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  1. shameless plug for my cousins's oranges: http://www.satsumafarm.com/
  2. Kinder's a little north of Iowa, Louisiana. Iowa has Big Daddy's (Cajun restaurant) and I believe a well known boudin or sausage maker at a grocery store there. Small town. Probably can't miss it.
  3. This satsuma farm, Simon's Citrus, is run by relatives of mine on the property where my mother grew up: http://www.satsumafarm.com/ They refer to the satsuma as a mandarin orange.
  4. "Ahh....Ham Reid time...had an interesting job there eh?" If Sheriff Ham Reid and Cajun fiddler Wallace "Cheese" Read had been partners, they would have been Ham and Cheese Reed.
  5. If you like Cajun music try Big Daddy's in Iowa, Louisiana, just east of Lake Charles on I-10. The food was Cajun.
  6. Vicino's on Sligo Ave., Silver Spring, especially white pizza with cheese!
  7. The Thursday special, braised pork shoulder with bacon (and collards creamed some kind of way) was fantastic! My wife had the lamb and really enjoyed it. I liked the decor too. The lighting was soothing.
  8. GREAT! Will they be open oficially next week? My easy to understand horoscope wife and I would like to eat there.
  9. I can agree with Don Rocks on the lobster sandwich at Citronelle's! Took my wife there recently one Sunday night for her birthday and it was on the menu. I was blown away! I usually don't think of a sandwich when dining fine, but was very glad to see it. I think of sandwiches more toward the work-a-day, I guess, like a poboy. Some of my favorite sandwiches are from down in Louisiana where I come from, largely because of the bread. If you should ever go down to Cajun country around Lafayette, give me a holler and I can definitely point out some great sandwich places for you. Don't know as much about New Orleans.
  10. Marchone's cold cut, panini, or meatball subs in the Wheaton triangle
  11. Does anybody remember Little Taverns? Maybe not the worst. What is the idea of serving a hamburger that has not been seasoned or changed in any way at all from a meat patty? I put a lot of stuff in my burgers before I shape them into patties and they're great!
  12. chili dogs at Vienna Inn, brough to you by wiseguy waiters and waitresses
  13. Half Moon Barbecue on Georgia Avenue Silver Spring near Thayer St. has gotten some good reviews lately from the Post and the Gazette. Their ribs are great! Texas-style sausage links and pulled pork, too. Good music piped in, and live local bands too. Lots of music memorabilia on the walls from the owner's old days running the fabled Twist and Shout and Tornado Alley music clubs.
  14. Yeah, I am a big country-western fan, especially the stuff pre-dating the countrypolitan movement. I go back home at least once a year to visit family. You're right about the food down there! We cover it pretty well in your forum on Louisiana. Not familiar with Landry's in Kaplan. I'll have to try it out. Sound's like Richard's Patio in Abbeville. If you go south of Kaplan there's a place called Suire's Grocery that has great lunches like turtle sauce piquante, fried catfish, etc. It was mentioned in a New York Times last year, along with Black's and Dupuy's and a bunch of others. Sorry if this is off-topic for the NY forum!
  15. That's Webb Pierce, country-western star from the 1950s, around Vin's time. I thought "Webb Pierce" was a good way of saying Internet penetration.
  16. I went to school in Abbeville where Steen's is made. Sometimes the whole town smelled so good, it had a sweetening effect on kids and made us actually behave in class! Some days our desert would be peanut butter mixed with Steen's to put on our bread. Those were the days!
  17. Why is it called a Dutch oven? It's not an oven, and I thought it came from the Deutch (Germans). Is a cast iron pot with a lid a substitute?
  18. Good God! I live just about across the street from Dominics. Have you had their subs? Nothing fancy, but so many subs in this area have the toughest bread, whereas Dominics is just about right. I sure do miss poboys in Louisiana.
  19. I was wondering the same thing! I'm sure I can't single out my best meal ever but I had a few memorable ones in Germany when visiting a girlfriend in Tubingen. I appreciated it when she took me to a place for pizza, something familiar to me, and it turned out to be the best pizza I have ever had in my life! Something about the cheese. It was a ham and egg pizza, and I still remember it. Then she took me home to Unlingen in the Schwabish area to meet her parents and I really appreciated the hospitality. Her mom was a super cook making everything from scratch on a wood burning stove. She made the most delicious soup, hasenpfeffer, and spaetzle, then topped it off later in the afternoon with several cakes, including a Black Forest Cherry cake. That's a bit about meals in far away places. Don't get me started on nostalgia meals! I am a Cajun now living in the Washington D.C. area, so my nostalgia meals involve some good stuff.
  20. Where in Lafayette, if you don't mind me asking?
  21. We have a strict division of labor at our house: I buy the beer, she buys the wine, except of course when the roles are reversed. What was the question? Oh. We cook together usually. She's a great taster, knowing just when to add the right thing. I am glad she bakes because that is a mystery to me. I am too sloppy with my measurements. I don't know if that's because I am a man or a typical Scorpiaricorn.
  22. Yep, this matches up with my answers for the condiment quiz, only this time I'm more likely to be a younger woman with children. I did not know that!
  23. Yesterday's Washington Post Food section had a nice article on the Little Mexico area just across the district line in Prince Georges county, Bladensburg and Riverdale. Free registration for the online Post required: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/artic...2-2004Aug3.html
  24. Apparently I am an extraverted, leisure loving Geminarius between the ages of 18-81 with no horse sense and an aversion to risk!
  25. foodie52 beat me to it, but I would love to reunite and cook for my departed family members and relatives. Besides that I guess I would like to cook for some of my musician heroes so they could make music in the kitchen while I am getting things ready. Louis Armstrong, Jelly Roll Morton, Johnny Dodds! "When's it gonna be ready?" they ask. "Not before a few more songs!"
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