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  1. It is on at 7 tonight on Bravo.. did anyone see City Cooks yesterday, they had 2 of the actors on, the "head Chef" and "Head Wait Staff", not very appetizing food, thankfully Simi was there to help them out.. should be interesting to see tonight in the least! ;)
  2. We are big fans of the Reef, a roti and thier coleslaw is amazing, followed with a nice cold Red Stripe. Then go down a couple of doors to a little dessert place which i cannot remember the name at the moment, but great fresh desserts, and great little ambient room. Too bad to hear about Big C, we used to go there every weekend best cheap breakkie in town, but also agree with Daddy A in re. to Helens, good greasy spoon!
  3. We have used Spud for the past 4 years and we stop in the summer as we have our own produce coming in from our own garden. But we really like Spud and thier service . We find their price would be the same if we bought it at the grocery shop but we get it delivered instead and it makes us eat more fruits and veggies, plus you can order other things like breads from Uprising and other products. All in all very happy!
  4. I like uprising breads on Venables.. ones that have currents in them, not a fan of the candied fruit. Toasted with a cuppa tea.. the best!
  5. i like SOMA on Main as well.. but my favorite is in my house when no one is here.. and that unfortunately is never!
  6. Pennylane!!! I was trying to think of that yesterday, I remeber always going there, sitting on the patio and ordering milkshakes and fries and drawing on the the table... aahh the memories
  7. 3 places that i miss but all completely different.. La Toque Blanche in West Van, I think it is the best service i have ever had there and the food great too. Dids Pizza on Davie after a night of dancing hard at LUv Affair or Graceland Not a restuarant but a bar, the Niagra Hotel, for some good rockin punk shows,though sometimes you would have to dodge the flying glasses and bottles And also the little mexican place on Alexander St, a half a block down from Alibi Room, have no idea the name, but authentic and cheap and friendly owners/chefs Oh and i just remembered the Terriyaki Bowl on Fir and 6th, my boyfriend/now hubby band used to rehearse right behind there and it was always again cheap and filling. As you might note, most of these places were cheap and filling, aaah the days of my early 20s where $$ went to see bands and drink beer! :), big priorities i tell ya.
  8. Hey Coop, The waitress said he was the chef from Marcellos, (??), also sorry i can't be more helpful with more details, I didn't even look at the wine list being 7 months preggo.. too tempting , also in re. to the oven, I am not sure about that either, we were in a big rush being already 45 min. late for the Giants game.. I am sure we will frequent the restaurant again soon and hopefully find out more.
  9. well we have just returned from Da Francescos (sp?) and yes it is the previous chef from Marcellos, who recently aquired this restaurant a few months ago. And yes the pizza was very good and very large. We had the prosciutto et funghi (large for $13 and it was HUGE!) and a caesar which was also tasty and big which we shared. All in all a great experience and so happy to have it in our neighborhood.
  10. Right out of high school i bussed tables at Granville Isl market for CMHC, it was great, everyone gave me free lunches and all food in general and my friend and I would hvae a great time chatting everyone up while wandering around pikcing up the odd plate and garbage, thankfully we didn't have to wear the uniforms then, just white levis, which didn't make sense at all as they would be filthy within 10 mins. of working, esp. when you were hit by the odd seagull or pigeon. First actual cooking job was at Out to Lunch, was only there for a 4 months, but learnt an incredible amount.
  11. So will i , we just live around the corner.. would be great to have something so good and so close and cheap.. an extra bonus
  12. Definitely way too go Rob!! we had company ( my parents) for dinner and they thankfully left by 5 to 9 and they we got seated ready for Rob to win and he did so that is great. Felt a bit food nerdy, but all good!
  13. Aaaah the last 3 places i have eaten out at most has actually been take out .. so here goes Sushi king on the drive.. for 18 peices and miso soup a definite steal Sophies for breakfast for waffles, whip cream and berries (I do this a couple times a week, so if you see a pregnant woman with a 2 year old at the counter that is me, I don't even have to tell them my order anymore they have it ready !) Won More on Denman, my favorite Sechuan restaurant in town, We got take out which was mu shu pork, dry ginger garlic beef, chilli chicken and peanuts and fried mixed noodles with veggies and a black bean sauce. Oh so tasty esp, for breakky the next day! Oh and also Ikea for their crazy $1 breakfasts and the mexican restaurant yesterday at Granville Isl for a burrito. tried going to Go FIsh but they were closed waiting for fresh fish (always a good sign!)
