!!
  14. Are potato chip sandwiches Canadian? ← I've lived in Canada my entire life and never even heard of someone putting potato chips on a sandwich. Is it an eastern Canadian thing? ← Ah but then you must not have associated with the right crazy Canucks! I have lived in B.C., Alberta, Ontario and Quebec and I can't tell you where I first learned this habit but I have known quite a number of friends over the years who put chips on sandwiches. It might even date back to my days in the Forces when ketchup on toast was a favourite breakfast. ← I grew up on the east coast (Moncton , New Brunswick) and remember my grandfather used to do it. I am known to eat them on occasion and it must be toast with butter and jam with plain salty potato chips, and always accompanied by a tall, cold glass of milk. It is my go to when I am craving sweet and salty, usually around that time of the month...you girls know what I'm talking about.
  15. I just got back from a trip down to Vancouver with my husband. Was there for three nights and enjoyed some great food while down there. On Saturday night, we got in to Vancouver around 8 pm so by the time we got checked in to the Sheraton Wall Centre and settled in, it was close to 9 pm. We went wandering around to find something to eat and ended up at Don Francesco's. Steve had the Classic Caesar Salad Manhattan Style to start and deemed it the BEST Ceasar ever. I started with the Mixed House Green Salad and enjoyed it. We settled on pastas for our main and went with the Penne Tomato Sayce Sole di Napoli with tomatoes, garlic, onion and fresh basil and the Linguini Pescatore which came with loads of shrimp, scallops and squid. The scallops were not the large fundy scallops that I love but were tasty nonetheless. We had a 1/2 litre of an italian pinot grigio between us. The service was great and we thoroughly enjoyed our meals and would definitely return. Sunday morning, we ended up catching a quick bite to eat at the food court at Pacific Centre before doing some shopping and catching a movie. I grabbed a salad roll and tom yum soup at the Thai place and was pleasantly surprised. The salad roll was made fresh with lots of basil, cilantro and mint with a peanut sauce on the side. For a couple of bucks, it was worth it and I was very happy. For dinner, I met up with a few friends at Tequila Kitchen. As mentioned in previous reviews, we found the room to be pretty bare but were very satisfied with the food. There were four of us and we got two tasting menus and a few appetizers to share among us. It was the perfect amount of food. We started with a couple of botanas, which consisted of Tostadas de Atun (thinly sliced raw tuna garnished with red onion rings, avocado wedges and chopped cilantro drizzled with a citrus dressing on top of 2 crispy tortillas spread with a house chipotle mayo) and the Camarones Enchipotlados (Sauteed shrimps rubbed in a chipotle spicy, garlicky paste). The shrimp were good but the tuna was a definite winner with our group. Next up were the tasting menus. We started with the caesar salad, which was followed up with the Taco de Pescado. Next up was the Caldo de Camaron (Spicy Shrimp Broth) and the Carne Asada con cebollas y Chiles toreados (Grilled marinated flat iron steak served with blackened sauteed onions, roasted serrano chile & avocado, along with a a roasted poblano chile stuffed with spice homemade chorizo salsa au gratin). Dessert was Crepas de Cajeta which crepes topped with mexican caramel sauce and pecans. Highlights for me from the tasting menu was the flank steak with the blackened onions and the dessert. For beverages, I had a couple of the tradicional margaritas. Tequila, lime and salt...the holy trinity in my books. I'm not a fan of the blended margaritas and like mine on the rocks with lots of salt for me to lick off the rim and Tequila Kitchen did them just the way I like 'em. On Monday night, I had reserved tickets for my husband and I to attend the wine tasting for Red Rooster Winery at Hamilton Street Grill . It was a wonderful event and a great value. For $25, we got a tasting of three wines and a dish prepared by Neil to accompany each. The first wine up for tasting was the Gerwurtztraminer and was served with a Thai seafood soup. Next was the merlot, which was accompanied by a lamb dish. The final wine was the Meritage, which was served with a beef tartare and homemade relish. We stayed on for dinner and Steve had the caesar salad to start followed by the filet mignon with a bearnaise sauce. I had the tenderloin with a gorgonzola red-wine demi glace sauce. The steaks were perfect and we washed it all down with a half litre of the Kangarilla Road 2 Up Shiraz. Neil was a great host as always and stopped by to chat a few times throughout the wine tasting with everyone and afterwards during dinner. This is the third year in a row that we have gone to HSG to celebrate our anniversary and it is a tradition that we are hoping to continue. Thanks to Neil for another wonderful evening!
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