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  1. try more pan spray on top. i shape mine, good coat of pan spray on top and then plastic. 2 day retard in cooler. about a hundred a week. pulls off easy every time
  2. i worked at peninsula grill for close to 4 years and made HUNDREDS of coconut cakes. the recipies you find online are not correct. one tip is to put the shredded coconut for the filling in the food processor. it makes it easier to spread, and when you cut your cakes, the strands dont pull on the cake layers underneath makes for a very sharp presentation. oh, and serve at room temp!!
  3. no we bought it new. just because its new doesnt mean its clean
  4. concrete mixer absolutely works!! a shop i worked at about a year ago got an order from a hotel for something like 300 lbs. of chocolate popcorn. we bought the popcorn from another local shop. the mixer was from lowes i think. we scrubbed it out really good, loaded the hopper about half full of popcorn, then added our chocolate. nuts went in right before we dumped otherwise they all stuck to the bottom and sides. sure beat doing it in a big mixing bowl
  5. had a killer au poivre ny strip at capitol grill in buckhead about 6 months ago. perfectly cooked and the potato gratin is great too. must have a pineapple martini too...house infused vodka, good stuff
  6. if they are looking for the rootbeer flavor, try using your standby white cake and make syrup with the rootbeer. use the syrup as you would simple syrup to moisten the layers and impart the sarsaparilla/liquorice flavor....im a huge fan of stewart's root beer if you can find it i second everyone else's concern with using an untested recipie. its not like your going to aunt lucy's backyard barbeque. this is their WEDDING, and everyone is going to be looking at the cake supplier if it sucks. no two ways about it jmho good luck!
  7. i was thinking mid city cuisine. had dinner there on wed night with my fiance. about 6-7 people having dinner as well around 8:15. too bad because the location has so much potential. the food was mediocre (sp?)
  8. here's the one i always use, i think its one of torres' recipies 100 g sugar 50 g corn syrup 40 g honey 150g butter (unsalted) 250 g peanuts, granulated or halves (unsalted) 3 g salt just stir over med high heat until medium golden brown, pour onto parchment, cover with parchment and roll out thin of course you can add any nut you want, just a good basic brittle....
  9. i use mini bundt molds at work for a dessert. it worked great until you bake a couple of hundred out of one mold to get mine out now i spray the molds with pan release(vegaline) and throw the mold into the oven for about 5 minutes. then i spray again and scoop my batter in. bake until they are done and pop out when they come out of the oven. works every time for me....
  10. yea no matter what size batch im making with brulee base i always let the hot cream hang out for 30 min to an hour before i temper in the yolks. this lets the cream cool down so it wont cook the yolks like anglaise. ice it down really well after and stir it every 5 min or so until cooled. for me, im a firm believer in water baths. just the other day one of my cooks forgot to add the water and after just 30 min they were all curdled. total garbage!!! hopefully he wont make the same mistake
  11. i use liquid egg yolks for all my brulee bases and my ice creams. no problem whatsoever. they are pasturized and no added sugar. melanger...200* no water bath?????? why no water??? my ovens are all out of whack, i bake mine a shade above 300 (slow) in water and they take about an hour i guess... some bake faster than others. top ovens are always a touch hotter because heat rises from the bottom one. at least ours are like that what do you guys consider a long time to bake a brulee???
  12. you must have a bug in the ear of every cook, waiter, and restaraunteur in town!! living and working in atl, i really enjoy your posts keep it up!
  13. uh, ive got to imagine that lots of people make english muffins. im trying to get them as good if not better than a commercially produced one. i can get the taste and appearance down, just not the inside texture. are there no other bakers that make english muffins on this forum??????????
  14. tan, you are absolutley right about the egg thing. its a quick fix and just to get you in the ballpark and it better than saying "oh it looks close". the only way to be sure is a baume reading. so whats the baume supposed to be???? i think you said in a earlier post that its supposed to be 20*??? i thought 14*-18*. chiantiglace- what do you mean by putting the sorbet in the robotcoup? is this after you spin it or the next day. im confused
  15. well im not saying you cant, just not for the recipie that i gave you. that was developed for the 10% sugar-fruit purees. canned juices have varying amounts of sugar and would throw the balance off in my recipie. but i dont see why you couldnt use fresh juice or canned in a sugar/water/juice type formula. just make sure the baume is correct in your syrup its been a while but i think it should measure b/w 14* and 18* at room temp, but i could be wrong. or just use an egg....drop it in and if the top of the floating egg shows a dime to a quarter size, you are close..
  16. whoops, sorry about the double post, i cant figure out how the quote just a section of the reply tan had a good point about the in and out of freezer. just melt and refreeze if it starts to get too soft and always have backups. how do you quote just a section of the dang post??????????
  17. im not sure that you can substitute corn syrup for stabilizer. stablizers are kinda like sponges that absorb or release moisture according to the mix. (ice crystals melt and then refreeze, producing a horrible texture) in acidic (like grapefruit) or sweet mixes the stablizer shouldnt exceed 1% of the total mix. ever seen a sorbet "leech"? common with lemon, grapefruit, passion fruit, etc.... these are very liquid mixes (no pulp or body) and need the absortion of a stablizer to work. btw, stabilizers also help with "fluffyness" i like fluffyness also i forgot to mention that the puree is commercially produced from ravifruit or someone like that. those are 10% sugar content normally and are very consistent. dont use canned grapefruit juice.
  18. uh, i see you are in canada. im not familiar with that area. (im in atlanta) try asking the perveyor (sp?) that you get your pastry stuff (i.e chocolate, vanilla beans....) from. i imagine you can get it online somewhere too. maybe someone else in canada can chime in.
  19. probably need more sugar. try this..... pink grapefruit puree 4400 g water 2840 g sugar 2150 g glucose powder 570 g sorbet stabilizer 40 g make syrup with water and 3/4 sugar. mix remaining sugar with glucose powder and stabilizer, then whisk into warm syrup. you may need to strain the syrup b/c of undissolved glucose powder. pour over semi frozen puree. burre mix, let mature for 4-5 hours, burre mix again, then spin. about 8 min in batch freezer.
  20. would you say a preferment is necessary? i get pretty good flavor just proofing it overnight. i use about 4 to 4 1/2 pounds water for six punds flour. so you dont develop the dough all the way?
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