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  1. Ooooh, I'm just salivating thinking of having succulent, grass fed beef again!
  2. sadly, I am having to sell most of my cookbook collection because I can't take them all to Buenos Aires
  3. Well I used to have over 200 but I had to scale down a bit. Now, I have 44 + my cheese books (17 of those) and my food related books (9) of those. So all in all 70. Laura
  4. Hi Alton, First, very disappointed not to see you at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival, I was looking forward to the opportunity to meet you. Love your show - very creative and I can definately see how you've pulled a couple of different backgrounds into a career in culinary. I was just wondering if you'd have any advice for someone who's trying to break into this industry but doesn't want to be a chef? I'm just finishing my master's in public relations and marketing but don't want to do P.R. per se. I'm working in a wine and cheese shop now selling cheeses which I love but doesn't pay very well. Everyone else in this field seems to have a culinary background and I don't know if it's worth going back to school or if I could make it without the culinary degree. I'm having a bit of trouble thinking outside the box. Any suggestions? Books you can suggest? People I could talk to??? Thanks and keep up the great show!!! Laura
  5. Shropshire is definately a fav especially on baked potatoes but nothing beats eating roquefort and a glass of sauturnes - especially when you just walk in the door after a long day at work yum! oh and if you like goat cheese try the jacquin bluet...pretty good
  6. Oh gosh I can't choose...but now that i have the luxury of trying anything on a daily basis (I work in a wine and cheese shop now in Miami), it changes on a daily basis. But, here are my favorites today! Ossau Iraty - Istara with sour black cherry preserves for breakfast. Humboldt Fog Munster d'Alsace I also love White Stilton with mangos and ginger and morbier. but...i love them all can't wait till I visit my inlaws in France for some unpast. cheeses Any cheese lovers out there in Miami, Florida? I would love to do a cheese club. Oh yea and check out the cheesediaries.com fab site. Laura
  7. Just thought I should share a fabulous link to the French-word-a-day website. The author is an American expat who lives in the South of France now. She sends out a "daily word" in French and gives a gret translation to the English translation. You then get a little "day in the life" as well as some other information. I've been subscribed now for about four months and I love it (and it's free!) Her site is www.French-word-a-day.com I hope you guys like it...
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    I think you should make it a point to get outside of Marseilles to eat. When I told my mother-in-law (who is from the South) that I wanted bouilebaisse she said there were only a couple of places around that were worthwhile. Instead we went to a place in Toulon where the fishing boats were docked. Not only did I get the freshest seafood around but got to hear the loudest and most "charming" fisherman speak! When in Rome eat as the Romans do - so we ate fish where the fisherman ate fish! All I can say is when you're there take the opportunity to try everything you can and if you get a chance visit a Carrefour supermarket - you'll find a whole aisle devoted just to yogurts and other milk products!! And, try to learn a few French phrases and food names before you go...it'll make it a lot easier. I ran around with my little pocket guide to food of Franch by Lonely Planet - it was about the only things my mother-in-law and I could communicate about (thank goodness my French is a little better now!)
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