  14. Bouzyos on Commercial, their patio is open all year round, and I think Havana as well
  15. I was going to say Kaplans as well, it is the only one that i know of
  16. the craziest bang for your buck I have ever come across was this weekend at Ikea before 11am, they have a breakfast special which includes eggs, bacon or sausage, crossiant and hasbrowns all for $1!!!!! My husband had 2 breakfasts and i had the one which i was actually full on. Goood deal i tell ya!
  17. HEAR HEAR!!!! I am with you on this one Canucklehead.
  18. You can say that again. Aside from the reviews by tetsujustin that Soba linked to above, there are several threads I'm aware of in the New York forum in which people involved in the business have talked about their offerings-- even in the face of criticism-- without resorting to abuse. ← I agree totally, look how Karri of Chambar took the constructive critism of the their french fries, they looked at the product and realized it needed to be improved and that alone makes me want to come back. Great service and wanting to please the customer.. I know if I make something, I want to know if it is ok, need more salt etc. I don't tell my guest never to come back again if they say something constructive, I appreciate their thoughts. I don't think anyone wanted to hurt anyones feelings when making an opinion if negative, so I think that is why we were all surprised with Sean's response.
  19. Thanks so much for posting that Soba, puts things in perspective. Personally I really do not understand why there was such a harsh reaction to the posts. i don't feel that my posts were nasty, and I have praised the Heather on Egullet and also to friends. But really after this incident it has left a sour taste in my mouth, I pm'ed Sean after I read his post but have never heard anything after. I read other threads on different DOV experiences ie. Brix, how it wasn't the greatest experience, but there was no harsh comebacks ????? I don't understand what the difference is with the HEather . I have thought Egullet is a freedom of expression and opinions of our tastebuds. I hear how Egullet is far reaching, I personally have no real idea as I am not in the 'industry', but I know just with the networks of the people you know is VERY far reaching and I gotta say I am quite disappointed with the Heather situation. And i guess that is just the way it goes
  20. This place sounds great, i had a friend that went to opening night and also went for brunch which said was great. The fritattas very good, might have to make a jaunt this weekend to check it out.
  21. I agree with you Keith, I used to work with 2 lovely ladies from Bombay, have lived in Vancouver for 15 years and this still cannot come up with a authentic and clean Indian restaurant. Compared with their own and their familys cooking nothing comes in comparison, and i have to say I agree. Their Indian food is like nothing I have had in a restaurant. Actually if anyone wants a great Butter Chicken recipe passed on from great grandmothers, i can pm you. One place my friend said is there a butcher on 51st and Fraser and called Fraserview meats, and they have the best tandorri chicken (which i use with the butter chicken) it is a family shop that is very friendly and very clean. The only weird thing is that is shares with a video shop Also Tandorri King (??) on Commercial is good and they both said the best Naan in the city, and i have to agree. I would love to find a good Indian restaurant. I grew up in Australia and with the english influence the Indian food was good and plentiful, my mum would order take out every Friday night as it was a none cook night ... I do like Maurya and Vijs, but lookin for home cookin
  22. But to be honest, I found the elk balls WAYYY too big. Secondly, the sauce was flatulent and the "traditional Swedish risotto" that it accompanied it didn't work for me--besides it totally lacked flavour unless you like "those kinds" of animal-like flavours. ←
  23. DameD


    Welcome Karri to Egullet, I too have had great experiences at Chambar, love the room, the location and definitely the food. My husband is definitely more of a beer coniseur than wine and was very excited when first heard you guys coming to town. Hearing about those waffles, i think i might have slide in and have a few.. being 6 1/2 months preg., i could eat (and sometimes d0) them daily... hmmn!!! i am SOOOO HUNGRY! and a bowl of corn pops is not going to cut it!
  24. Coop we might have crossed paths during our Punk days, the Railway, luvAffair.. subeez all good stuff for late night.. I used to frequent to Niargra Hotel, they always had good shows and also the tree house lounge, beneath the St. Regis. SO MUCH FUN!!! SO MUCH Cheap bad beer!
  25. That is for sure, weren't you the headlining act!!
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