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  1. Kevin Weeks


    I make a rhubarb mousse that's mighty good: http://seriouslygood.kdweeks.com/2006/03/rhubarb-mousse.html
  2. Tracie, Calhouns isn't very good, IMO. I'll check out Spooky's (there's a new location near me) and get back to you. Kevin
  3. Chris, Though I live in Knoxville, I don't get up that way much and hadn't eaten there before so I drove up today and checked it out. I got the pulled pork and it was good enough -- though what I had didn't have much bark in it. But the Q itself was no better than Buddy's (Buddy's is a local chain and really does pit smoke it's Q, but not every store has it's own smoker). The sauce was quite good, and better than Buddy's. Kevin
  4. I've never had marzipan on a fruitcake and I can say with certainty that it was the fruit in the fruitcake that no one liked. As far as booze, if you add so much it gets soggy then you're going to have a soggy cake. Seems pretty irrefutable. If you add less booze it doesn't get soggy because the booze evaporates as time goes by leaving behind the flavor behind.
  5. Amccomb, Every Thanksgiving my father would make Fruitcake (which no one particularly liked except him) and my mother would make Bourbon Cake (which everyone loved). The Bourbon Cake matures at about six weeks and though it will keep longer (if you keep dousing it) it doesn't get significantly better. Here's the Bourbon Cake recipe: http://seriouslygood.kdweeks.com/2003/12/bourbon-cake.html
  6. It seems as though that would develop the glutin and produce a tough pastry.
  7. Scooter, You've conflated a couple of messages. I've never smoked anything longer than 10 hours. My comment was about being old school was an objection to using rubs that are mostly sugar.
  8. I can't speak for others, but I'm not trying to win contests, just make good Q. If I want it sweeter I'll add sugar to the sauce. And if that makes me "old school" I ain't bothered one little bit.
  9. Southerners can't spell any better than Yankees.
  10. Kevin Weeks

    Picnic Foods

    I've been meaning to post this on my blog for awhile: http://seriouslygood.kdweeks.com/2005/07/cornish-pastie.html
  11. Kevin Weeks


    This was amazingly good: http://seriouslygood.kdweeks.com/2005/06/sherry-vinegar.html
  12. I concur. I avoid sugar in rubs.
  13. How about Chocolate Bladder Blaster -- dessert you can depend on.
  14. Congratulations! And Chik-Fil-A isn't bad for junk food. As for the peaches, perhaps it's because they ship the Georgia peaches to the Kroger up here.
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