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  1. Aileen

    Gluten -free meatloaf

    Coming in late, but no one mentioned the substitution my gluten-free mom makes: crushed tortilla chips. She occasionally uses Nacho Cheese Doritos, as she doesn't mind chemicals and they make a tasty loaf. Tortilla chips work surprisingly well, actually.
  2. Aileen

    Home Brewing

    I just started homebrewing, my first batch is in the secondary right now and I'm going to bottle tomorrow or the next day. I like the tip about bottling, I'll try that!
  3. I have a big problem with the way animals are treated on factory farms. I live near a town that has a huge number of feed lots (not close enough to smell them every day, though, thankfully!), and whenever I see the way those cows live it disgusts me. They are at a minimum a foot deep in muck, without shelter of any kind, and so crowded they can barely move. Sickening. There is also a turkey processing plant in my town and I've seen turkeys shoved tight into tiny cages and stacked 15-20 high in the middle of 90+ degree heat with no shade. They were sprayed with water to keep them alive. I don't
  4. I'm landlocked (Colorado), and this is my favorite fish dish: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/tyler-florence/pan-seared-tuna-with-avocado-soy-ginger-and-lime-recipe/index.html Super easy and wonderful with rice and roasted asparagus. I use frozen tuna in cryovac bags from Safeway and it always turns out great. Everyone I've served it to loves it.
  5. I made the Crisp Oven-Fried Fish from the latest issue the other night. The flavor was very good, but I doubt I would make it again. The coating had the tendency to break off in chunks, which really bothers me for some reason. I'm still looking for a perfect oven-fried fish recipe.
  6. My absolute favorite was Big Cherry. NOT Cherry Mash, which is much easier to find these days - and not nearly as good, IMO. If I'm at a gas station I always check for Big Cherries, and when I find them I buy a dozen or so...
  7. Can't let a comment like that go by . . . please elaborate! Was base camp in Nepal? Some kind of two mile high pasta club in the galley of an airplane? ← I've never tried to cook pasta at that elevation, but I camp every summer outside of Leadville, Colorado (our campsite is about 11,200 feet), and it takes a LOOOOONNG time to cook rice there. I assume the same is true for pasta.
  8. I tried poi for the first time last week, absolutely revolting! Room temperature slime with no flavor of any kind. I like all sorts of "strange" foods, but that stuff made me ill! Hmm, I also can't stand yogurt by itself, I'm thinking it's a textural thing.
  9. I just returned from Kauai, and have a few opinions to share! I'll start with the bad to mediocre: Hanalei Dolphin. The food was okay but EXTREMELY overpriced for the quality. The kid's meals were $12 for mediocre fish and chips, etc. I ordered the seafood chowder, which was seriously lacking in seafood but tasted ok ($20). The fish of the day was $31, no one at our table ordered it, but my parents had Ahi that was presented well-done (they weren't asked how they liked it cooked). Bubba's. Maybe it's just a personal preference, but their burgers were very dry and I thought their "special sauce
  10. Aileen

    Wild Asparagus

    Thanks! It's a pretty steady stream of cars going both ways on a two-lane road. It sounds like the plants are too close, don't think I'd want to risk it!
  11. Aileen

    Wild Asparagus

    Add CO as well. I've been driving a new way home from work and have seen a lot of mature plants. I was thinking I would try to pick some next Spring, but then I wondered if the fact that they're growing so close to a pretty busy road is a bad thing. Do you think the quality and flavor would be hurt by car exhaust?
  12. I always did the horizontal cuts for many years. I started skipping them a couple of years ago, as I never seem to cut myself unless I was performing that particular cut. I got sick of it. I agree that the dice are fine for home cooking without that step. Note that I have a visible shake to my hands that makes the horizontal cut somewhat more difficult to perform (Essential Tremor, inherited from my father).
  13. I detest most pre-made baked goods, unless they're from a small bakery and made fresh. The artificial flavors/preservatives in them make me gag.
  14. Since when is recalling an anecdote from your past for a very small blurb in a magazine article "selling out"? I, for one, LOVED it. (And I love Oprah, too.)
  15. I made this simple recipe for a party last week, it was a big hit: Endive with Smoked Trout and Herbed Cream Cheese I love the flavor of raw endive, myself.
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