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  1. Hope I'm not too late - I just got back from HK last week and whilst I am biased towards Tsim Chai Kee for their humongous wantons and soup, I have to admit that the noodles are better at Mak's - Which is across the road. However, the soup was a bit too peppery for my liking at Mak's. I stayed in Tin Hau and thoroughly enjoyed a couple of meals I had at Shek Kee Kitchen (G/F Fai Hon building, No. 15-17 Ngan Mok Street), where they specialise in (literal translation) Small Dishes, but it's pretty much simple home-cooked food which is served here. I particularly liked the steamed minced pork and lotus root and various claypot rice dishes there. Another Tin Hau essential is Teem Yee Yee which translates as "Sweet Auntie" (G/F 13 Tsing Fung Street, Tin Hau) which is a HK Style dessert house, I'm particularly partial to sago pudding (especially with mango), but there wasn't anything I didn't like from what we tried there; From the instant tofu dessert served in a bucket with a timer counting down when it's ready to reveal silky, soft tofu dessert, to the delicious grass jelly and cocoa de nata mxed with coconut milk and fruit of your choice. The service can be a bit patchy, but the desserts are all delicious here.
  2. After being stung by the £16 cocktails last year, we made a point of not ordering any cocktails beforehand when we went back last month. As has been mentioned elsewhere, they're nice, but not £16 nice. That said, the nibbles they offer in the bar are quite tasty so go for those if you can.
  3. As announced in the newsletter from the restaurant yesterday, they're opening for Sunday lunch on Dec 11th and 18th this year - 3 courses for £28.50 (a bargain!) Details can be found here Am checking my diary already..
  4. Can you tell us a bit about the 4 angled bean? I've never seen anything like it at all and am curious to know what it's like - Is it similar to something like a green bean in taste or even texture? The dish you showed was a 4 angled bean and chilli salad so was it served cold or were they stir-fried with the chilli?
  5. *Loving* this blog so far. My neice and her family have moved to Singapore and keep urging me to go visit them, I wanted to go before but this blog so far has got me looking at my diary for possible dates to go
  6. Nice report David. Good to read that someone else thinks as highly of Loves as I do.
  7. Didn't mgaretz go through a char siu making phase not too long back?
  8. If it wasn't enough showing us the fantastic and wide array of produce, food and utensils.. You tempt us with fig sandwiches and Fritada (chunks of pork belly cooked in their own fat with panela) Could you hear the sighs of contentment from everyone who read that line? Again, am loving the blog this week, looking forward to the remaining days.
  9. Just want to add my love and appreciation for this blog - Have learned more about Ecuador this past week than ever!
  10. Mikael tweeted last night. Thankfully, it doesn't look like anyone was seriously hurt.
  11. Absolutely shocking news, I hope that Mikael, Aurelie and the rest of the staff are all OK.
  12. Thank YOU Scott for sharing the past week and a half with us - It's been absolutely brilliant!
  13. If I wasn't getting enough food envy at the range of fantastic produce and food available to you, *that* picture of the sirloin was enough to tip anyone over the edge! Fantastic blog so far - I eagerly await the next instalments
  14. Thoroughly enjoying your blog. Again, beautiful pictures - Especially the last one which I was convinced was a postcard.
  15. Looking forward to reading your review (and appreciate the effort it takes in doing so)
  16. As far as I'm concerned, the upgrade to a main means a larger portion, thus more to go round larger groups. So between the 2 of us, we'd probably now do 2 or 3 starters, 1 main then desserts as compared to 4 starters, then desserts like we did last week.
  17. Wow! The mains prices really have come down a bit, but that only makes the dishes more likely to included when creating our own tasting menu (along with a selection of starters). I've booked a table in July for my sister's Birthday treat but am itching to go back (like you) to try the set lunch, I thought it was good value 3 courses for £25 anyway so the slight drop in price makes it even more appealing. May have try to and sneak in a cheeky trip down to London between now and July..
  18. Just wanted to quickly add that I ate here last week (as a Birthday lunch treat) and absolutely loved it - From the relaxed atmosphere, lovely interior, friendly and very helpful staff to the great food. Sure, it may not have been the most delicious food I've eaten so far this year but I loved how the concept and design of the menu brought a sense of fun to proceedings. As an extra treat to take away, I got some cake all gift wrapped with a "Happy Birthday" note which I thought was a lovely touch by them. It was the cherry top to a fantastic afternoon there and I look forward to going back.
  19. Thanks for the report back - Am even more excited about my trip tomorrow, now!
  20. Ah, looks good - I'm going again for my Bday next month. Am VERY happy to see the seaweed butter is still offered
  21. Prawncrackers - Just wanted to let you know that I made Dong Po Pork using your recipe for the first time last week and the results were SPECTACULAR. *EVERYONE* who tried it had nothing but praise for it - So I thank you for sharing the recipe
  22. Thanks for sharing the recipe - I'll definitely be trying it out as it's a useful dish to add to my repertoire
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