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  1. Tim Dolan

    Pork Shoulder

    Final update, 300 degree convection oven for 2 hours then dropped to 250 for 4 hours produced identical results. Everything turned out great. Thanks for the input folks.
  2. Tim Dolan

    Pork Shoulder

    Temp dropped to 250 in a convection oven after roughly two hours at 300. Gonna let it go for another 4 hours. The outside already looks glorious.
  3. Tim Dolan

    Pork Shoulder

    It went perfectly. I put two 8 pound pork shoulders in a 300 degree oven for 7 hours and they came out gloriously. They were room temp when they went in, and at the end I bumped the temp up to 500 degress and rubbed the outside with a little brown sugar to give it a nicer crust. Everybody loved it. My next question is for use in a convection oven. As luck would have it, my in-laws have a convection oven and also had a pork shoulder in the fridge, so I figured I'd make the pork shoulder today since I'm here and they have all the necessary ingredients on hand. I currently have two small pork shoulders in a very nice, new GE convection oven at 300 degrees. They've only been in for an hour and a half and they look much further along than they would be in a conventional oven. So my questions are, would it be better for me to 1) leave them as is, but just pull them out about 2 hours earlier or 2) drop the temp to say 250 and leave them in for the same amount of time? Any thoughts? Thanks!
  4. Tim Dolan

    Pork Shoulder

    Thanks for all of the replies. My game plan is going to be preheating the oven a good 30 minutes ahead of time, leave the shoulders out to bring them to room temp before they go in, then leave them in the oven for at least 7 hours and move them around every once in a while. I'll let you know how it works out.
  5. Tim Dolan

