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  1. Stephanie - I don't know anyone at the Raven. It's probably been 25 years since I've been in there and any memories of bartenders/owners have been dissolved in alcohol mists. Sounds like it's still a fun place and we'll have to check it out. I'm interested in the new Junior League cookbook, I'll have to try it. I have the one from about 20 years ago and it was great.
  2. This is so much fun to see a local blog. I haven't been inside the Raven in years. Good blog and good work with the Atkins.
  3. I want to live where there are pomegranate sculptures on the street! Those are fabulous. This is a very enlightening blog, so many foods I want to find and taste and make now. Thanks for sharing a week with us.
  4. jackieg


    My grandmother grew red potatos,or new potatos, my entire childhood. It seems like we always had them on the table. When red potatos started becoming popular I never understood the fascination with them, they were just what we always had. But the ones from Granny's garden were always better. Maybe that's why I didn't understand the fascination because the ones in restaurants were dull. I love the quote that says they taste like "dirt, fresh dirt". They do and I have tasted fresh dirt! But it's better with butter.
  5. I was in New Orleans last week for work. Had dinner at K-Paul's, service was OK, with some flashes of good. What was disconcerting was the police office stationed outside the restaurant, paid by the owner for the customer's safety. I heard that the Brennan's group continued to pay their employees and provide temporary housing until they got rebuilt so they could keep their employees as they knew it would be hard to find good staff.
  6. Stouffer's spinach souffle,but never thought to add extra egg whites. I do start it in the microwave, then finish under the broiler so the top gets brown and crispy. TJ's frozen mushroom appetizers - are they Nancy's, I think? Frozen edamame Couscous parmesan cup of soup - at work Annie Chun's noodles for lunch my biggest guilty frozen pleasure is Lean Cuisine meatloaf and mashed potatoes.
  7. jackieg

    Dining Solo

    I've enjoyed eating alone while traveling on business. I get to go to the restaurant I want to eat at without having to consider where others want to eat. I usually take a book or a magazine. I'll usually eat at the bar. Since I'm female the reading material is useful to avoid unwanted conversation. Especially when I pull out my reading glasses! It's a a nice time to relax.
  8. Happy birthday to you. I love reading your blogs and your husband's birthday dinner series. Stroopwaffels with fig preserves, ginger cakes and city views. Especially you looking elegant in that black dress billboard picture. Great blog girl!
  9. We moved from our suburban house with a big kitchen and island to a condo in the city 4 years ago. I still miss my big kitchen. The island had seating and was practically part of the family room so I could be a part of everything when cooking. Any dirty dishes weren't a problem as we had 3 teenagers to take care of that. Now I have a galley kitchen that is separated from the living part of the house. I'm used to cooking in it but it's not as much fun. The pantry is in the garage keeping company with my big pots. Kitchen = happiness, oh yeah. Still happy when cooking just not as much. Plus the kids are gone so I have to do the dishes!
  10. jackieg

    Kraft Dinner

    Have made myself not eat it for years, trying to be a good eater, but it's all a food memory thing for me. I've been craving the blue box lately and don't know why. Think it's like Megan said, it brings back memories of something forbidden. Sometimes my mom would make it and put in a small can of tomato sauce. That doesn't sound good anymore, I just want the cheesy, saucy meal in a bowl.
  11. I'm absolutely impressed by all you quitters. I've read a few pages, had a smoke and read some more. All of the word of encouragement from the many other former smokers are giving me a lot to think about. I think I can do it, I'm just not there yet. It's also nice to know that you're human and backslide sometimes. What got to me the most was the entry about how many cigs you haven't had and not to count the ones you have. Good job and great food! Someday I'll quit as well but going public like this takes a lot of courage.
  12. I'm fast and simple during the week when I have about 30 minutes to put dinner on the table or throw it on a plate. On the weekends, when I have more time, I slow down to a more deliberate(good choice of word, Miz Ducky) pace and enjoy the time I have to cook. The best part for me is the spending the time, chopping, dicing, stirring, reducing, the whole process. It's a whole different dance when I have the time.
  13. Darcie - this is a fun blog, love to see how you live day to day. Try the Stash Earl Grey Double Bergamot tea. It's the best. I start evey day with it. I usually get it at Whole you know who, but it's cheaper on line. Keep up the good work!
  14. Very excited to see you blogging. Love to read your posts, always well thought out and witty. Great timing to get me in the mood for fun in the sun, I'll be in SD this weekend. More of a girl's fun weekend though, than food centric so probably won't visit any of your recommendations.
  15. jackieg


    I love okra, but it has never made me laugh before. I love it fried, hot & salty
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