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  1. IMO, Bellagio is still on the top of the heap. If you want to try someplace different, go to the Buffet at the Wynn Resort. Those two are both really good, Bellagio gets the slight edge over Wynn. At $60-65 per person, Bally's Brunch Buffet is not really worth the price, IMO. If you get a chance, Los Angeles Times food critic S. Irene Virbila just wrote a couple of articles (2 Apr. 2008) on the latest in Las Vegas dining, including the new restaurants over at the Palazzo and Payard Patisserie at Caesar's and Louis's at Town Square. Please give us a full culinary report! And enjoy your time
  2. Most of what David said. I had a less than ideal dining experience at Capitol Grille. And Jean-Georges's steakhouse is called Prime. Prime is very good, and the prices are definitely "prime." SW Steakhouse is fine. Just be careful with the servers who can be aggressive assertive about padding your dinner bill. Joe's Stone Crab Restaurant at Caesar's Forum Shops is very good. They do serve excellent steaks there. Delmonico's over at the Venetian is a fun place. The place is huge and you should look at their wine room. This is one of Emeril's restaurants. Besides Carnevino & Cut over at
  3. Robin, I can think of a couple of LA restaurants and an OC restaurant as well. From Fountain Valley, drive a few miles east (not west for the moment) to South Coast Plaza (a huge shopping center) and a place called Marche Moderne, if you're into French food. Marche Moderne is located on the third floor where Nordstorm's dept. store is. There's a separate discussion thread about this restaurant. Arguably the best restaurant in Orange County, California. However, if you want to be close to LAX (just in case), Melisse on Wilshire Blvd. (11th) in Santa Monica is one of the best restaurants in th
  4. Greetings, Synergy! Pardon me if I seem a bit dense, but you're planning a stagette for your girlfriend and you get to come along?? Later in your post, you said "... my stagette ..." Please clarify. How many will there be in this stagette? And the price range you have in mind would be like those of Alize, Daniel Boulud Brasserie and Le Cirque, correct? And you definitely want a steakhouse, not French or Italian or Asian? As for ambience: "nice" as in able to have a nice conversation? Or nice as in a nice celebration & party? Sorry about the inquisition. Mind you, I want to make things cle
  5. LMHO ... Welcome back, Cilantro! Why pretend to cook? Learn to cook! Your favorite restaurant in southern Nevada?? Talk about lacking heart. It's a corporate chain, not a local mom-and-pop place. But hey! Yoshinoya has to start somewhere in Nevada. Isn't there another Thai restaurant that's pretty good. I don't remember the name, but it starts with an "A", like Archon or Archie or something like that ... It sounds like you're into liquid meals, ehh? Seriously, Cilantro, I appreciate your posts. If the food tastes great to you, pour it on. And your posts remind me not to take myself to
  6. Cilantro (aka "Negative Nancy"), What kind of restaurants are "outside of your caste"? Do you usually eat on the Strip? Or more in downtown Las Vegas, like Binion's (Is it still there?)? Or the local places? Memphis Championship Barbecue? Rosemary's? Perhaps that new place, Fish Camp/Louis's, south of Mandalay Bay? As for Sensi, I've only eaten there once, and that was a couple of years ago. My lunch tasted fine. I'll probably try it again when I'm in Las Vegas in May. Sensi has four different cuisines to choose from, if I remember correctly. Does that help you understand a little bit?
  7. It looks like you’re wanting more casual and/or ethnic places, about $50-75/person at most?? So, no Providence, no Melisse, no, Sona, no Spago, no Urasawa or Matsuhisa, right? Empress Pavilion in downtown Chinatown is still good. I’ve tried Triumphal Palace and Elite (formerly New Concept) in San Gabriel Valley. Pretty good, but I’m not familiar with SGV as well (Bonus answer: I could be counted as one-and-a-half people, but I’ve been on a diet recently. Mind you, something like a diet won’t stop me from helping others to round their table of four.). Sorry, I’m more used to Cantonese cuisi
  8. Which location? The one in Hollywood? And what did you order? Scoe's #1? Herb's #3?
  9. Try this link: http://www.palazzolasvegas.com/dining.aspx The questions I would have for some of these chefs are: Why Las Vegas, but not Los Angeles? Is it more than just the money?
  10. One place in Orange County that I know of is Marche Moderne at South Coast Plaza on the 3rd floor near Nordstrom's, if French food is something a little different. Mind you, I live in Los Angeles County and I rarely go out to eat in Orange County. Were you thinking of something more ethnic, like Vietnamese in Westminster or Chinese in Irvine? There is a Chinese restaurant in Irvine called Sam Woo, which is pretty good. I think it's next to a 99 Ranch Market. I hope you have a nice dinner with your father!
  11. Chad, I'll be keeping an eye out for your knife book at my nearby Costco store. Are you going to do a book tour? Perhaps to Los Angeles, please? I know LA is not the Riviera. Mind you, Los Angeles does have a few good restaurants ... I wish you great success on "An Edge in the Kitchen"!!
  12. Did this deal just end or something? I get "We're sorry, this product is not available. Product number: 11270087" when I click that link. ← I don't believe this! It was showing the picture of the product with that price this Sunday afternoon. Now, I get that same message you got, that it's no longer available. Sorry about that ...
  13. If you're a member of Costco, you can buy this Le Creuset 6.75 qt. French Oven at its current everyday price of $189.99, shipping & handling included. My boss told me about an offer years ago where American Express was offering an eleven-piece set (only in green) of Le Creuset for about $250.00 USD (you read correctly). Amex has never made that offer since ...
