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  1. Save me - I'm going to Hayfork! Any suggestions for food (or lodging) in the Hayfork/Weaverville area?
  2. This is really cool, it makes me think of the 1950's "House of the future" very space-age efficiency
  3. i would not store my good knives in the Ex. It has magnets on either side at the opening & I just don't like the drag I feel when I slide the knives in there. But it looks really awesome!
  4. You can open a Pain au Chocolate bakery here in Seattle any time now Ling! Heck I'd even drive to Vancouver for that!
  5. Thank you both, I sent him a pile of suggestsions from this list & from Pille's blog. I asked him to bring me back a kama 'chocolate' bar, but he couldn't find them anywhere, so I got a bottle of Vana Tallinn instead. It's very interesting, lots of vanilla of course, but also this almost root-beer flavor to it - presumably from the citrus & spices. [When mixed with half & half it's very reminiscent of my home-made eggnog.] Yumm! Oh and he said that Tallin was just amazing & I have to go someday. Actually what he said was "everybody should go to Estonia at least once before they die!"
  6. Well my gardener already put one in for me, so it can't be TOO too early, but another greenthumb we were talking to says to wait at least another week.
  7. Just a heads up for anyone who may come across this thread in future years & want to go to the Seattle Tilth sale: Go saturday, preferably in the morning. the lines will be horrendous, but you will have the full array of plants. By sunday afternoon there's almost no variety left. You still have a super long line to wait in though...
  8. Eden

    Summer Kitchens

    we have an AC unit in the kitchen for when we just HAVE to cook indoors, and we do a lot of grilling crockpotting etc, we also use the indoor grill when it's too hot or we're too lazy to go outdoors I do a lot more pre-packaged foods too, which I know is not healthy, but I'm a total heat wimp. (I'm one of the only people I know in seattle with an air-conditioner)
  9. Where on lake city? I need to get some lavosh tomorrow & would love to skip the drive across the bridge!
  10. After the death of our DeLonghi ICK8500 we have gone back to the freezer bowl model, but I have to say we really LOVED the built in compressor for it's convenience. I am still trying to figure out if there is a model that combines reasonable price with reliability (NOT the DeLonghi!) so we can get another one, but so far I'm not finding anything under $300 with good enough reps to risk it again... So now I'm trying to convince Bill that we just need a 3rd freezer out in the garage to store more freezer bowls
  11. Thank you indeed, I really enjoyed seeing more of amsterdam (my one visit was a 2 hour zip-around during a layover at the airport) and reading about your festivities. Glad to know Foufou made it home safely - our ferrets like to hide in the most unusual places sometimes so I know how distressing this must have been for you... Many happy returns of the week It will be great to meet you this Fall!
  12. And if you're going to Esquin you have to go by The Wine Outlet while you're in the neighborhood.
  13. blackberry bramble work? ← I beleive that "bramble" includes the implication of thorns - I think I shall call it a "thornless blackberry jungle" just went outside & the baby chard is now visibly chard-like albeit very tiny. I also see buds on the wild blueberry bush out front. This is going to be a lovely summer!
  14. Our garden is full of promise, but a long way from first culitavation still. The pea vines are about 8 inches tall today and there are these little grass like sprouts where I think we planted the salsify, and there are a couple little fuzzy dots about 1/4" tall that should eventually be carrots. and of course there are buds ALL OVER the thornless blackberry bush (we need a better word, bush sounds so...small and contained for a plant that is trying to eat the side of my house ) Sadly the heirloom Italian beans we planted to not seem to be coming up, but I haven't given up hope entirely.... Thanks for the reminder re the Tilth sale, I forgot to write it on the calendar.
  15. Divina, what is the rose syrup used for traditionally? I'm all in favor of flower flavored foods! We passed through Liguria briefly on a trip from Rome to Southern France a few years ago with stops in La Spezia and Genoa, but I'm afraid all I can remember now foodwise from that part of the trip is the screaming blue Aqua Velva flavor gelato Bill found for me!!! I don't think I'll ask him to replicate it On another topic, the recipe name tomaxelli or tomacelli goes back at least to the 14th century in Italy, when it seems to have been a liver (or fish) and herb sausage, but by the 16th century at the latest it was being used for little veal rolls (without the tomato sauce of course)
  16. Any current experiences at Porta? I'm supposed to pick a Greek restaurant for an early dinner toorrow and trying to decide between Lola & Porta...
