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  1. It used to be "The Vicway" restaurant at one time. It was where alll the cops had coffee & sandwiches.
  2. forget the strike for a moment. What happens to wine in the winter? what about a day or two in a hot container in the summer, or in the back of a hot truck all afternoon. That stuff happens year in, year out. Exactly how long has wine been sitting on the docks?
  3. instead of "start the egg timer places soon to close"...how about a "Dead Pool" for restaurants.
  4. The revolving restaurant on top of the Sheraton Landmark. Unbeleivable view, and the view rotates every hour 360 degrees. Killer sandwiches at La Grotta Umami
  5. Primo's is named for Primo Villanueva the original founding family member.
  6. Ovaltine Cafe...1942 White spot on south granville...1928 The Only...1912
  7. I think The Only on East hastings may be older. It was built before washrooms were required.
  8. Save on meats ...awesome! Cheeseburer. fresh cut fries. pop...$5 The Corner Cafe ... Gore & Alexander...good breakfast The Only...it has that vibe
  9. I think there is the perception that big stores are better. Sure you can get all of your shopping done in one stop. But you usually pay a premium via higher prices. Take the time to compare apples to apples. Support your local small grocers, farmers markets and specialty food stores, or they may dissapear.
  10. As long as people are interested/talk about something, it remains in the limelight.
  11. Brining in your own cake is just a fact of life in Vancouver. People do it. Sometimes they ask ahead, sometimes they just show up with it. Sometimes in a large party, one of the guests doesn't let anyone else know, and brings one ahead as a surprise. It will never stop happening. It's not financially viable for restaurants to allow this, but then again, it's the service industry, and you should never say "No" to customers if you want them to think you are the greatest. Charge them "Cakage", maybe $1-2 per person, and offer to plate the cake, thus making some bucks instead of none. For restaurants that this happens often, you can also have one or two standard birthday cakes that are reasonably priced that you offer to guests when they call and ask if they can bring a cake. That way, everybody wins. Stags and Staguettes are usually large parties, and they are the ones that most often bring in naughty cakes. They are generally there to have a good time and spend lots of money on dinner and drinks. Sucking up the minor loss of dessert sales more than often makes up by the guests having a good time, running up a fair sized bill and tipping well. Besides, most restaurants charge a minimum of 15% gratuity on larger parties these days anyways. ...sometimes all the guests at dinner order dessert off the menu. It all balances out in the end.
  12. I may be wrong, but i think that White spot has a new corporate chef. It is the man who was always the corporate chef for Earl's only until recently. My last trip there, i noticed the french fries were the best they've every been there.
  13. While I have not eaten at Lilykate, (I have poke my head in) there seems to have been a few negative reviews of this place already. Hopefully they are listening, and will take these criticisms and adapt them somehow positive into a way as they see fit. It's not too late to refocus themselves. Angela has some valid points. She says the place looks good. She said that the food in the showcase looks good. Chicken breast with vegetables and starch for $18 is alot of money for the lunch crowd. There was no table service. You guys have to admit, $18 bucks should include some service. I would expect that in a cheap low-budget venue, but not in a cool looking place like that. It's tough when you get a negative review. However, you have to consider that the review is a reflection of the writers own experience at a given time. Besides, it wouldn't make for good reading if all people ever wrote about was puppy dogs and rainbows. Her function is to report her experience to the readers. It sounds like here experience was not a pleasant one. At least now the owners have a chance to make corrections. The only thing worse than a bad review is customers who have a negative experience but never tell you. Then what happens is that they don't come back...then you go out of business.
  14. I like to read that site also. There are many reports (i won't say who) not on the site anymore. However, some places always have a good report, and do a good job. I like to search by date, and look at the most recent.
  15. I've used a "Chef's Choice" electric sharpener for years, and my blades are very sharp. It has 3 passes...1) grinding stone 2) diamond hone 3) very fine diamond hone. It gives a very sharp edge. I think you can get one for just over a hundred bucks. Even if one or two people went in on a machine, it would pay for itself very quickly compared to using a service such as Knifex. I also think Lee Valley Tools has an excellent selection of sharpening devices. It's all relevant to how much you want to spend there though. A purchase of a sharpening stone is a minor investment. It will last many, many years. I used Knifex...once. They did not do a bad job. I just wasn't better than what I can do myself. Therefore, I felt it not to be a good value.
  16. I imagine that you will likely not (should not) find Normandy butter in vancouver, or elsewhere in Canada. However, I have seen french butter for sale across the border in Bellingham. French butter is generally superior to any butter i've bought here in Vancouver. Next time you are in France, bring back some Isigny Ste. Mere butter with sea salt in it...mmm...worls best toast
  17. Go for a "Double Dog" and some good fries at the Red Onion on 41st in Kerrisdale. I don't know if they still sell them, but Costco used to sell the All Beef Sinai Kosher Hot Dogs. They were killer.
  18. I'm getting the impression that there is a market (no pun intended) for some food stores outside of Granville Island, yet nearby, that offer good food at good prices with extended hours of sale.
  19. check out the menu for Pastis in NYC. I beleive the option is Hamburger, or Hamburger Cheval
  20. Did you know that Eddie Cheung from Santa Fe Cafe is back in Vancouver and cooking pan fried linguini, spicy lamb and chili con queso at Aqua 1066 on West Hastings St.
  21. I like chopstick cafe, it has such a great feel to it.
  22. If you use Wine Searcher you can enter some of the wines in and see prices for yourself. The Champagne is listed at the SAQ in Quebec for $995.00
  23. i think it was before then, and actually, it might have been in gastown.
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