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  1. Champagne it will be. I have about a half dozen bottles given as gifts, these last few years. Neither my wife nor I care very much for it. It'll kill two birds with one stone. Porkpa.
  2. Elsewhere on this board a poster makes reference to the fact that you once had a NYC Pastrami tasting and Katz's did not win. I find this hard to understand. Who did win? In what ways was this product superior to Katz? Porkpa
  3. A couple of weeks ago I received a gift of a vacuum packed brisket of Montreal Smoked Meat from Smoke Meat Petes. When I was in NYC over the weekend, I bought a brisket of Katz's pastrami. Katz's is the acknowledged leader in pastrami. Smoke Meat Petes is among three or four of the top contenders in smoke meat production to Schwartz's in Montreal. Every year at holiday time I host a latke party for about 30 people at home. This year's event is scheduled for this Friday. I can't say that my latkes are the best ever, but neither I, nor anybody who has had them have ever had better. In addition to the latkes, I've always made a traditional Jewish style braised brisket and eggplant parmigiana for the non meat eaters. This year instead of the braised brisket I'm going to serve the pastrami and smoked meat side by side ansd try to elicit opinions from the guests. Most of those attending have never tasted either the Katz' pastrami or the Montreal smoked meat. The good part is that they probably won't be biased in their likes or dislikes. Other dishes will include the eggplant parmigiana, cold shrimp, cole slaw, pickles, various salads, rye bread, challah and various mustards. I'll let you know the verdict. Porkpa PS-We'll have beer and soft drinks of course. Any thoughts as to any wines that might be suitable.
  4. porkpa

    Need turnip ideas

    The first Union Square Cafe cookbook has a fantastic recipe for turnips. Its called "mashed yellow turnips with crispy shallots".It has become a staple at every family function dinner that I prepare. If I don't make it, I catch all sorts of hell. The only problem is that although its labeled as a turnip dish, the recipe calls for rutabagas instead of turnips. Nevertheless its great and easy to prepare. I usually substitute carmelized onions for the crispy shallots. It saves lots of time and money. USC usually has it on its menu as a side dish during the cold weather months. Porkpa
  5. If chicken livers(in any form) are on the menu next time I go for lunch, what do I do? One of the only foods that might dissuade me from ordering the tuna burger. Porkpa
  6. I have a good friend who is a regular at ADNY and a very serious patron of many of the top NYC restaurants. Each time he goes to Ducasse, he asks about Mix. Should he go there? Would they make as reservation for him? Each time the answer has been - no! "They aren't ready yet." They don't want him to go and get the wrong impression. I take that to mean that whatever Mix's goals are, they haven't yet been attained. It sounds a lot like ADNY itself, when the initial impressions were mixed at best. Now it is unquestionably one of the best restaurants in the city, if not the world. Porkpa
  7. Fat Guy, If there is such a thing as the quintessential(?sp) New York City lunch it has to be found at USC. I have been at least a dozen times and have never been disappointed. Of course, I almost order the same things - Tuna burger, garlic fries, banana macadamia tart. Porkpa
  8. As some of you have noted, their chocolate might not be the VERY BEST there is, but its pretty darn good. One of their products that IMO are the VERY BEST are their gourmet lolipops, especially the butterscotch flavor. I had not known that they even made them until tasting them in California while visiting my daughter and her family last month. They are positively addicting. I bought a bunch out there. They are all gone. I've since ordered more from their website. Murray Brown.
  9. porkpa