  17. apparently I need to make an expotition to the Ram as Bill & I are big bread pudding fans. What don't you like about it? For firni/kir et all I'd say that Kabul takes the prize.
  18. I was driving on Westlake the other day and about halfway between Denny & the lake I noticed a new restaurant going in: Slo Joe's BBQ. Maybe just maybe, they'll actually have good BBQ? Hope springs eternal in the human heart
  19. We have been customers of the original Gordito's since they first opened. We usually order that Grande Burrito, share maybe half of it & then take the rest home to share later. (I reccommend it "Wet & fajita style") If the new location is like the old one, the art on the walls will rotate so maybe next month it will be somethng warmer. The efficiency at the cash register and on the line at the main location is a sight to behold, so I'd guess they're still training new staff. Oh and if you luck out & go in on a day when they have strawberry Agua Fresca it's awesome.
  20. I used most of my ramps up in a chicken dish for the Cooking of Rome/Lazio thread, but had a little extra green leftover so we just wilted it with a bit of prosciutto - yumm!
  21. Per request from Pontormo, tonight I made a dish from the Ancient Roman cookbook of Apicius* Pullum oxyzomum aka Chicken Sour. Here's the original "recipe": Chicken sour: A good-sized glass of oil, a smaller glass of broth, and the smallest measure of vinegar, 6 scruples of pepper, parsley and a bunch of leeks. And my Quick & Dirty modern recipe: In an oven proof pot, brown 2 chicken thighs in 1/2 cup olive oil. Then add in 1 small bunch diced ramps (@10 wild leeks) Let cook for a moment then add: 1/3-1/2 c. chicken broth (liquamen**) 1/3 c. white wine vinegar 1/3 c. minced parsley 1/8 tsp white pepper Transfer to the oven and bake at 350 for about 20 mins. Remove from oven. Pull out chicken & set aside. Boil sauce down for @ 5 minutes & serve over chicken... Served with Artichoke tortellini in a spinach-citrus sauce, and some extra ramp greens wilted with prosiciutto. *For those who don't have a stack of Ancient roman cookbooks on their shelves a translation of Apicius can be found here. **For those who follow such things, I subscribe to the Vehling "heresy" re liquamen vs. garum...
  22. Looks wonderful! I must get around to trying this dish as I have very much enjoyed both the medieval Spanish & medieval Italian dishes that were copied from it. Of course it's hard to go wrong with lemon chicken isn't it I have used mastic (also in early middle eastern cookery) exactly once. I found it just disgusting tasting - along the lines of asafoetida/hing only stronger. One friend said it reminded her of pine-sol it was that bad... I should add however that our mastic was in these little round amberish grains and probably older than rocks. Yours besides being a much larger piece also looks much lighter in color which makes me wonder if mastic perhaps goes off as it ages?
  23. Having gotten his permission, here are James Prescott's comments re the Bruet after I sent him the link to this thread:
  24. Well yes egg & almond would be redundant, but they often use both almonds & bread crumbs so that doesn't seem to be out of the realm of possibility. and IF i'm right & the liver was supposed to form part of the sauce then that would have been a thickener as well. (FYI to any fellow liver haters, this technique does NOT make the sauces I've tried so far nasty & liver flavored at all - no idea why not...) not to toss faux wimples, because I think that much of the time you're right, but at least some medieval recipes seem more detailed and actually intended to walk you through the making of the dish. Not detailed to the level of modern recipes with speficic quantities, but at least along the the lines of your grandmother teaching you to make biscuits... However yes many of them are more like a modern note that "when I make Macaroni & cheese I add a little asiago and some worcestireshire sauce" which is all you'd need to know because of course you already know how to make Mac & Cheese... Yes my friend has a bee in his bonnet. the number of medieval recipes that go on about how to make food in interesting colors is significant but apparently not convincing for him. Sometimes once someone has formed an impression, no amount of hard evidence can change it
  25. to market, to market, to market I go! Thanks for the tip!
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