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  1. I am trying to find a recipe for what i have had described in indian restaurants as a "kati roll." it is a paratha bread wrap with cubed grilled chicken with tandoor or tandoor like seasonings, sauteed onions, lime juice, chilli paste... thats basically my best guess. ive tried to make it and the result is ok but im definitely mising something. If anyone knows what im referring to and has ideas for the recipe id really appreciate it!!! thanks.
  2. i just got a message from dave (boardsmith maker) - he said that its probably just picking up some dust left on it from when he sanded it and that it shouldn't continue leaking color like that. by the way, for anyone looking for a really great quality cutting board his are the best i've seen - i got mahogany and the color is gorgeous.
  3. I just got my first end-grain wood cutting board yesterday. Its made from mahagony and is a gorgeous reddish brown. I just oiled it for the first time this morning (have never used it yet) and when i wiped the oil around some of the reddish brown color came off on the cloth. having never had a wood cutting board before i didn't know if some of the color from the wood is supposed to rub off. does this mean it comes off in food too or after i oil it a few times wil that stop happening? its from the board smith, a very high quality board maker. (has been recommened on this site). thanks!!
  4. i imagine you've heard of or been to magnolia's bakery on bleeker and w11th for the most amazing cupcakes - there is always a line down the block for them no matter how cold it is - so if you havent tried it yet you should!! veniero's on 11th st bet 1 &2nd ave for the best cannolli and San Loco's on second ave bet 7th & 8th for the best bean tacos (get the gauco-loco - its a taco wrapped in a gaucamole covered tortilla - delicious and only about $2.)
  5. any good broth recipies out there? i love it esp in the winter and would loe to try my hand at it at home.
  6. i know there are a ton of chinese grocery stores in china town of course but i was wondering if any are particularly recommended or particularly stand out in terms of freshness, variety, and authenticity of ingredients? thanks!!
  7. sorry, but i'm not familiar with what a "slurry" means.
  8. does the cornstarch need to get mixed with the broth and other liquids before the solids are in the wok?
  9. I'm trying to make a stirfry with a basic chinese white sauce and was wondering if anyone had recipies that replicates the flavor and consistency well. thanks!
  10. the previous threads are mainly variations on the ricottta & sugar combination which has a different flavor to me than the cannolis i am used to. i have not yet tried mascarpone so i will try that instead and see if it makes the difference. the new york style cannolis that i am used to are pretty dense and cheesy filling without dried fruit - just a little splattering of chocolate chips mixed in. I was actually in italy recently and i was so excited about trying an "authentic italian" cannoli since its one of my favorite desserts. surprisingly the cannolis that i had their were terri
  11. looking for simple but delicious cannoli filling recipies that taste close to new york bakery style! thanks!!
  12. Just wondering if there is any reason why baking something such as a lasagne in a lasagne pan would be better in all-clad's $99 stainless (w/ no alum core) than a much cheaper glass pan of the same size? i cant think of why the stainless would be better, but wanted to check in before i pass the all-clad pan up. thanks!!!
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