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  1. I go to Save On Meats often, i lived in loft there a few years ago, and it may seem a little scary of an area, but the people are very harmless. Save on Meats is also super clean and they have good butchers, will cut anything for you, grind anything and generally good service, never had their chicken or gone over to the processed meat there, but mostly the beef. Never had the burger but not sure if you remeber in the book "Stanley Park", they used to eat there often for the burger, i have heard it is quite good as well. There is also another cheap butcher on Powell street just up from Sunrise MArket
  2. I personallly am a fan of Savory Island Pie Co. breads, esp. when they are warm out of the oven. Also I think the best rye and corn bread is from Union Street Market in Strathcona, a small mom and pop shop but great bread and great little porturguese custard tarts
  3. I know no one wants to give up there secret spots of where to pick the shrooms, but is i have no idea where or what areas they like.. any suggestions where i could start my mushroom hike??
  4. Hmmmn so much good food so much little time! Ok, Last Friday went to Chambar, very good, the tuna salad, and the steak en frites and the smae as jamie with numerous belgian beer This Friday went to Bin 941, had the brie and poached pear, as well as the homuus and the Beef Wellington, which was so tasty esp. for a cold and rainy night Saturday , Won More.. ooh my favorite sechuan in the city, we had the Dry Ginger Beef, Beef and tofu with hot garlic sauce, Chicken with Chillli and Peanuts, Mixed Veggie with fired noodle and black bean sauce, Roasted squid, Rock salted shrimp and Mu Shu Pork(Spelling?) and it was soooo good! i kicked my husband out and all the girls over, so the sechuan, the wine.. half stayed over the night! ;) And today Shabusan.. all you can eat.. gluttony.. not that great of Japanese, but always eat too much anyhow and yes feel sick.. just can't stop myself!
  5. DameD


    The tuna salad an odd combination indeed Mr. Talent, but it was a great one, very tasty, the little sweetness of the grilled peached with the balsamic reduction dressing.. made it all good
  6. We have a cabin there that has been in the family since the 50's, it is right on the beach. But it is great area, nice, quiet and relaxing.
  7. DameD


    Gotta agree Jamie, they are pretty damned good fries and actually an all good experience. Can't wait to go there again when more of their beer has arrived. I couldn't decide on an apetizer and the waitress recommend the Tuna salad, acocmpanied with peaches, an olives, tomatoes and other wonderful stuff and then have the steak and frites. So tasty esp. with the grilled endived. Great ambiance and like i said can't wait to go back!
  8. Hey when I am competing against cases of Note Bene and pounds and pounds of shrooms, what hope do i have!
  9. DameD


    Sorry back to Chambar, got a reservation for tonight. can't wait to try it. will give an update tomorro
  10. Definitely Jamie, i am there, just tell me what to do.. even before, I don't work, I am at home with a 2 year old. So like I said i have the time.
  11. Talking about Australian Publications i like Donna Hay, really informative and great recipes and beautiful layout. The only down fall is that we are opposite season
  12. DameD


    No it is open just went to thread' Opening Soon .. see below and it was open on Tuesday.. sorry don't know how to paste previous thread.. so just copied and pasted MrGourmet Today, 07:02 AM Post #37 Group: Associate Members Posts: 6 Our second stop was Chambar - I think I have found my new favorite place in the city! We arrived shortly before 10 pm and the room was still busy. The room is intimate but spacious with great acoustics so you can actually hear your date while the people chat around you as well. The menu offers some unusual but exciting dishes such as Lamb Tajine and Duck with Juniper Berries. I have not been this excited about a menu since living and working in the UK. My wife and I shared the Lamb Tajine with honey, figs, cinnamon, and cilantro on a bed of cous cous that was perfectly prepared, if not way too big. Two full lamb shanks came as part of the dish, which for $19 is one of the best deals in town although my wife would have preferred to just eat the cous cous it was so good with all the nuts and fruits incorporated into it. We also shared the Grilled Salmon with Haloumie Cheese, Shaved Fennel Salad and Pomegranate Syrup (with a tapenade type of crust not mentioned on the menu). This was one of the few times I have actually been asked how I like my salmon cooked and they were excited by my “rare” response and when it came it was perfectly cooked. As with the lamb, at $16 this is an amazing deal! The service was execellent but they are still waiting for some of thier wines to come in so selection is a little limited at this time. I am sure I will be back to Chambar over and over again. http://www.chambar.com/ I have copies of the menu in PDF form but I can't figure out how to attach them.
  13. DameD


    For some reason I thought it was open from a previous thread.. must be thouroughly confused. What a pain we were going to try to go tonight.. i guess that is off
  14. I just PM'ed Arne, I hope I am not too late to get on the long awaited list .. before it was Waiting for Guffman and now it is 'The Big Night'. he he I don't know what I can donate, my wine collection dimishes quickly as we have no self control; and food, well i am not in the restaurant business so no great amaounts of special food, i just love food and I guess a big time foodie. So if you guys need any help in any way I can donate my time! I hope this doesn't knock me off the list :(
  15. Definitely as it was Poplar Grove who said they have secret stocks.
  16. Just got back from an amazing week Kaleden (just outside of Penticton) and spent a couple of days tasting the fruits of the Valley and my those wines esp. in Naramata are great. Being so late in the season we missed out most of the reds, which was disappointing as I wanted a case from Poplar Grove, though got some wonderful blue cheese and camembert and found a great Gamay at Kettle Valley. I was told thru the grape vine (he he) that a lot of wineries will be releasing their secret stock at the Festival, can this be true.. is anyone going up this year??
  17. Gotta say I am totally with Mr. Talent on this, I think if you went into some italian countryside, there would not be someone with a sieve, taking out all the goodies that do melt in you mouth and do get sopped up with some crusty bread. At a restaurant it always tastes different than at home. Both good! Ok now i will be off to the butchers buy some veal shank.. ok tmorrow morning. though i will be thinking about it all night! why do i look at egullet at night..
  18. Just a note that Columbus Meats on Renfrew have great veal shanks and is generally a good butcher
  19. aaah i read the last page first and drives everyone nuts... just gotta know.. And in rregards to the food club and the spouses. My spouse jokes about me on egullet all the time to friends, but i know he secretly likes it and is quite happy to be included in the 'Waiting for Bourdain' event.. and yes Keith I lie in bed and think about what i should make for dinner and all the delectable things i can pickup at the market.
  20. I was telling my husband about this soiree with Bourdain and egulleteers and he was reading the posts and he said it is kind of like the film, Waiting for Guffman only it it is Waiting for Bourdain.. should we start a mockumentry... oh no it would be the real thing.. too funny!
  21. Yup the long weekend it is.. tix are still 40% until the 27th go to bumbershoot.org..it is just so much fun, great line up this year as per usual as well.
  22. Just came back and defnintely NOT worth a trip.. i feel sick! And it is all oh so commercial. A sad event indeed. We need something like Bumbershoot up here and with their food..ooh their philly Cheesesteaks, now that is good festival food
  23. Daddy A so glad you hve started this thread. I have never been and this is the first year going. So i was just thinking mini donuts, I didn't think there were other good things. I am getting hungry for junk food
  24. Just wondering what is happening with this event.. are we meeting at Hamilton Grill.. time, price (?) and then hitting Bar None with Mr. Bourdain to convince to try the 'Cobra Cerviche'..?
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