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  1. Protein must be on the brain, have you seen the Sept. issue of Bon Appetite, with the big steak on the cover ( the gorgonzola butter looking amazing!) But they have an article on just what is being dicussed though in the states.. maybe we should forward them this thread for the Coast. Oh by the way Jamie have you read the article in that magazine about being a food critic, is it a love or hate thing for you?
  2. Jamie you are just full of great ideas, first the review of the previous month and now this! I am up for either, though i think i am just going Bar None, with the little green fairies and snakes...
  3. Everyone seems to be forgetting the flashing pink pig on Hastings.. Save-On-Meats,.. CHEAP!! and tasty.. I buy the sirloin steaks and get them ground, and have huge , non shrinking burgers. Their filet mignons are not that bad, the only things is that there is not a huge aging time with the meat. But still good, with some marinating etc or some lovely crumbled stilton. I agree with Coop on Columbus, great veal and sausages, though for the best HOT Italian sausages i got to say Armandos..ooo they are great. For roasts and chicken I like the butcher beside Bosas on Victoria, family run business and will cut anything for you, also when getting a roast, they wrapped it with fat and fresh rosemary. YUM! I hope this helps, i know it is a lot of driving around, but i think worth it oh before i forget you can also buy half or quarter of a cow and have it butchered, we have done this, and is wonderful as we got it from a samll farm with only 20 cattle, so fully organic etc. and the price great, i thnk we paid $200 for a quarter and that lasted almost a year.
  4. Thanks for letting us know Daddy A.. definitely I am in!
  5. We are all in it together the Naam is not that great, but i do second maximillian on Foundation, great food and a good feeling about the place, also Public (on Main as well) is not bad for veggie food, it has a mix of both for the carnivores and veggies.
  6. Jamie, I thought it was amusing seeing Yaohan Centre Food Court in the Van Mag this month, esp. as the egulleters were discussing it not that long ago. Are we egulleters doing the research for Vancouver Magazine.. he he
  7. Definitly go to Black Hills and try their Note Bene while in Oliver.. And i agree with EatBc, Penticton is a culinary wasteland, i spend my summer there every year in our cabin, and we never even go to town. Though if you look at the magazine Eat, they had a good article about the Okanagon and mentioned a few good places (Actually I think they said there is a gret Thai restaurant in Oliver). I think the magazine is still on the newstand
  8. I do enjoy parkside as well as a lot of the other restuarants recommended, from you and everyone else.. But it was just something I noticed.. and hey it wasn't just me that noticed either..
  9. I probably heard there are line ups and waits is becasue we never get to a retaurant before 8ish - 9ish.. yes we are late diners.And so do our friends that go there out.. 7pm is when we might just be starting some cocktails, esp. on a Sat. night. But i have heard about the wait thing from probably 6 or more people. They all still love the place, but don't get in a lot of time.
  10. Oh Coop I was only joking, you mustn't take it so seriously. It is great that you enjoy these restaurants. I just noticed that you recommend Parkside alot. You must be regular. Sorry if I offended you, there was no intention for that.
  11. I love Bosas and Santa Barbara, i think the messiness sometimes make the shopping a little more adventurous and I find the people at Bosas super friendly and helpful, plus there is butcher next door, who will wrap a sweet piece of fat and a few sprigs of fresh rosemary around a roast. What service!!!... plus I am a East sider and gotta support these delis
  12. I thought so... all these egulletters are pretty sneaky and all have shares in restaurants in town.. he he
  13. Coop i have to ask you to work/own for Parkside... if not you should be their personal PR man. You rave about it every forum, which I am not knocking. just inquiring. It is good you enjoy it so much. I think they should start having a dish named after you, as you have probably sent so many there.. Cheers
  14. I have heard constant great things about Hapa and can't wait to go there. In the last issue of Vancouver Mag, they forgot to put it in the Best of and made it a runner up. I heard though it gets crazy busy and you have to go early or wait.
  15. Oooh please pay the request on, I have heard thru other friends, but would love to experience it myself
  16. i have to agree columbus is a great butcher, haven't tried their sausages though. On the weekend I got them to debone a chicken,which they did a marvelous job, so l could stuff it with a truffle mousse.. yum
  17. excuse my ignorance but where is Cioffi? For sauages other than Italian i love Oyatama ( mind the spelling :) ) on Granville Is, I had their lamb and feta the other day and it was sooo tasty.. But definitely let me know how it turns out
  18. Well from what i hear the 9 course meal starts with a joint and ends with one. It may sound a little hokey, but it is a very elaborate affair. You all sit a round table and the chef doesn't really talk, just cooks and then comes out at the end of the night, (which finishes around 2am). It happens every few months (or used to) .
  19. I am on a quest for finding the best Italian Sausages in town, ones that are spicy (piccante) and ones that are not. Currently I get them at Bianca Marias on HAstings St. and also at the butcher on Granville Isl. (can't remeber the name but by the toffee/fudge place). Also for a great butcher, I seem to be all over the place currently and have just found out that Columbus meats debone chickens and turkeys for you.. do all butchers do that? Need some 'meaty' advise.
  20. I am not sure about the schools, though i have a had a few friends that have gone to VCC and have learnt a lot and got great chef jobs after. But definitely do a trial period. I wanted to leave my office job, as i abosulately hated it, so I got hired on with a catering company and did their appetizers, I learnt an incredible lot with them. But my the work and hours, i would start at 4:30 and work to 6pm with no breaks, so different than the easy 9-5 office job, i would have stayed with it but the money was a big thing, as it was essentially nothing. So off to the office I went and decided I would just cook as a hobby, as i really do love it
  21. I just finished reading the Eat magazine and really enjoyed it as well. I picked mine up at Urban Fair. I particulary like the 'New Okanagan article, we have a cabin on Skaha and have been going there years but never new there was a italian deli in Penticton or great Indian food in Oliver, we are heading up there next week and think we will just have to get some take out.
  22. I know it has been going on for quite a number of years and it is a secret society, unfortunatley i am not in that society. But I have had a few friends invited, and said it is a crazy experience. I am not sure if you are talking about the chef that has a house of 'the drive' and he doesn't just serve food
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