    Pork Shoulder

    Just a standard GE oven. Not convection or anything.
  6. Tim Dolan

    Pork Shoulder

    I haven't posted in a WHILE, but I need an answer in time for my Super Bowl party. I've have been a huge fan of the Momofuku bo ssam pork should recipe. It's the perfect party food and it's dead simple, however, my party this year is going to bigger and I would like to roast TWO pork shoulders in the same oven. The Momofuku recipe calls for one shoulder to cook for 6 hours at 300 degrees. How would two shoulders in the same oven affect cooking time? Since they take so long it would be tragic to have them both not be finished at the desired time. Has anyone ever roasted more than one pork should in an oven for a long period of time? Thanks.
  7. I recently had a miserable weather weekend to myself and figure the best way to fortify myself would be to drink Sazeracs all weekend. I had a bottle of good bourbon but no absinthe, so in a moment of self indulgence I sprang for a $60 bottle of Vieux Carre so I could coat the inside of the glass. The obvious problem, of course, is that at this rate I have enough absinthe to last for a lifetime of Sazeracs. I could drink it the old fashioned way, but that would get boring quick. What to do with it all?
  8. Left it in for 5.5 hours and it was perfect. This was my 3rd attempt and by far the best. I rinsed the pork off before roasting this time, which definitely helped. Topped the pork and rice with some Octo Vin and sriracha, it was fantastic.
  9. I just popped a 3-4 lb. pork shoulder in the oven for a nice 6 hour roast at 300 degrees. Because this pork shoulder is smaller than the normal 8-10 pounder that I usually get, should I reduce the temp or cook time at all? P.S. since I posted about the wings two weeks ago I've been putting the Octo Vin on pretty much everything. It's addictive and so simple to make.
  10. I made my own wings with the Octo Vin last night. I didn't have time to marinate the wings and I don't have a steamer, so I used the cooking method for Korean fried chicken found here: http://www.saveur.com/article/Recipes/Korean-Fried-Chicken. The batter was easy to make and the double frying method produced a super crispy wing. My only gripe is that I wished that the Octo Vin had adhered to the wings a little bit better, and I would've preferred it a little spicer. Regardless, now that I've made it once and know how easy it is, the options are endless.
  11. I wanted to bump this thread because with Super Bowl Sunday coming up, it seems like the Bo Ssam would be a no-brainer. I'm going to a friend's house who has a wonky oven so I might not be able to do it, but I also wanted to see if anyone has attempted it recently. Any stories?
  12. Went on Friday with 3 other people and managed to grab 4 bar seats just as 4 other people were moving from the bar to a table. Really great place, as Zeffer mentioned. It's a small but lively, comfortable place where everything is done really, really well. Between the 4 of us we almost hit the whole damn menu and there was not a single miss out of the whole bunch. We had oysters, red beets, cheddar and blue cheeses, brussel sprouts, steak tartare, skate wing, scallops, clams with sausage and duck fat potatoes, the duck sausage, and the pork belly. That sounds like a lot but only the clams were one of the larger plates. The oysters, scallops, duck sausage and pork belly were all fantastic and everything else was at least very good. We all had a few well made cocktails and a few glasses of wine and toasted to kicking the doors off of 2012. We ate right at the bar and the bartender was awesome. The place was full but it's small enough where the staff can be comfortably on point without being overwhelmed with too many other tasks. Great night all around.
  13. Those are all very interesting questions. In 5 years when the iPad 8 is out, will their be a way to load apps from your older devices onto your new ones? I'm sure there will with the whole iCloud thing and everything, but that's way OT. So has anyone used this app for any actual cooking yet?
  14. I'm going tonight with two friends. Word is that it's a pretty small place. Would it be better for us to go at 7 or 9?
  15. You're now an adult and you can't rely on mom hooking you up to an IV of her cancer-curing chicken noodle soup. So what do you do? I have a cold coming on hard and fast and I wanted to see what other people eat to get them through 3 days of dull misery. When I'm in a pinch I like to get standard Campbell's tomato soup and rig it up with about 2 cloves of fresh garlic, red pepper flakes and enough Sriracha to make me sweat and blow out my sinuses. Quick, easy, satisfying, warms me up and lets me breathe for a little bit. I also LOVE a few packets of Lipton Noodle soup with whatever extra spices I feel like throwing in it. This is a barely a step up from dorm room cooking, but I like it. Anyone else?
  16. I got this app as a Christmas gift. It's very impressive and just as Dave said, it's basically an electronic textbook. Now the only problem will be finding the time to really get into it.
  17. THAT is what I'm talking about Rooftop! Did the pot with the holes come with your setup?
  18. I do not have a turkey deep fryer, and I'm not interested in deep frying a turkey anytime soon. However, I do love chicken wings and I'm thinking that a turkey deep fryer would do quite a nice job frying up some wings. In my opinion most kitchen model deep fryers are inadequate. They're small, messy, and don't hold heat well enough. Frying chicken wings in a turkey fryer would eliminate all the splattering oil in the kitchen since it's outside and would be good for making more than, say, 10 wings, which is what most kitchen models can effciently cook at once. I know I'm not the first backyard MacGuyver to think this up. Anyone have any luck with this?
  19. I was there for lunch yesterday. I think they've gotten a little better since they moved into the new place. I had a pretty serious pho craving and left satisfied. The new place is very clean, service is quick, and the pho is pretty good. Can't really complain about that.
  20. Just ordered this cookbook after somebody dropped a Barnes and Noble giftcard on my desk this morning. We went to Ssam Bar at the beginning of the summer and totally loved it. Very excited to get into this thing. Anyone have any recent stories?
  21. I was there yesterday morning and totally agree with you, the bagel was just ok and not some awe-inspiring thing. Also, $10 for two bagels, one with butter and jam and one with cream cheese, and a coffee is relatively steep. I guess it's cool if you're in the area but I won't be going out of my way to get back there.
  22. For my money I'd go to Barclay Prime every time. It's pricey but but relatively in-line with other high-end steakhouses, and I just feel like it's a satisfying experience. As far as other steakhouses, the Capital Grill is good, the Palm is just ehhh for the money, and Table 31 was good enough before it started leaning Italian. I'm not saying that it isn't still good, but I haven't been there since the change. IMO, though, Barclay Prime is a clear level above them all. I haven't been to Union Trust but I have had the bistecca alla fiorentina at Osteria and I agree with tim e, it's an excellent steak, full of that dry-aged, mineral-ly funk if that's what you're looking for. Of course, Osteria isn't a steakhouse, but you knew that.
  23. Tim Dolan

    Obscene Sandwich

    I made this last weekend. I realize that it might have been a better idea to take pictures as I was making it, but I was too damn excited/hungry to just get the thing made. You can't really see all the components to the sandwich so I'll build it here: 1. A base layer of pesto spread across the bread. 2. Chorizo that I sauteed with garlic, split down the middle and placed on the pesto. 3. Sharp provolone. 4. Prosciutto. 5. Roasted red peppers. I cut it into thirds, ate one on the spot, threw the other two in the freezer and saved them for lunch on Monday and Tuesday of the following week at lunch. It was AWESOME. I must admit, I was pretty damn proud of myself! The last piece that I had on Tuesday stood up surprisingly well also.
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