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  1. Adam_Balic

    Dinner! 2002

    Pasta, tossed with new Olive oil (now getting a bit old, but still good), ripe tomato, basil, thyme and mozarella. Just enough heat in pasta to soften the cheese and tomato.
  2. Toby - those meals sound terrific! I must go down to my local pig uterus emporium and get some! I was interested in uterus as food, as a large proportion of the high status food described in Roman literature I have read is pig's uterus. Lacking any Roman recipes, maybe I should try something south-east asian (at least the fish sauce would provide continuity). Chewy is OK, I like chewy, but good chewy not tough chewy. My favorite Vietnamese Pho is Beef tendon with beef balls, all chewy, but so good.
  3. Toby, Hmmm interesting recipe (do you do anything with those pig wombs you can also get?), but some people (Simon) may find the thought eating the dish offensive because it smacks of cannibalism. Tony - can I just say how much I have enjoyed your comments on this site. I am now kicking myself that I didn't come and shake you hand like a giddy schoolgirl when you were doing a book signing in Edinburgh.
  4. Oh, I completely agree on protection, I'm just unsure that Greece deserves the protection in this particular case.
  5. I don't know Steve, such issues are beyond me! But, on this topic, for whatever reason Greece is being favoured over Bulgaria (as an example), so how are they to integrate into the Global economy?
  6. Steve, point well taken and I agree with you, it was just in this particular case I thought it was a bit unfair on the other countries that had just a strong cultural/historical claim to the product as Greece. I tend to be fussy about such products and so check out where they come from (especially important in the UK), but I guess that isn't the issue is it? I always try to buy Comte, rather the Gruyere though!
  7. Oh, I see it's a "biggest buck" issue. Reversal of the Basmati/Texmati case. Nice http://www.oneworld.org/ips2/mar98/basmati.html
  8. Adam_Balic

    Dinner! 2002

    Sounds great, but what is "gomasion"? Also, all this incredible food for you and yours or is there a professional side of this (Sorry, no Jinmyo Bio., so I am a little nosey ).
  9. I don't agree Steve. The name "Feta", isn't Greek in origin and neither is the cheese specific to Greece, which is way different to somebody calling a soft red wine "Burgundy".
  10. Adam_Balic


    Robert FYI on Summer truffles. http://starchefs.com/truffles/article.html
  11. Honey, may have bacterial spores, which means you shouldn't give it to children less then one year of age. But, it lasts indefinately (I think that some people have eaten honey from found in Aegyptian tombs).
  12. Adam_Balic

    Dinner! 2002

    Haggis with Boiled cabbage & bacon, Neep mash (UK. "Swede", USA "Rutabaga"). Bottle of Chianti.
  13. Slight clarification. Honey is rarely associated with allergic reactions. Actually, the opposite is true, in that is has been shown to suppress some types of pollen associated allergies. There is an immune phenomena know as "oral tolerence", basically so you don't develop immune responses to everything you eat, the immune system "deletes" cells that react. Obviously, this isn't 100%, but it is thought that the small amounts of pollen present in honey, results in the deletion of pollen reactive immune cells, so therefore decrease in allergic symptoms. This will only work if you have honey whci contains the same type of pollen as what you are allergic to, so it is best to buy localy made honey. I think that Macrosans two component system hits the nail on the head. I would just add that a great many people confuse "allergic" with personal preference due to experience. I once ate a sausage roll as a child, which gave me terrible food poisoning. It is my first ever memory of vomiting. The thought of eating a sausage roll made me feel physicaly ill for years after this. However, I wasn't allergic to them. This confusion seems to be pretty common with seafood. Some people are allergic to some types of seafood, but many just don't like seafood and say they are allergic. Then in people that are allergic to seafood, mostly it will be against one type (eg. Shrimp), but they will say they are allergic to all seafood.
  14. Adam_Balic


    I'm glad you enjoyed the PX. As a matter of personal preference I would drink it un-chilled, but this means that the wine has to be ultra-good, if the acid isn't there to back up the sweetness, then it is pretty horrid. Great vinegar is made from PX, it is an excellent way of dressing red pepper or tomato salads.
  15. Well next time you are Scotland...... I have a set of terrracotta Catalan creme pots, which flavour the custard slightly. I rather like the flavour.
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