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  1. For nashville restaurant suggestions check out www.nashvilleoriginals.com All local independant restaurants. I would check out tayst restaurant. Great place to eat at the bar if your alone.
  2. I have just watched it recently but children were in the room so I was kind of distracted. I don't believe she told him were she worked but he was describing his memories of a dinner at cafe anglais with a woman chef. Particularly the quail with foie. In fact I don't think the general ever had a conversation with her. As far as the mistake I dvr'd it the other day and now i will have something to do.
  3. I will try the mixing in both steps suggested and report.
  4. Thanks for all of the thoughts. The temperature was kept under forty and the equipment was chilled. Stuffing was done after all items were rechilled. I will try the let it rest technique. The mix was shoulder, belly, and jowl plus a little fatback. It was cleaned, diced and marinated with the spices for twenty four hours, ground on a large die, chilled, small die, chilled, stuffed. I will continue and try to figure out what happened and see if I can fix it.
  5. I would think that they have backfat or suet that you could use..Gotta be fat, it a hog... Bud ← Used fatback in the mix already, suet is beef fat and it doesn't make a good sausage because of its low melting point.
  6. So I am partnering with a local pork producer who specializes in amazing berkshire pork but also raises lamb and some grassfed beef (DWFarms). I have offered to make them some sausage recipes to sell at the farmers market. The sausage they have made so far has some texture issues. I assumed that being a leaner pork and a very small farm they were using mostly scrap and did not follow the proper ratios for sausage. My first batch with a proper lean meat to fat ratio as well as a batch with an increased fat ratio also had this texture issue, dry and crumbly. Obviously it is a fat emulsification issue. I tried a mousseline route with heavy cream but no panada. Besides the next step of adding a panada does anyone have any suggestions? Adding any pork besides theirs is not a possibility.
  7. WHat's your brothers name? I know all the cats over at park and I haven't heard of a new chef in the mix. I know willy thomas opened his second, eastland cafe. They do a nice job, has the same feel as park.
  8. Fish poached in fat is killer. Try salmon in duck fat. Vary your fat dependant on the heartiness of the fish. We poach it at about 160 until its done, varies with fish.
  9. This is great timing for this thread - I'll be in Nashville (Brentwood) in early May. I tried the website you mentioned - should that be Nashville Originals? www.nashvilleoriginals .com ← Yes, its nashvilleoriginals.com. I'm better with a knife then a keyboard.
  10. Thanks for the plug carpetbagger esq. Unfortunatly Patricks has closed. I don't know if you can wait but the nashville originals are soon to be coming out with a gift card that will work in all thirty of its restaurants. It is probably 4 - 6 weeks out but will be a great product. You can also check www.nashvilleoriginal.com for a restaurant that might work for you
  11. whifflechef

    Crab Cake Binder

    so this post spurned me to some more creativity. I just made a crab cake with tapioca. The best part is the versatility of the tapioca, you can flavor it with anything. WWhatever liquid you hydrate it with can be flavored for whatever style. Literally it is tapioca, crab, and some breadcrumb. Great consistancy
  12. whifflechef

    Crab Cake Binder

    Tried the all crab crab cake using meat glue. It worked fine, we lightly poached it to keep moisture while warming, more of a shallow poach with wine and butter, sprinkled with crumbs and toaste dunder the broiler. I thought the texture was great, we used good crab meat. It was basically eating crab. The worst response of any dish on my menu, EVER. I don't think people could get over no filler. They all say they want an all meat cake but it is the filler they crave. As far as other ideas, artichoke purees, potatoes, the possabilities are endless just try looking at it from a different viewpoint. What items can I turn into pastes, now which of these goes with crab, does it need anything else to help it bind?
  13. I had the opportunity to work with fleer at blackberry. Spent almost a year there and it is everything its reputation says it is. There is something about the experience there that cannot be described in words it just has to be lived. The best all around service of anywhere I have ever been, including 3 michellins and others. If fleer leaves that will be a huge loss, but the belles(sp) put that ship on the path and with its reputation they should be able to fill his position with another excellent chef. It will seem very wierd not hearing about the two together though.
  14. Middle tn is the testing ground for all new chain concepts. It is a sad state of affairs. This problem however is not secluded to nashville, it is a national crisis. The chains have saturated all other markets and are now entering the upscale casual / affordable fine dining realm. They are like a giant blob picking off local independants left and right. We are not going down without a fight about thirty nashville restaurants have formed a group called the nashville originals (www.nashvilleoriginals.com). We are a local chapter of a national group called dineoriginals. Promote eating local. As far as radius being slow on a thursday, your comment is correct. It is very tough for the creative independants to do well. It probably can be said for most cities but being good is not good enough. There are only two places in that genre of restaurant that are consistantly busy in the whole city. Kind of amazing for a city of 1.2 million that all ten local rest., yes I said ten, that do a quality job are not full or close to it every night. I don't get it?
  15. I am all about advancing the nashville dining scene and getting some respect for the good restaurants in this town. Let me know if I can help
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