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  1. Thank you all so much for your recommendations - I had some great meals while I was in the area. Started off with Sunday Supper at Noca which was fabulous. I was jet-lagged and tired but the food and Eliot's hospitality definitely cheered me up. Later in the week I went to Kai at the Sheraton Wild Horse Pass. It was an intense meal and one I would've liked to share with someone - I don't mind eating alone but sometimes you need to talk about what you're eating! The staff was extremely attentive, the food was interesting and delicious and the setting was beautiful. I got takeout from Cyclo which was great. I also went to Lee's but didn't read the egullet thread carefully enough because I just got a turkey and cheese sandwich instead of Banh Mi, but it was still pretty good. Over the weekend, I went to Matt's Big Breakfast - I got there early so it was a short wait. It would've been worth a long wait though - it was amazing, and I could definitely taste all the butter and sinfulness. I went to Cowboy Ciao for lunch and had their mushrooms with polenta and brioche pudding which were both excellent. During the second week, I went to Seasaw in Scottsdale - that meal was very good and different. I went to Tomaso's in Chandler - nothing special but across from my hotel and the food wasn't bad. I trekked out to Joe's Farm Grill - reminded me of the Shake Shack - the shake was excellent! Finished my trip off with anothe meal at Noca which really was superb - sea urchin and lobster panna cotta and scallops were as good as any of the places I have been to NY. All in all a great trip - thanks to all of you for your advice!
  2. Thank you! This is so helpful. If you have any more suggestions, I am happy to hear them.
  3. Hi. I will be staying in Chandler for two weeks for work. I won't be able to do lunches during the week, but I would love some options for dinner during the week - I think I'll probably head to Scottsdale during the weekend. Any good suggestions, especially something open on Sunday night??!!
  4. I have been to the Harrison twice in the last two weeks, by chance, and had excellent meals both times. I think it's a great choice.
  5. Buddha Bodai on Mott St. - it is kosher and also vegan. They have dim sum and you can also order off the menu. It's pretty good and really cheap!
  6. I have been to Blue Spoon for lunch but I don't drink coffee so don't know what it's like, but I love the atmosphere there - I hope you enjoy it!
  7. Looks like Nicholas has reservations available that night on opentable. The restaurant is great, I would definitely go there!
  8. Have now been there twice in the last week and thoroughly enjoyed both meals. Even my California-bred fiance and his Texas-bred sister-in-law thought it rose to the challenge. The first night, it was just the fiance and me. We split the regular guacamole which had a bit of bite to my sensitive palate but fiance couldn't taste the spice at all. We also split the chicken quesadilla which was delicious. He had the pollo tacos which he liked and I had the beef tongue which were excellent. I can't really handle spicy food and none of what I ate was spicy. I had a side of sweet plantains. For dessert, I had flan with a fruit pico de gallo and fiance had the churros which he couldn't stop raving about. Went back two nights later with two others. We opted for the guacamole trio which was varied and delicious. We tried the ceviche hamachi (good for me because not spicy but don't know if everyone else loved it), the special mushroom quesadilla, the sopas that FatGuy mentioned which I think were also a table favorite. We had the special short rib tacos and also pescado tacos. Desserts were flan and churros again and also the pastel de chocolate with an extra scoop of dulce de leche ice cream. Service was great. It seems a great and friendlier alternative than our usual Mexican favorite, Los Dos Molinos. We'll definitely be going back!
  9. elicious


    Went for dinner tonight. After a 15 minute wait for 2 at around 7:30, we enjoyed a delicious meal. I had a glass of red, boyfriend had a beer. We started with meatballs, spanikopita and breaded cod with skordalia (whipped potatoes). All were scrumptious - the meatballs were perfectly flavored, the cod very mild and the spanakopita unique - open-faced with spinach and a creamy sauce over phyllo dough. For entrees, boyfriend had the pork souvlaki. It came with rice and greens. He needed to ask for more tzatziki but other than that enjoyed it. I had the rabbit pasta dish mentioned above - it was outstanding. For dessert, I had the cheese flan with rice pudding ice cream. The ice cream was great - smooth, creamy and sweet. The flan wasn't really what I was looking for. All in all, a great meal for a terrific value - $75 including tax and tip!
  10. I suggest using the find-a-food-search on menupages.com. You can search for places on the UWS - I just did it and looks like a bunch of diners, EJ's Luncheonette and Cafe Lalo all serve it.
  11. elicious


