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  1. Hi, I'm an amatuer stock-maker. I've made stock about 4 or 5 times now and I've read the eGullet stock course which has helped me a lot. One thing I couldn't help wondering about is would it be possible to make the vegtable and meat parts of the stock seperately and combine later on to get the same results as a normal stock. I mean, unless there is some chemical interplay going on in the pot that I'm not aware of, I don't see why this would be a big deal. So, instead of: 1. Chuck Mirepoix, herbs and bones in a pot 2. Boil for 12 hours 3. Strain and reduce to demi-glace It would be: 1. Chuck finely diced Mirepoix and herbs in a pot 2. Boil for about an hour or when the vegtables have lost their flavour 3. Strain and reduce to a vegtable demi-glace 4. Chuck bones in a seperate pot with a bit of salt to aid the leeching of gelatin 5. Boil for 12 hours 6. Strain and reduce to a meat demi-glace This would seem to have many advantages to me over the traditional stock making method. 1. You can cook up bigger batches at once 2. You can have beef, chicken, vegtable, beef & chicken etc. stocks just by combining different glaces together 3. You can adjust the level of "meatiness" in your stock 4. You can make a variaty of vegtable stocks to give different base charecteristics to your meal, eg: a white mirepoix for earthier stocks, more carrots for a sweeter stock. 5. You don't lose some of those delicate flavours in the vegtables that get broken down by prolonged heat. 6. You have a greater water/bone ratio so you don't need to reduce as much to reach demi-glace as you would a normal stock. 7. You can puree the vegtables for a tasteless but fibrous filler which can provide body to some dishes It seems to me that this would be an awesome way to make stock so I'm a bit puzzled as to why it's not standard practise.
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