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  1. i used to make mr. barber his skim-milk capp. in the correct specified cup everyweek for a year in Cowichan. he was a crusty bugger, but he was kinda limpin around at that point, so maybe he was in pain. he was a fixture and default food icon in the cowichan valley and it gave him alot of space and play when it came to food/menu consultation and events. i remember my humble-to-death friend coming home one night after running a cooking workshop for bill jones, pissed cuz ol granpa james held court on japanese cuisine for like an hour before making way for the guy who actually knows the cuisine to do the work. he was human. he wasn't a teddy bear. and he was the first person i can recall from childhood tv who was visibly, contagiously excited by food.
  2. #2 seems to give legitimacy to # 1 on this site, and all around, too frequently. i wonder why.
  3. 1. we already did 2. i was with you through the paragraph, i was cheering you on there sean. then i get to the ending and you shit the bed, for real. 3. no wink 4. keith, the 'less congestion' if we rip up barnston argument is pretty poor. i know its cool to not believe in anything, i know you love playing heathen, but less ALR will not solve your traffic dilemmas. that's just lazy.
  4. a.gill is like the kid in class that clowns for attention while the teacher gets all pinch-faced and says: "if you ignore her she'll behave". so... can somebody start a JB's thread so we can talk some real shit. poor ol' fella
  5. weak opinions are definitely better...
  6. ok, good bread with bad people too. but they gotta just buy it and take it home. we don't have to get all friendly...
  7. Hi Florin, I've been perusing the Bread Bakers Guild of America website and it's stated goals have been in my head these last 48hours. They are: Communication: To promote interaction and the exchange of information between craftsman artisan bakers, their suppliers, and specialists in the science of baking and baking ingredients. Education: To encourage the education and training of young people interested in careers as bread baking professionals. Professionalism: To raise the professional standards of artisan bread bakers, and to help them receive the recognition which they have earned. Promotion: To bring together individuals involved in the production of high quality, artisan bread products, and to represent their common interests. Now I know that Cobs do not proclaim, at least as far as i am aware, to be Artisan (notice the capital 'A') bakers per se, a term which I find increasingly abused and heading toward complete disassociation from an 'original' meaning. However, let's just leave that argument alone for now. Looking at the last two points (professionalism and promotion) i don't see these being remotely of concern to Cobs. In fact, both their product and approach, and market shaping or flattening for that matter, seem to be in direct oposition to the guild's stated goals. So while we struggle to obtain the guild's goals through our own businesses, why should we support a company that could give a rat's ass, simply because the folks in the white hats (no, not the kkk) are our colleagues? I have worked in coffee for two years and have seen similar bashing of Starbucks et al. I have never felt strongly to join the chorus or defend the giant, simply because i pay it as little attention as possible. I cannot escape it or it's influence, and i'll give starbucks that nod, but i leave it at that. Their goals are simply not mine , nor mine theirs, so i leave it alone. Cobs bashing is boring. But I've never felt akin to the bakers in their employ other than a wistful (and perhaps patronizing, older brotherly) desire that they, as individuals, might someday concern themselves with quality. I think that the bakers's guild's goals are important because our livelihoods depend on them of course, but also, and most importantly, they both proclaim and enable our desire to share good bread with good people. Oh i could go on and on, sorry for the hastily drawn up answer. welcome.
  8. You know, i think I,ve been a little harsh. More positively then, Mexicali serves wonderful tater-tots. In fact, i,d say they are currently plating some of the finest tater-tots in the city. tater-tots.
  9. Mexicali is terrible. Unless you want tater tots. Go down to 41st and dunbar, Spice Islands (Indonesian) is usually very good. They used to run lunch specials but no more. I think Zuccini Mummy like kokopelli. Not me.
  10. ha ha ha. as a general rule, i find statements that begin with "as a taxpayer.." laughable. are you joking? if this place is invite only, what is the problem? customers then, are less customers than invited guests. "these meals are undermining our taxation revenue schemes" might just make my new egully signature
  11. From Wikipedia ← once again i look stupid. a message to all you smartypants egulleters out there: sarcasm is the lowest form of humour, and i don't appreciate it. boycotts are exhausting though, so i'm happy 'bout that.
  12. is this what they put on their label?! if so, i'm boycotting. i don't care how good the wine may be. jamie, did you write that?
  13. the second is they use egulleter meat in their chicken wings. (and can someone pm me where this place is)
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