  14. French bistros and brasseries are beginning to show up now. That's good. Why should the Italians have all the fun? I wish Suzanne Goins well. I hope she doesn't spread herself too thin (Lucques, AOC, Hungry Cat with her husband David Lentz (LA & SB)) ...
  15. Amigos, por favor ... Try this link: http://www.sosa.cat The website is in three languages. I'm guessing, "gelificante vegetal sosa" may mean vegetable gelling agent, made by Sosa??
  16. phlox, I have a few questions for you: What kind of cuisine would your mother eat and/or NOT eat? What cost or price would you and your mother consider too fancy? Due to your situation, do you want more quiet places, more of a local neighborhood restaurant? Do you want some popular places with some people-watching scene? You probably want to stay on the Westside (west of the San Diego Freeway, aka the 405). Wait a minute! I remember a discussion thread that talks about restaurants over on the Westside. Let me try and find it and I'll put the link for it. I'll be back, unless someone else fin
  17. I second that. The place is now called Boule Atelier and they moved a few doors down from their original spot on La Cienega Blvd. One problem I have with them is that they don't stay open late at night (only until 7 or 8 p.m.). Contrastly, a place called Milk stays open at least till 10 p.m. Milk is located on Beverly Blvd., west of La Brea. LA has a few pastry chefs you might want to consider: Sherry Yard @ Spago Karen Hatfield @ Hatfield's Adrian Vasquez @ Providence Adrian has his new line of chocolate he created for LaMill Coffee. He made a mushroom (chanterelle) chocolate that you n
  18. gfron1, I work in downtown LA and the Wilshire Grand is on the corner of 7th and Figueroa (or "7th & Fig"), near the Metro station. From that station, you can go to Hollywood and/or Pasadena and/or Long Beach with a $5 day pass. Just to let you know, downtown LA is experiencing a renaissance of sorts. A lot of developments are going on (LA Live next to Staples Center & Grand Ave. Project next to the Walt Disney Concert Hall). I ate at a Korean restaurant last night at the Wilshire Grand. Pretty good. I'll PM you with more info.
  19. Thank you for your report, AnnaC! It sounds like the two of you had a wonderful time in Las Vegas. The restaurant prices along the Strip can be daunting. Perhaps, the casinos figure you can win a few dollars to pay for those meals ... There are a few restaurants in Las Vegas that are affordable, mainly off the Strip. Mind you, there are a few bargains, relatively speaking, that are on the Strip. You have to find them, and we're talking about $50 a person for dinner. How was Vic & Anthony's in downtown Las Vegas? I've never eaten there. BTW Jean-Philippe makes about twenty-five differen
  20. I'm fascinated by all this as well. It reminds me of a dining experience I had a couple of years ago. It was a Sunday night of a three-day weekend in Los Angeles, either Jan. or Feb. It. Was. Cold. Grace Restaurant was having their regular "Burger Night" and I decided to go there that evening. It shouldn't be that crowded. When I got there, the ENTIRE restaurant was slammed! They ran out of the burgers by 7:00 p.m. I ordered something else from this one little spot at the bar area and watching the whole thing. Even though I didn't get to see the kitchen action that well, I could just feel t
  21. jbzepol, what do you mean by, "get away with about half the amount"? Well, bless your heart! Next time, you just give me that other half of the blue cheese slaw. I'll finish it up for you. Sounds like all y'all enjoyed Rosmary's a lot? Was it worth drivin' all the way out there to have dinner? I like that place very much. The food is great and the restaurant is off the Strip!!
  22. Friday On my way to Las Vegas in my brand new Saturn Aura (with a V-6 engine), I stop by the Valley Cheese & Wine Store over in Henderson to drop off some burrata cheese that I bought directly from Gioia Cheese Co. the night before. My friends who run the store need to know how good and fresh this cheese is. I then check into my budget hotel near the Convention Center and I’m ready for some culinary adventures ... But first, I need my shave and a haircut at Truefitt and Hill, inside the Forum Shops at Caesar’s. And since I was already at Caesar’s, I decided to have dinner at Spago Las Veg
  23. EJCSanFran, The last time I wore a jacket and tie at a restaurant in Los Angeles was ... I really don't remember. Anyways, dress code is completely California casual. Although not in Santa Monica, Lucques is a very good place. They have a Sunday Night Supper for $40, which is really a good bargain. Is that price a bit much for you? Across the street from Lucques is a new French brasserie called comme Ça, owned by David Myers of Sona. Caution: The place is quite loud. Mind you, the food is quite good. Neal Fraser's Grace Restaurant has a Sunday evening "Burger Night," along with their regul
  24. Unfortunately, that is one area in Southern California I haven't dined as much. Perhaps, I should do some culinary research out there before I become of retirement age ... FYI I'm somewhere between forty and death ...
  25. JLam, I've looked at the menu, and I wouldn't necessarily call Le Chene, "a fancy high end French place." The menu looks rather traditional and classic French from a previous era, not really cutting edge. I also see that the entrees are not served "a la carte." You get a complete meal with your entree. And that helps with the overall bill, ehh? BTW Do you how to get there? Le Chene is really "out there" in the middle of nowhere. And no, I have never eaten there ... yet. If you haven't had any French food before, you might want to go with some of the classic French dishes that you may have hea
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