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  1. Wull, yah I have heard the exact same thing. However I have a recipe I have used forever for French buttercream that is eggless, aheh. So??? But for really yes you are correct - there absolutley is a French bc that does use the yolk. But so far I am becoming more & more convinced that that's a whopping typo in that MS book - somebody copied & pasted the wrong formula. But then again there are decorators out there relying on that recipe as Swiss mbc when it's Italian. Gets confusing. Maybe we should call it 'European' buttercream or 'part of it was heated buttercream' and put whatever the he** we want in it!!
  2. Nikki, I see you have plenty of recipes now. However, I refined this recipe years ago and it is thee bomb. People who do not care for banana bread love this stuff. half cup soft butter 1 cup sugar 2 eggs 1 and a half to 2 cups of softly mashed eating quality bananas 1 teaspoon lemon juice 2 cups flour 1 teaspoon salt 2 teaspoons baking powder half teaspoon baking soda 2 teaspoons cinnamon third cup raisins nuts to sprinkle on top Key here is to use nice ripe but still eating quality bananas, discard bruises for best texture. Just mush them with your hands or a potato masher - You don't want to food process or homognize the bananas or this batter. A few small lumps of banana is fine. But I do mix in a Kitchen Aid mixer or by hand. Trust me on the cinnamon & raisins - it so works - you could grind the raisins if you want and you could also soak them first in a hot liquid, alcohol or juice or whatever. On the mixing, y'know have room temp ingredients, cream the butter, add sugar, eggs & lemon beat well. Add lightly smushed bananas & dry sifted ingredients. Sprinkle the nuts on top and bake for 75 minutes at 350 degrees in a greased pan. I make loaves or bundt - I usually make this in huge batches in any thing & everything I can fill & bake in. Hope you get to try this once at least.
  3. Bosco's has a nice apple crisp - if you have a Bosco's in your area. But the best apple pie I know of is the make it yourself kind - and the runners up aren't even close. I'm sure it's out there somewhere - I just haven't found it. Good luck - when you find it, let me know.
  4. Poor Martha has what some people call Italian meringue buttercream listed as Swiss meringue buttercream in one of her books. I hate to pick on her beings as how she's within the confines of her 'college dorm without the freedom' thing. But is there not a clear cut formula for each of these??? I mean I thought Swiss meringue buttercream was egg whites and sugar heated then whipped into a meringue, & add butter etc. I thought Italian meringue buttercream was heated sugar and corn syrup added to meringue etc. But I must be wrong?? Then I was told Julia was on Martha's show making a cake and joined in calling it swiss mbc. So while a rose by any other name is still as sweet - is there not a definite Swiss mbc formula and a definite Italian mbc formula??? Anybody know??
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