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  1. Bob Musa

    Dinner! 2005

    cornish game hens wrapped in banana leaves with cilantro/ginger/mint and roasted peppers stuffed with curried potatoes. these were so so good and will become one of our new standards. (mommy !!! banana chicken !!! banana chicken !!!) notice the bandaid on my wife's finger courtesy of my new edge-pro knife sharpener. she didn't merely cut her finger; she "shaved it". (she was using the claw).
  2. congratulations on finishing it up sujit. a few more and we can have a tandoor cookoff right here on eG.
  3. Bob Musa

    side dish ideas

    rice biryani. tumeric to give the rice a nice yellow color. throw in some peas and slivered almonds for crunch. or sauteed red and yellow bell peppers with mushrooms.
  4. sorry. didn't mean to offend. i was referring to my trailer park...
  5. i've read that there has never been a famine in a democracy. anyone know if this is true?
  6. i just got a report on it from my lead programmer (you can always count on programmers for taco bell reviews). he says its basically a tostada you can eat in the car... without beans.
  7. Bob Musa

    Boiling Water...

    reminds me of the burns and allen gag where gracie freezes boiling water so if she ever needed hot water she'd just defrost it.
  8. can't ... help ... self ... must ... respond .... to ... topic ... with ... rant ... (disclaimer: the comments which follow do not apply to those who are poor thru physical disability and do not apply to all poor people.) ok, just so people know where i'm coming from, here's a picture of my dad while moving into of one of our spacious homes ( i was about 6 at the time). to be fair, we did later graduate to a 10 by 50 foot trailer (the largest in the park). i lived in better and i lived in worse while growing up and for a while had no place to live at all. i've received food stamps and i've been hungry. (food stamps were great because they allowed me to divert an additional portion of my household budget to mcdonalds.) after i left home for college i was living largly on hotdogs my girlfriend would steal from the USC cafeteria and reheat for me in the electric coffe pot in her dorm room. i was working 50 hours per week for minimum wage and 30 pounds underweight (6 foot 4 with a 28 inch waist). but most of all, i was deleriously happy to be out of the environment of poverty and not worried anymore about someone kicking the shit out of me just for the thrill of it. i remained poor and ate a lot of hamburger helper for about the next 5 years but compared to what had gone before, i didn't mind a bit. decades after the fact, i still get warm fuzzies just because i've arrived at a safe place. i realize that good people desperately want to believe that the problems of the poor can be solved by money. but i'm sorry, they can't. good people want to believe that the poor are simply versions of themselves with empty pockets. i'm sorry, they're not. you could have keller cooking for the whole trailer park for the rest of his life and the park would still have the same number of belligerant wife beating racists. (please forgive me for being blunt). there are immature and irresponsible people in all economic groups but (in my experience) in the u.s. the distribution of immature and irresponsible people is skewed towards the poor. no one is forced to have babies out of wedlock. no one is forced to marry a wife beater. no one is forced to drop out of high school. i've known a lot of people who have climbed out of that pit and they all share some common characteristics. first of all, most (but not all) had fathers living at home. second, they had a long term view of their lives. they could see years ahead instead of just looking at next weekend. finally, they CHOSE early in their lives not to stay poor. you want to really help a poor child? f#@k the nutrition. give him or her a scholarship to a private school. support school vouchers or anything else that gives a child the opportunity to be surrounded by responsible mature adults and the children of responsible mature adults. get the kid out of the trailer park. everything else will probably sort itself out. tbarton hits the nail on the head. you cannot end poverty by giving people money. based on my experiences, you can only end poverty by changing the behavior of the poor. end of off topic rant.
  9. plug it in and press pulse ...
  10. strange... just as most women i know who came up from poverty now have a closet full of shoes, so do i have a love of food from being hungry as a child. spam, baloney and lettuce fried in bacon grease, lima beans, lots of sundays featuring fried chicken and pork chops loom large on my childhood food memories. and then of course we had to hold our hands up to the sky when it rained to keep dry .... editied because i forgot to mention S.O.S. which was often served...
  11. by god, i'm going to get the Maillard reaction if i have to leave this on the grill all day !!!
  12. you are absolutely spot on. just yesterday my wife and i had a discussion about the cover and concluded that it had to be the ugliest ever to grace a food magazine. her comment was "what's so appetizing about that?". i can't believe that that picture was chosen without the involvement of some sort of nepotism. it certainly wasn't on merit.
  13. we're heading off to maui in a few weeks for the first time in several years and wonder if any members have any restaurant recommendations for us. we are especially looking for holes in the walls on this trip. on previous trips we've tried: general store - 4 times total (2 times great 2 times merely very good) joes - very good and great service nicks - good Humuhumunukunukuapua'a - disadisadisadisappointing (mediocre $500 meal for 4) roy's (in the safeway parking lot) - very good and great service mama's fish house - best fish ever in my life and we are always trying to duplicate. here's a picture of our effort from last night
  14. oh the irony ... for a final moment the pig once again has corn inside of it ... why cook? because my meal will be exactly the way I like it.
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