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    others may give better advice 2 yiur inquiry; however, i have found 1 must travel 2 the north rhône for the better selection
  2. classic chez georges bistro is, as u state, n the 2nd arr. the other is in the 17th arr the 3rd, as u also report, n the pompidou - personally have not visited. thx only the chez jean's left
  3. merci margaret the 4 i know are: Restaurant Paul 4e 15 pl Dauphine maître Paul 6e in St. Germain chez paul 11e east of the Bastille chez Paul 13e Butte Aux Cailles only Jean's & Georges's left to clarify
  4. nice to see that this thread has run out-of-steam burgundies only merit 2 pgs, but okra has 3??? & other topics, less interesting are discussed to death. o well, c'est la vie
  5. baruch

    Beaujolais Cru

    who said THAT wasn't confusing, s'il vous plaît?
  6. $8.55 - expensive !!!??? i'll take 2!!! excellent story
  7. baruch

    Beaujolais Cru

    The vineyard is in Moulin-a-Vent, the winery is in Chenas. Is is common for Beaujolais producers to own vineyards in more than one Cru. They are still estate bottled. that i understand. however, with the 'cru' being located in the Moulin-a-Vent area, vs. the "winery" being located in Chénas, it does get a little fuzzy as to exactly what cru this is, n'est-ce pas??
  8. as if Paris was not confusing enough - just try taking un taxi to michel rostangs can anyone clarify the differences, good or bad, bet the individual, but multiple-named bistros: the 2-3 chez georges the 2-3 chez jean the 2-3 chez paul
  9. baruch

    Beaujolais Cru

    purchased a '00 Dom. du Granit Moulin-A-Vent Appellation Moulin-A-Vent Contrôllée, Alfred Gino Bertolla, Vigneron - La Rochelle 69840 Chénas - France question: was/is this beaujolais produced in moulin-a-vent or in chénas??????????
  10. did you scroll through the rest of that story (the little up down arrows)? the last paragraph: "...The brothers struggled to name this mighty sauce. The three brothers had a consensus agreement on the name "Mexican Joe" and were satisfied until their father insisted that it should be an American name..."maybe Texas...,"
  11. I'd suggest you try Alesmith (Anvil and XPA), Allagash (Tripel Reserve and White), Ommegang Hennepin, North Coast (Old Rasputin and Red Seal Ale), Lagunitas Maximus, Hair of the Dog Fred, Brooklyn Brewing (Black Chocolate Stout, Blanche de Brooklyn), Victory Brewing (Storm King Stout, Prima Pils), Rogue (Shakespeare Stout, Dead Guy Ale). These would just be to start to be honest, but any and all should give you a good idea of what is available from US brewers that is a) flavourful, b) consistent and c) dramatically superior to anything Sierra Nevada produces. That is not to slight Sierra Nevada. For a "semi-macro" brewery they do a good job. But they simply cannot compete with the micro Craft breweries when it comes to quality. thx VERY much, BUT are these readily available in NYC??
  12. thx pardner, but it doesn't the question i posed
  13. bars/rests that ARE legal can have only 4 or fewer owners. its amazingly how crowded these places are, & the bar-type food served is now better than ever usually these places have several tv's; therefore the patrons seem extremely pleased at being able to eat, drink, watch several sporting events, a la the yankees & the nets last nite, & smoke - all @ once funny there were no fights, people seemed pretty civil & happy, no complaints or rantings, no bashing 1 way or the other, no one hanging outside to disturb or to litter, bartender did not smoke, but did not ramble on about secondhand smoke. just an update report to add to the thread.
  14. how would anyone who has eaten BBQ at virgil's, blue smoke, & brother jimmys in manhattan compare the 3 with each other & to the "best" they have eaten regardless of region, & why??
  15. does anyone know the orgin of the name "texas Pete"?? the company info states that pete is for the son's name, but very vague on "texas"!! btw, originated & made in north carolina. thx
  16. agree, i.e., "when in Rome, ... "; however, in USA, sierra nevada seems to fit the bill as most consistent, most favorful; therefore, most favorite.
  17. MERCI BEAUCOUP 2 both Claude & Mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! will "copy" & take when i go to either the burgundy wine co store or rosenthal's
  18. baruch

    Nice Matin

    another update: last nite's leg of lamb excellent, & the ms.'s HB also very good; however the service leaves room for improvement, & the bartender helper made my gibson with OLIVES & then when notified, removed them & threw n the very small cocktail onions my table just happened to be in full sight of this faux pas
  19. baruch


    HAVE eaten @ mesa grill & didn't particularly like, & will break down & try bolo; but how can any1 dislike flay??? he's a GOLFER & is dating stephanie march from law & order as for emeril, i just wonder how he can be on the food network 24hrs/da, 7da/wk, 52wks/yr!!!?? seriously; have eaten @ emerils in new orleans, & unfortunately thought it was excellent
  20. merci, but appears to be more difficult than appears as per the domaine leroy example above. if i understand u correctly, a burgundy produced by the domaine leroy will say just that?? & a burgundy bottled by the domaine leroy acting as negociant will day just THAT, n'est-ce pas?
  21. looking for answers to the above post, s'il vous plait
  22. baruch

    Beaujolais Cru

    1 word, FL JIM AWESOME question, s'il vous plait: as i have inquired before - moulin-à-vent is referred to as the "king" of beaujolais; fleurie as the "queen; is 1 of the other cru's referred to as the "prince"? i have read somewhere, but have forgotten. u state the moulin-à-vent is the most burgundy-like, which does make sense since IT is referred to as the "king" of the beaujolais; but again to clear up, i have also read that chenas & morgons are ALSO considered to be burgundy-like!!?? in your opinion, how many & which one (s's) of the crus are considered burgundy-like?????
  23. my 2 cents - one MUST make the pilgrimmage to l'ami louis 3e @least once, & before the old-timers have simply retired or passed on to that côte de boeuf in the sky. for us, its every visit. maybe bonne chance or whatever, but every time we've been, mostly, if not all, french vs. the oft-stated "all-american" clientele!
  24. merci beaucoup! & with an époisses?? a burgundy?? & busboy, @the jules verne 2nd level tour eiffel, the chocolate truffles were "almost" as good as the view
  25. baruch

    Beaujolais Cru

    i guess, in terms of comparison, beaujolais is generally divived into 3 : full-bodied (therefore, able-to-age better): chenas, morgon, moulin-à-vent, juliénas, régnié (?) med-bod: fleurie, brouilly, côte de brouilly lite-bod: st-amour, chiroubles
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