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  1. I agree with Anna in that I've found most cake recipes pretty forgiving in terms of egg content. For something like macaron, of course, I always use gram-level precision.
  2. Wanted to keep it simple for Easter dessert and make something the little ones would enjoy (rose-lychee not being among their favorites, those weirdos). Glazed some with vanilla, and some with a Callebaut dark chocolate glaze.
  3. Ispahan croissants, based on Pierre Herme's recipe. Inside croissant is a small baton of raspberry and lychee gelee set with low-acyl gellan, and a thin layer of rose-infused almond paste. Finished with some simple icing and a garnish of crushed dried raspberries. My croissant forming needs a little more work, but these tasted great and have good eyeball appeal.
  4. Thank you, oli! I am so grateful to have the eGullet community to share these projects, these mini-adventures, with.
  5. Thank you so much, Toliver! I've been trying to step up my bread game since this past winter, and over the past month or so I've been particularly interested in mastering viennoiserie (hence the danish braid and the Nutella flower). I should have posted a different recipe - the one I linked to above actually uses a simpler forming technique. This Youtube video shows the technique I actually used. For the first rise, I let the dough rise covered in the fridge overnight (most recipes just call for an hour at warm room temperature). The second rise before baking was about one hour, again longer than what I see in most recipes. For the egg wash, I've found that using 1 egg+1 egg yolk+1t water gives much darker and (to me) more appealing color than the other alternatives. And I apply the egg wash very liberally. For the danishes, I actually applied the wash twice - once after forming, and again right before baking. The taste was great, and packed quite the Nutella punch, which I suppose is no surprise since I used almost the whole jar.
  6. Thank you! Brioche dough is divided into 4 portions, and rolled into thin discs about 12" in diameter. The discs are layered with warmed Nutella. Cuts are made radially, dividing the disc into 16 slivers. Taking the ends of two adjacent slivers, rotate each 360 degrees in opposite directions. Repeat for all the slivers. Then, take each pair of slivers, rotate an additional 90 degrees so the long edges fave each other, and pinch these edges together. Some versions skip the last rotation and pinching. Link to recipe with photos
  7. Nutella brioche flower, glazed with hot apricot syrup.
  8. With the second half of my batch of danish dough, I made a strawberry and cream cheese braid. I finished it with a hot apricot and sugar syrup, and a fondant icing.
  9. Bulgogi with rice noodles.
  10. Sister in law demanded Lechon Asado again. Mojo marinated shoulder roasted to internal temperature of 195F, thin sliced, sauced with garlic sauce and topped with pickled red onion.
  11. We're back in Vegas for a few days, so naturally I'm making some stops at JPM's. I had the Imperial tonight, and of course it was delicious. I had the Intense yesterday. I went in the evening the past two days, so maybe they were just sold out by the time I arrived, but I was sad to find none of the Exotic, the one in the glass, which I loved so much on previous visits. Does anyone know if they still produce this item? I'll visit once more, earlier in the day, tomorrow. Visited Le Macaron at Venetian, and found their product underwhelming.
  12. Center-cut pork chops sautéed with butter, garlic and thyme, served over wilted arugula with shallots, walnuts, beets, caramelized carrots and champagne vinegar. Ingredients and recipe from Blue Apron (wife wanted to try this service).
  13. Sous vide ribeye, perfectly medium rare, with cherry port balsamic reduction. Served with roasted golden potatoes with bacon, garlic and parm. First time cooking sous vide, and turned out great. Two hours in the circulator at 133.5F, finished with a sear in a screaming hot dutch oven.
  14. Pretzel knots and pretzel snails with a dusting of Parmesan.
  15. Orange chicken with sushi rice and a sautéed mixture of broccolini, onion, carrot and bean sprouts.
  16. Macaron infiniment cafe - coffee macarons - another recipe from the Pierre Herme. The shells are infused with a strong coffee made with Sumatran coffee beans. The recipe called for Trablit extract, but I didn't want to spring for that. The filling is a Valrhona Ivoire white chocolate ganache infused with more Sumatran coffee beans. The filling, if made according to the recipe in the book, is extremely soft. In the future, I will probably increase slightly the chocolate-to-cream ratio just a bit.
  17. Mojo-marinated pork shoulder (lechon asado), thinly-sliced, sauced with more mojo (nicely emulsified which gave it a hollandaise-like appearance), garnished with pickled red onion, served on tortillas. Lots of garlic in each component. I should probably avoid contact with vampires over the next few days.
  18. Vanilla Infiniment macarons using recipe from Herme's macaron book. For the filling, I used Valrhona Ivoire with both Tahitian and Madagascan vanilla beans. I did not use any Mexican vanilla beans. The Ivoire is very pricey, but really is a superior white chocolate. The ganache had to be cooled quite a bit to firm up. I cooled it in an ice bath to about 50F before it reached a firm consistency. The shells are flavored with a bit of vanilla powder. The whites were aged in the fridge for 7 days, as called for in the recipe. Taste and texture are perfect, but the shells are not as smooth on top as they should be. I may have slightly over-beaten the Italian meringue, but it did seem to be at bird-beak stage. Also, the first batch, baked at 350F, resulted in unwanted browning. The second batch, pictured, were baked at 325F for 2 minutes longer with better results. In any event, I can't claim to be to unhappy with the result.
  19. I'd be happy to. I used a Cook's Illustrated recipe, which you can find here. The recipe is pretty simple, and uses a fold-roll-turn method similar to a danish or croissant dough. I think there were 5 turns in all. Very rich and buttery. PS - I see that you live in Anchorage, not far from my neck of the woods!
  20. Host's note: this topic is continued from Breakfast! 2015. Flaky, all-butter buttermilk biscuits with egg and cheddar.
  21. In the past when I was doing lots of macaron recipe testing, yes aging the whites did seem to result in shells with better "structure," including vertical feet and fewer wrinkles on top. In those days I think most of us were aging a few days. Hermes macaron book calls for a whole week in the fridge covered with punctured plastic wrap. Another strategy was adding powdered whites to the fresh whites, which would have the same effect of increasing the protein/water ratio. But as you no doubt have seen in the macaron troubleshooting threads, there were always differences in outcomes that were tough to nail down. Did you flavor your shells at all (e.g. with espresso powder), or did you let the ganache do all the talking? The Herme version flavors the shells with powder and the buttercream with Trablit coffee extract. That's one I'm definitely excited to try. Edited to correct: the Herme shells actually include the Trablit. And in the Lenotre version, the buttercream is flavored with powder. In the infiniment cafe version, the filling is an ivoire ganache infused with Brazilian coffee.
  22. The feet protruding to the side rather than tucking underneath seems to be associated with higher moisture recipes or recipes that don't use Italian meringue. Even the ones in the Herme macaron recipes in his macaron book that use fresh whites and no meringue have those protruding feet, like the one below (the lenotre recipe).
  23. Those look great, excv! I have whites aging in the fridge for vanilla infiniment macarons tomorrow. As for the oblong shape, the only time I've had that happen was when the surface I piped the shells on wasn't perfectly level, for instance if the baking sheet was slightly warped or the countertop had a slight grade.
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