    Bruno Jamais

    Having been exposed to the arrogant, condescending a--h--- Bruno Jamais when he was at Daniel, I wouldn't support any enterprise that he was involved with if the initiation was free. He is the personification, almost a parody of what one would think of as the stereotype of the arrogant, unfriendly Frenchman with his hand always out. Porkpa
  10. Chef, An item that's on a menu should not be inedible, regardless of its price. The price of $22 is not that cheap anyway. Translated into your currency it comes out to about $27 - not overly expensive, but not cheap by anybody's standards. The next time you are in California skip Burger King and try In N Out. You'll see why cheap and poor quality are not necessarily synonomous. Porkpa PS-I wonder if management at Sparks is aware of this thread. Perhaps they should be directed here. Maybe the can learn from their errors.
  11. The first time I went to Les Halles was in 1967. I believe that was the year that it opened along with Expo 67. The thing I remember most was the exemplary service. I had not been to many French restaurants at that point in my life. I'm sure the experience furthered my interest in food and dining. For some strange reason, I have only occasionally been back. Although on the few times that I have, I have always been very satisfied. We are due to be in Montreal in December. I will make it a point to have dinner there at least once. Porkpa
  12. porkpa


    I like the drink called the Arnold Palmer. Simply put, its half iced tea, half tart lemonade, mix together with ice and serve. A very refreshing drink I have all Summer. Porkpa
  13. porkpa

    Lobster tails

    Jimmyo, That's what I'll do. Thank you. Porkpa
  14. porkpa

    Lobster tails

    One more (very) stupid question. How do you know when they are done? Porkpa
  15. porkpa

    Lobster tails

    Please excuse my being a PITA. What if any seasonings would you use? Would you use breadcrumbs? Would you use any butter during the grilling? Thanks
  16. porkpa

    Lobster tails

    Jimmyo, Thanks. By grill them, do you mean put them under the broiler? Porkpa
  17. porkpa

    Lobster tails

    I've got about two pounds of frozen small lobster tails(approx 2-3 ounces each), that I want to cook. I've never made them before. Any suggestions? Simplicity preferred. Porkpa
  18. Chef Fowke, I have been going to Schwartzs for at least the last fifty years. The one thing you will NEVER find there is white bread. The pile of bread given with their smoked meat platters and used in their smoked meat sandwiches is rye. Admittedly not the best rye bread, but rye bread nevertheless. You are as likely to be served a smoked meat sandwich on white bread at Schwartzs, as you are one served with mayonnaise with a glass of milk. Zero - Nada. Porkpa
  19. Doesn't anybody on the Southeast page speak of anything else? Sixteen pages already and the event isn't even close. I'm so jealous that I can't be there. Porkpa
  20. Fresco, Your Lester B Pearson(Toronto) International Airport actually has an adequate, although non gourmet dining alternative. There is a branch of Swiss Chalet Barbeque in terminal three. Their chicken is better than most, their fries are exceptional and their ribs are acceptable. They also do not run a heavy pencil. You can get an adequate meal, served fairly quickly for a reasonable price. Porkpa
  21. Next time I'm in the area I'll give Sonoma Grill another try. The last time I was there it oprobably was still under the Foy leadership. Porkpa.
  22. Viejo, I disagree with you that Il Villaggio is ordinary. There are IMO many things they do well and very few, if any, that they do poorly. Above all, the basic ingredients are always of a very high quality and freshness is emphasized. The food is prepared expertly and is well presented. This results in food that is from my experience always above average and often somewhat better than that. As far as the comparison with Sonoma Grill is conserned.There was a time when Sonoma Grill was emphasizing meat on its evening menu(I don't know if they still do), even then the beef and lamb at Villaggio were IMO much better. I find Sonoma Grill to be the equivalent to what you feel Il Villaggio is - ordinary food which can be eclipsed at lower prices elsewhere. I believe valet parking is required for dinner, but not for lunch at Villaggio. Porkpa
  23. porkpa


    Lots of people I know rave about Jerry's in Rutherford. I think its adequate at best. I find the food to be heavy and greasy. They also give you far too much. On the occasions I've eaten there I've always left feeling bloated. Much better in my opinion is Il Villaggio situated closeby on Route 17. Porkpa
  24. You're on. Will Allen & son's be as good as yours? Porkpa
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