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I am a lover, eater, and cooker of food. I am collecting chefs: trying to list them for my membership essay, I somehow forgot Rob Feenie! (:o how do you forget Rob Feenie?!). My all-time faves include Andrey Durbach, whose duck I often eat, nowadays; Frank Pabst (thank you so much for those lovely ducks you made for me at Pastis); the chef from Cuttle's Tremblant Club in the 90s, who also made me some specTACular duck; and the unknown genius at that restaurant in Newport who made me that first duck with raspberry sauce, the duck against which all other ducks have been judged.

Hmm, can you see a theme here?

I do eat things other than duck. However, I seldom drink wine that is not a) red or b) from Reims or Épernay. Bein, il faut qu'il marche avec le canard!


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