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  1. Only in South Beach could this fly: Sum Yum Gai No kidding, on Washington Ave. & 14th St. The food is actually pretty good!
  2. Garcia's! It's off the beaten path, way downtown on the river but SO worth it. Only open during the day, I'm pretty sure there is a market there also. Not fancy- It's no Joe's, but fresh, fresh stone crab!
  3. When I was about 8, I told one of my parents' dinner guests that the brussel sprouts were miniature Chinese cabbages. He bought it and loved them, previously claiming to have HATED brussel sprouts!
  4. Dark chocolate Milanos, the soft Oatmeal raisin (even my cat likes these...) and they used to make a coconut cookie called Zanzibar mmmmmmmmmm
  5. lorilei1170

    slummin' it!

    English muffin pizzas anyone? (Slightly toated english muffin, split, a spoonful of jar sauce (Ragu!) on each half, a sprinkling of Polly-o mozzerella and a quick flash under the broiler. Maybe a sprinkle of dried oregano if you're feeling fancy!) Disclaimer: being a native New Yorker, in no way do I equate this concoction with a real pizza; it is another animal entirely. But it does have it's place in "ghetto"/comfort food!
  6. I am looking for pre-cut, clear cellophane sheets (crisp polypropylene will work also) in 6" x 6" square size. (or as close as possible, up to 8" x 8" may work) So far in all my internet searching I have found only large sheets; 15" x 15" or larger and rolls. Any ideas/suggestions? Thanks all!
  7. Old discontinued flavor of Ben & Jerry's: Dastardly Mash It was chocolate ice cream w/ chocolate chunks, nuts and raisins. Maybe some kind of swirl? Kind of like a "Chunky" bar ice cream- miss it terribly...
  8. OK, this is fast food related but not really about the food. Does anyone remember at Dunkin' Donuts, I think when you bought a certain size box of munchkins, you got this little card. It looked like a little sweet old lady with a flower in her hat. If you saved up like 12 of these little old lady cards and turned them in, you got a free box of munchkins. I grew up in the Northeast, Long Island specifically. Don't know if this was a regional thing or what but nobody I have ever known seems to remember this?!?!?
  9. Don't like mussels, but LOVE clams. Every now & then I will try a mussel and still, just can't get to like it. Most times I love the broth they're in so I'm dipping away w/ the bread. Jell-o: UGH!
  10. Truly Trish- you can't make that s&%t up! I will of course be watching, guiltless as it IS only TV. AND 24 season is over... As an ex restaurant employee (server, bartender, manager-sometimes all at once) I did work for a certain kind-of famous chef who was just about as abrasive as ol' GR. Now, I ain't one to gossip, so no names. Let's just say I prefer not to be treated like a prisoner of war while trying to earn a living...
  11. You are SO right! I'm a big House fan and I could totally see him doing Bourdain!
  12. My Mom raised me watching Julia and that crazyman Galloping Gourmet. Plus Grandpa owned a restaurant, kinda grew up at the bar- slugging Shirley Temples! It's no wonder my passion is food & wine and even though I am no longer "in the biz", whenever spouse and I dine out I am "working". But seriously, Mom taught me to be brave- try anything, and you don't always have to follow the recipie! Thanks Mum!
  13. I used to work in a very high end restaurant in Key West, it is no longer there... BUT the owners had an interesting way of keeping unruly children out of the restaurant. Posted alongside the menu in the box outside was a cartoon (probably from the New Yorker or something) that showed a maitre'd telling a couple with several rambunctious rugrats in tow, that "There are no chicken fingers, no crayons and no children's menu". It seemed to work. I love children, but there is a time and a place. Nobody wants their elegant, expensive, romantic etc. dinner ruined by a whining child or cranky baby; especially when you have arranged for your own sitter- to enjoy the night out!
  14. Hey thanks for all the suggestions! I actually found that Food Emporium USQ East carries the Coke & Diet coke (no Sprite) Saves me a trip uptown or on the interstate! Thanks again all!
  15. Anyone know where I can purchase Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite etc. in the curvy, old fashioned style glass bottles? I need them for an office meeting next week. I don't need cases & cases, maybe a dozen or even one case (24?) or so of each. Any markets/stores in the Gramercy/Flatiron area would be ideal... Thanks!
  16. My little sister is affectionately known as "chicken noodle melon head"
  17. Cape Cod Jalepeno & cheddar: addictive!
  18. BUGS! Any kind, just couldn't do it. I'd rather eat snout, tail, feet, testicles, eyes, whatever but insects just gross me out. (Not a big fan of watching Fear Factor!)
  19. I ALWAYS throw salt over my left shoulder when spilled, my husband thinks I'm crazy...(for that and many other reasons...) I was told as a little girl that if I ate my breadcrusts my hair would become curly. 34 years and countless breadcrusts later, my hair is still straighter than a pin... At least I have an appreciation for crusty bread now. When peeling an orange (or apple) with a knife: if you got the peel off in one piece, you were getting a new dress soon.
  20. The disatrous effects of several Siberian Mists in "She's So Lovely" Someone beat me to the Vanilla Coke reference in Pulp Fiction
  21. Generally spouse will try anything in front of him but has kind of limited faculties when it comes to some things: - Will not salt pasta water!!!!! Uses oil (?) instead. "No, really honey, you don't have to start dinner!" - Used to use ketchup for EVERYTHING, now not so much. Hated it when I would marinate and grill up a nice hunk of meat, then he would smother it with ketchup! No the barbeque sauce comes out occasionally but less often... - Does not eat cooked fish but will eat sushi?!?! - Will not let me use butter or salt on his veggies, or just about anything else. But since I REFUSE to keep any kind of butter "substitute" or margarine around, he will just go w/out. Generally we have opposite food philosophies: He eats to live and I live to eat. (all things considered, he is great all around and would not change a thing, we have just learned to accept our differences)
  22. I called them and they are open as of today. We are getting office lunch there tomorrow, can't wait!
  23. Tuna! Raw preferably! Whole yellowtail snapper, fried Grouper any which way, grilled is nice Not too many fish I don't like... depends on preparation i guess.
  24. Made plans to visit Miami Beach weeks ago, (used to live there) and just heard SoBe Wine & Food fest is going on at same time. I may look up some old contacts to see if I can wangle my way in, but yeah those prices are ourageous! If I do attend, be sure I shall return with a full report!
  25. fries in a chocolate frosty... Guiltily admitting that I do go to Wendy's now & then!
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