    I went maybe 3 or 4 months ago. I think the chef was the same. I thought the food was very good, especially after reading all the history of the revolving chefs, etc. They had a truffled mac and cheese side that was really amazing and gave us muffins to take home for breakfast the next day.
  12. Before I start, please let me know if there is another thread on point so I am not reiterating a topic already discussed. Tonight, I ordered takeout from a well-known Chinese restaurant 15 blocks from my apartment. When the delivery man arrived, I gave him what amounted to an 11% tip (I tip more in restaurants). He said "Why? The restaurant is a long way from your apartment" or something along those lines. Because I was home alone and didn't want to get into a confrontation, I gave him enough to amount to about 18%. I order takeout semi-regularly but almost always have my BF go to the door b/c I am very uncomfortable with these transactions - this feeling was always unfounded but confirmed today! I am unsure how to tip and always worry it is too much or too little. I guess I am wondering two things: What do you think is the standard delivery tip? And, what do you think about a delivery person arguing about the tip?
  13. Doc - thanks for the great reviews. I went to law school in Boston and while not impressed with Clio as a whole I will never forget the taste of that tomato water martini. Thanks for bringing back the memory!
  14. elicious


    After reading the reviews on this thread, boyfriend and I went here tonight to celebrate a new job. The restaurant really lives up to its praises. First, the room was great - wonderful acoustics where we could hear each other but couldn't hear everyone else's conversations. For an amuse, we had a fluke tartar, some kind of serrano ham salsify and a fish broth type thing, all delish. For appetizers, I had the tuna tartar - a bit spicy for me but great flavors. Boyfriend had scallop ceviche which was incredibly smooth and flavorful. For entrees, I had the black bass with asparagus and a variety of potatoes. Delish. Boyfriend had a cod special with white asparagus wrapped in prosciutto, sauteed radishes (which were absolutely amazing) and a side of heavenly Yukon gold potatoes. For dessert, we had the cheese plate - 9 different types of cheeses with grapes, walnuts and apples. We also had the cherry doughnut - a warm fried doughnot topped by a tart gooseberry ice cream with cherries on the bottom. All in all, a wonderful meal. The service was superb, understated and professional.
  15. Thanks to foodite's suggestion, we went to Otto last night. There was enough cheese and dessert (including of course the olive oil gelato) to please my sister and we all had a great meal. Thanks for all the help!
  16. Yes, I thought about Otto too, will look into that!
  17. Thank you for your suggestions. We are a little late in planning so I think we're on a waiting list for both but have a reservation at Bouley which has a "cheese plate" -hopefully good enough to satisfy my sis!
  18. Hi. Going to dinner on Wednesday night as a farewell to my sis who is moving to San Francisco. Wanted to go to Daniel but they didn't have room for us. Her criteria is somewhere with vegetarian options, but most importantly a good cheese course and great dessert. Any ideas on this?
  19. Congrats on your mention in Bon Appetit this month!
  20. I work in New Brunswick. Went to Stage Left for a celebration dinner in December. I thought both the food and service were excellent. If I remember correctly, my father and I shared a salad and they split it in the kitchen - the portions we received were huge. My mother got a garlic soup or something like that which was very interesting. I believe I had salmon for my main and it was perfectly cooked. The menu is small (or at least it was for dinner) but the food was great and the service was polished and gracious. I definitely recommend it.
  21. Silvertone, mentioned upthread, is one of my faves and quite a bargain. I also love Pigalle (which would be convenient for you, foodiehall. David - great job on the sox tix. I don't know what time of day your game is, but Elephant Walk, suggested upthread, is a close walk to Fenway. There is also a great little street kind of behind Fenway, I think it's called Peterborough) where there is a wonderful taqueria (El Pelon), great sushi (Umi) and good thai as well (Rod Dee II). All are a great before the game and most of outside seating so you can get some sun while you eat.
  22. Thank you for this. I was quite sad today when I found out you were ending early. You have made my desire to visit SA even stronger.
  23. You might want to consider Hangawi. There is a thread on it somewhere here but I am bad at linking. It is vegan Korean but the food is excellent. I don't think they have a kids menu but there will be plenty of choices that will be small enough for your children. Plus, you have to take your shoes off to eat and it is a neat atmosphere, something that children might enjoy. And if your kids like interesting flavors and tastes, it's really great.
  24. My favorite place when I lived there (I actually wrote a Citysearch review about it) is called Hana. It is located in a shopping center on Lancaster Ave., on the side of the shopping center next to a laundromat. I believe it is past the Wayne town center if you are driving away from the city and maybe across from the Thai Pepper. The sushi is delicious, they have a great dinner special with courses of soup, noodles, tofu and sushi.
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